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Fèves de cacao à vendre
I have been mandated by my business partner located in France (17 years experience) to find out a reliable buyer interested in the Cocoa bean market. We have a direct contact with Cocoa beans cooperatives located in Bas Sassandra (Ivory coast). the deal is based on an important ethic value with these cooperatives:

Please find the following specifications regarding the COCOA offer

Beans count 100 Beans /100 g
Foreign matters : 1% max
Moisture 8 % max
Moldy beans: 4,33% maximum
Slaty beans: 5% maximum
Packing: customer option

About Certifications :
Some cooperatives members of UCA BAS UNION are Certifed by:
- Rain Forest

Both certificate confirm that these cooperatives are working respecting code of conduct covering good agricultural practices social and envirommental criteria;
Their compliance is checked yearly by an independent auditor.
I can supply you more information about it if requested
In that case price will be increased 83 euros /tonne

Regarding pricing terms :
We agree with UCA BAS UNION the following terms for price FOB SAN PEDRO (Ivory coast) :
Price for cocoa is not variable price and sourced from London cocoa's price (London Stock Exchange)
we offer a discount price taking care of this price.
for order under 3500 tonnes the discount will be 3%
for orders more than 3500 tonnes the discount price is 5 %
NOTE : minimun price requested : 1949 euros/tonne

For exemple on London futures on 29/09/2011 cocoa price was 1769.67 (£ sterling/tonne)
means 2039,47 euros
if order unde 3500 tones 1978,28 euros/ tonne
if order over 3500 tones 1937,49 euros ---> this price is under minimun agreeded price so the price
will be our minimun requested price: 1,829.46 EUR tonne (curent price LCSM on 18th of November 2011 at 17:23 GMT)

Therefore our customers will always buy cheaper than current cocoa price in London.

About Payement terms, two possibilities
- LC (letter od credit)
- 2,5 % in advance and the rest NCAD (net cash against documents)

Our warranties :
- THE SIGNED CONTRACT : the contract will be signed and will take in account all terms about cocoa transaction, required specifications and quantities.

- OUR INSURANCE : our insurance covers our customers and will handle the cover deal up to 7 500 000 euros / order.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact me

Conditions tarifaires : Cf détails de l' offre
Restrictions : Acheteur direct ou intermédiaire sous condition
Conditionnement : Au choix du client
Quantite : A définir 3000MT
Prix : Cf détails de l' offre
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