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sale     278221. pork - beef   meat and eggs
fr   Hier 22:16

please consider our current availability of the goods from our plant in ukraine, with next possible loading on 22-25 weeks. we work only with full containers, so you can make your choice and form yourself mix container from listed products. our payments terms are 30% by 70% (30% prepayment 5 days before loading date, against the booking of the container, 70% - 7 days before the container arriv (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : meat and eggs | 24/05/2017 22:16:41 | France |   123456
sale     278216. organic freeze-dried blackcurrant - whole, powder   roasted seeds and nuts
fr   Hier 21:25
organic freeze-dried blackcurrant - whole,  powder

we are supplier of freeze-dried products: fruits and vegetables: whole, slices, powders and oders. we offers also organic freeze-freid powder, ig. organic blackcurrant. please contact us. (...) more
- be agreed
- Limit :Europe
- Packaging :packed in bulk or packed per 50 g
- Quantity :be agreed
Advertiser from Poland

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 24/05/2017 21:25:45 | Poland |   123456
purchase     278103. snails, scargot commerse  Producer live animals
fr   Hier 00:04

i am starting to work with snails, for now only i would like to buy the snail (helix aspersa muller) reproducers, and contact laboratories that buy the bava of lumaca or they prepare it for me to be able to sell the finished product. i also like to sell the cavial (...) more
Advertiser from Italy

Category : live animals | 24/05/2017 00:04:13 | Producer Italy |  
sale     278082. cherche achteur plastic broye  Producer industry operating
fr  23/05/2017

hello we looking for longterm work we have crushed plastic for sale in bale or crushed as buyer needs (...) more
- 600 dollar
- Limit :Usa
- Packaging :Crushed scrap plastic
- Quantity :60
Advertiser from Guinea

Category : industry operating | 23/05/2017 20:29:32 | Producer Guinea |  
sale     277281. we bound you to africa  Wholesaler other
fr  22/05/2017

serve the business men and women, enterprises, ans other buisiness organisations is the vocation of our central purchasing society. we offer you our experience and our structure to help you buy any kind of marchandise , fournitures, équipements etc... in all continent . bust mostly tjhe african one. our experience in this sector allowed us to earn our african buyers and suppliers' trust. we (...) more
- Limit :Guns, drugs...
- Packaging :none
- Quantity :Efficient
Advertiser from France

Category : other | 22/05/2017 21:55:14 | Wholesaler France |  
sale     277631. black pepper crop 2017 from vietnam  Producer aromatic spices
fr  22/05/2017

black pepper 550g/l cleaned 13,5 % moisture , no stone , no stick pet bag 20 kg crop 2017 all certificats available (...) more
- 3940 EUROS MT
- Quantity :16 Tonnes
Advertiser from Vietnam

Category : aromatic spices | 22/05/2017 21:55:13 | Producer Vietnam |   123456
sale     277970. importer poultry distributor  Producer meat and eggs
fr  22/05/2017

our group is the pioneer in morocco in creating a complete, vertically integrated free-range chicken industry and premium-quality deli-caterer product range. given the evolution of consumer trends and the emergence of mass retail in morocco, the group has decided to develop and orient its activities in the fresh poultry sector toward premium butchery, quality processed poultry products, and fres (...) more
- Quantity :contenair 20ft/40ft
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : meat and eggs | 22/05/2017 18:28:31 | Producer Morocco |  
purchase     277951. looking for laure leaves producer  Agent aromatic spices
fr  22/05/2017

looking for laurel leaves manufacturer in algeria and north africa. looking for laurel leaves manufacturer in algeria and north africa.looking for laurel leaves manufacturer in algeria and north africa.looking for laurel leaves manufacturer in algeria and north africa. (...) more
- 1500$/ton
Advertiser from Romania

Category : aromatic spices | 22/05/2017 16:04:51 | Agent Romania |  
sale     277940. argan oil prickly pear oil black cumin oil ...  Producer olis
fr  22/05/2017

the cooperative specializes in the production and export certified organic argan oil and other vegetable oils: prickly pear oil, black cumin oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, pumpkin oil, sweet almond oil. wirgane offers different products based on this precious oil: extra virgin oil for cosmetic and medicinal use, lightly smoked oil for food use, and a complete range of cream based on argan oil and o (...) more
- Packaging :OUI
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : olis | 22/05/2017 14:59:21 | Producer Morocco |  
partner     243784. solar container  Producer renewable energy
fr  22/05/2017
solar container

our company has developed the first patented mobile solar plant: specially designed for the off grid areas, it is designed to supply electricity to villages, humanitarian or military operations, agricultural irrigation or mining activities, in a permanent or mobile configuration! highlights: - capacity from 5 to 52 kwp (up to 75.000 kwh / year) - independent off-grid solution with storage bat (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | 22/05/2017 12:08:20 | Producer France |   123456
purchase     277464. looking for a supplier for madd fruit.   Wholesaler fruits and vegetables
fr  21/05/2017

i'm searching for a vendor who can export madd fruits (saba senegalensis). i'm in the united states and looking to find a vendor. i need details on quantity, price, etc. (...) more
Advertiser from United States

Category : fruits and vegetables | 21/05/2017 22:56:09 | Wholesaler United States |  
sale     277245. miel d'euphourbe  Producer sweet
fr  20/05/2017

a lot of honey for sell for (...) more
- Quantity :20
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : sweet | 20/05/2017 21:52:33 | Producer Morocco |  
sale     269858. petit epeautre einkor of ventoux   cereals
fr  20/05/2017
petit epeautre einkor of ventoux

french cereal petit epeautre (einkor) of provence the petit epeautre (einkor) of ventoux, real ancestor of modern cereal, becomes enlightened on the hills of the mount ventoux (provence) in france since more of 9000ans. we choose this petit epeautre (einkor) with local producers respecting the traditional agricultural methods to offer you a high-quality cereal. the petit epeautre (einkor) of (...) more
- Packaging :Big bags on containers
Advertiser from France

Category : cereals | 20/05/2017 20:40:41 | France |   123456
sale     277399. truffles and truffle based products   yeast fungus
fr  20/05/2017
truffles and truffle based products

hello, we are a large italian company in the production of black and white truffles, whole or sliced as well as truffle based products: oil, butter, salt, honey, sauces, cream etc. a first price range for supermarkets and a high range for restaurants and exclusive customers. production and direct sales without intermediaries. we are looking for exclusive distributors mainly gulf countries, middle (...) more
Advertiser from Italy

Category : yeast fungus | 20/05/2017 17:07:56 | Italy |   123456
sale   FICHE PRO+    258764. looking for buyers of oranges in costa rica   fruits and vegetables
fr  20/05/2017

we are producing in guanacaste oranges over 35 hectares. looking for institutional buyer. minimum 60 colones per piece we have valencia, malaguena, limon dulces, limon mecinos, naranjas,... (...) more
- Limit :We sell in COSTA RICA
- Packaging :BOXES
- Quantity :35 hectares
Advertiser from France

Category : fruits and vegetables | 20/05/2017 11:02:08 | France |   123456
sale     277763. product onions, potatos    other
fr  19/05/2017

looking for buyers to move big quantities of vegetables from morocco to anywhere in africa. we can deliver a wide range of product onions, potatos etc.... (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : other | 19/05/2017 23:57:40 | Morocco |  
purchase     277686. paws supplier   meat and eggs
fr  19/05/2017

we are looking for serious supplier of paws grade a the quantity will be 300fcl*12, if everything goes well we give you all our orders if you can supply us, be contact nb: payment only dlc, supplier with tt please dont contact (...) more
- Quantity :8100 every month
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : meat and eggs | 19/05/2017 13:25:52 | Turkey |  
sale     277641. natural honey and beeswax from ukraine  Wholesaler sweet
fr  19/05/2017

we offer 100% natural ukrainian bee honey and bee products. our honey is homogenized, harvested in ecologically clean regions of ukraine. we provide different types of honey: acacia, rapeseed, sunflower, herbs, buckwheat, and many more. we use 200l containers. the honey is quality certified by intertek laboratory. we can supply for export up to 200 tons per month, under fca, cib and fob terms. (...) more
- Packaging :200l containers
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : sweet | 19/05/2017 10:41:06 | Wholesaler Ukraine |  
sale     277594. real marseille soap noodles   hygiene maintenance
fr  18/05/2017

manufacturer of real savon de marseille soap noodles in marseille no preservatives, coloring or perfume added. olive and palm qualité noodles (...) more
- 1500-2500€ /T
- Packaging :EX WORK
- Quantity :100T/month
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : hygiene maintenance | 18/05/2017 19:38:21 | France |   123456
sale     277563. livestock calve and lamm  Wholesaler live animals
fr  18/05/2017

we sell live animals for meat, both lambs (30-45 kg) and calves (250-500 kg), originating in romania. the animals are grown on natural pastures in the carpathian mountains, their meat being of great quality and taste. we have the possibility to offer from 1 full ship to the ship's level. we can offer both lamb and beef, including halal certificate. (...) more
Advertiser from Germany

Category : live animals | 18/05/2017 15:20:49 | Wholesaler Germany |   123456
sale     139051. produits français gourmet  Agent sweet
fr  18/05/2017

marque spécialisée dans la sélection et distribution de produits français authentiques propose sa gamme gourmet : macarons sucrés, macarons salés, cannelés de bordeaux, confitures à l'ancienne, nougat de montélimar, crępes, galettes, pancakes, moutardes aromatisées, vins sans alcool, we are a brand that specializes in french authentic products & we propose : sweet macaroons, salty macaroons, n (...) more
- Packaging :EXW / FOB / CIF / CIP / DAP
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : sweet | 18/05/2017 15:20:32 | Agent France |   123456
sale     277547. distributeurs pour la truffe fraîche  Producer yeast fungus
fr  18/05/2017

nous avons besoin de partenaires de distribution pour la distribution de fruits frais en france. nous recherchons également des clients pour la vente directe (...) more
Advertiser from Spain

Category : yeast fungus | 18/05/2017 13:42:02 | Producer Spain |  
sale     277421. chicken halal grad a   meat and eggs
fr  17/05/2017
chicken halal grad a

chicken meat grad a halal origine ukraine packaging polybag order mini 40ft ct term of supply fca cif fob any questions please contact certicate haccp iso halal (...) more
- Packaging :polybags
Advertiser from France

Category : meat and eggs | 17/05/2017 17:10:13 | France |   123456
sale     277319. vend granule noire pp plastique recycle asie  Agent other
fr  16/05/2017
vend granule noire pp plastique recycle asie

nous sommes une societe base au vietnam nous vendons des granulés de plastique noir pp recyclé 1, the relative density is small, only 0.89-0.91, is one of the lightest varieties of plastics. 2, good mechanics performance, in addition to the resistance to impact and other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene, processing performance is good. 3, has higher heat resistance, conti (...) more
- 715 USD FOB
- Limit :Asie
- Packaging :25 kg/sac
- Quantity :400 Tonnes
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : other | 16/05/2017 23:50:12 | Agent Belgium |  
sale     277318. vietnam black plastic recycled pp granule  Agent mine land concession
fr  16/05/2017
vietnam black plastic recycled pp granule

polypropylene black granules /recycled black pp plastic granule /pp resin polypropylene granules [basic features] 1, the relative density is small, only 0.89-0.91, is one of the lightest varieties of plastics. 2, good mechanics performance, in addition to the resistance to impact and other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene, processing performance is good. 3, has higher heat (...) more
- 715 USD per Ton FOB
- Packaging : Net 25kg/bag
- Quantity :400 Tons
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : mine land concession | 16/05/2017 23:43:33 | Agent Belgium |  
sale     216171. pescado fresco de la lonja de cádiz (espana)  Producer fish
fr  16/05/2017

actualmente vendemos a toda espańa mas de 150 toneladas a la semana de pescado fresco procedente de marruecos, mauritania y senegal. tambien tenemos pescado fresco de la lonja de la bahia de cadiz (espańa);boqueron, sardina, caballa, jurel, melva, bonito, palometa...y queremos ofrecer nuestra amplia gama de productos frescos al resto del mundo. (...) more
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Spain

Category : fish | 16/05/2017 14:54:09 | Producer Spain |   123456
sale     277104. chunmee tea manufacturer in anhui, china  Manufacturer coffee cocoa tea
fr  15/05/2017

hi, we are chunmee tea manufacturer in china, we export mostly to morocco, algeria, mauritania, mali...ect, popular chun mee are 41022, 9371 with different grades, please kindly let me know if you are interested. (...) more
Advertiser from China

Category : coffee cocoa tea | 15/05/2017 09:43:31 | Manufacturer China |  
sale     277078. waste motor oil/ huile de vidange  Producer petroleum gas
fr  14/05/2017

we collect waste lubricating oil, we remove the water, we put it in drums and we export it. nous collectons les huiles usees, nous enlevons l eau, nous mettons en futs et nous exportons. (...) more
- 80usd/drum
- Packaging :coteneur (each contains 80 drums and 200can 20 L)
Advertiser from Mauritania

Category : petroleum gas | 14/05/2017 22:02:10 | Producer Mauritania |  
sale     277073. vente d'huile de figues de barbarie   Producer olis
fr  14/05/2017

je suis un producteur d'huile de figues bio de barbarieje suis à la recherche des clients potentiels pour la vente de mon produit. (...) more
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : olis | 14/05/2017 21:33:48 | Producer Tunisia |  
partner     277042. looking for buyers of all agro-products  Association coffee cocoa tea
fr  14/05/2017

we are group of agricultural cooperative of west africa we use this forum to inform you about our intention to sell our agricultural products for the seasons 2016-2017 crops 1)    cacao beans 2)    coffee beans 3)    cotton and seeds 4)    cashew nuts 5)    rubber unrefined 6)    pco  oil 7)    maize if you’re interested in either of these crops please send your loi we shall be glad to (...) more
- Quantity :unlimited
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : coffee cocoa tea | 14/05/2017 14:28:57 | Association Ivory Coast |  
purchase     276983. a4 paper  Wholesaler other
fr  13/05/2017
a4 paper

hello, we are a moroccan company looking for serious a4 paper manufacturers to do business with, we need 2 to 3 containers a week, please send us your offers if you are interested. (...) more
- Quantity :8000
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : other | 13/05/2017 17:32:50 | Wholesaler Morocco |   123456
purchase     276521. aptamil, nutrilon, hipp  Agent milk and milk products
fr  13/05/2017

we are looking for new suppliers or clients in asia. we are very interested in doing business with them because we want to grow our business reach. if you are interested in doing business with us don't hasitate to ask. we already supply wholesalers of fmcg non-food products. (...) more
Advertiser from Netherlands

Category : milk and milk products | 13/05/2017 07:15:38 | Agent Netherlands |  
partner     276884. farm investment   capital investment
fr  12/05/2017

we are looking for a partner to invest in corn and wheat production and flour production nous recherchons un partenaire financier pour investir dans la culture du mais et ble et la production de la farine (...) more
- Limit :DR CONGO
- Quantity :1
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Congo

Category : capital investment | 12/05/2017 14:17:12 | Congo |  
sale     276882. manganese and iron ores   mine land concession
fr  12/05/2017

we have got manganese ( +/- 45 % ) and iron ( 65%) ores for seller, we can provide you 4000 tons per month nous avons le minerais de manganeses titrant +/- 45% et les mierais de fer 65 % nous livrons dans les big bag de 1 tonne (...) more
- Packaging :1000 tonnes Minimum
- Quantity :4000 tonnes
Advertiser from Congo

Category : mine land concession | 12/05/2017 14:04:30 | Congo |  
sale     261847. bakery food, churros, snacking  Producer pastry
fr  12/05/2017
bakery food,  churros,  snacking

our factory made fried churros frozen, a few minutes in the oven or in the toaster and taste and savour! only with natural products, without conservatives, look for new customers, distributors, hypermarkets, horeca, retail, cash and carry, etc.... ideal snacking, vegeterian, bakery food, new product with new concept, big profit margin. we can made with our brands or your brand. the factory exist 1 (...) more
- 1450 € / pallet
- Packaging :FROZEN
- Quantity :1 Pallet
Advertiser from Spain

Category : pastry | 12/05/2017 12:53:18 | Producer Spain |   123456
sale     266872. frozen processed chicken parts-turkey  Retailer meat and eggs
fr  12/05/2017
frozen processed chicken parts-turkey

we have lots of chicken farm to supply high quality and remarkable price frozen chicken. we have interested in frozen chicken for 15 years. this is our job. we have all certificates which can be send to you. **frozen whole chicken ** frozen chicken feet **frozen chicken wings ** frozen chicken leg quarters **frozen chicken breast the price will be really low for first buyer pls contact with u (...) more
- Packaging :STOCKED AT CONTAINER 40' (-18*C)
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : meat and eggs | 12/05/2017 12:07:30 | Retailer Turkey |   123456
sale     276850. black pepper  Committee aromatic spices
fr  12/05/2017

specification of black pepper style: dried processing type: ras density: 450 - 500 g/l or 550 - 610 g/l admixture: < 1.00 % moisture: < 10 % total ash: < 6 % naphta:> 2 % piperine: > 4 % defective berry: < 5 % packing: 50 kg new jute bag price: on request shippment schedule: on demand minimum order: 13 mt (...) more
- Packaging :50 kg new jute bag
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : aromatic spices | 12/05/2017 08:59:23 | Committee Belgium |   123456
partner     276114. bakery frozen food churros ready to eat  Producer pastry
fr  11/05/2017
bakery frozen food churros ready to eat

factory of frozen churros, looks for partners, importer, to distribute our already fried frozen fritters, natural 100 %. retail and horeca. our bakery food it´s ideal for breakfast, snacking, churros party. ideal for vegetarian, vegan. we have ifs certification. factory with more 15 years experience. it´s a new concept, in a toaster 4 minuts and ready to eat ! original and new product : wit (...) more
- Packaging :FROZEN PALET
Advertiser from Spain

Category : pastry | 11/05/2017 22:50:08 | Producer Spain |   123456
purchase     276770. chicken feet  Agent meat and eggs
fr  11/05/2017

our company based in germany act as a buying office for companies of the south korean food industry. we are looking for chicken feet and gizzard to export to south vkorea. thank you, (...) more
Advertiser from Germany

Category : meat and eggs | 11/05/2017 13:55:43 | Agent Germany |  
sale     276764. organic almonds   roasted seeds and nuts
fr  11/05/2017

we are a tunisian trading compagny specialied in food transaction, we are offering our organic almonds for sale. 30 tones are available. only lc back to back are accepted. (...) more
- Quantity :30 Tons
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 11/05/2017 12:16:16 | Tunisia |  
sale     276660. rosehip seed oil   Manufacturer olis
fr  10/05/2017

we are ukrainian company, which is engaged in production of cold pressed oils (pumpkin seed oil, rosehip oil, amaranth oil, walnut oil, mustard oil, cumin oil, flaxseed oil, sea buckthorn oil and other). all our products are certified (we have organic certificate). (...) more
- 19.00
- Limit :No
- Packaging : 20 liters EcoPlastic Kanister
- Quantity :1 kg
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : olis | 10/05/2017 15:00:56 | Manufacturer Ukraine |  
purchase     276608. recherche pépinière en russie  Producer seed plant seed
fr  10/05/2017

je recherche des plants racine nue ou en pots d'argousiers de variété russe, la quantité peu variée suivant les variétés mais un minimum de 100 plants pour une première commande sera prise. bien cordialement. (...) more
- Limit :aucune
- Packaging :avion/bateau/camion livraison
- Quantity :1000
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : seed plant seed | 10/05/2017 10:07:14 | Producer France |   123456
partner     276602. Аcheter soja  Wholesaler cereals
fr  10/05/2017

quality: moisture – min 8% , max 12 % oil- min 17 % protein – min 37 % foreign matter - max 2 % damaged kernels - max 3% non-gmo – min 99.5% additionally stating that commodity is free from alive insects and foreign smell. (...) more
- 350 USD/T
- Packaging :Soybeans in bulk
- Quantity :25000
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Lithuania

Category : cereals | 10/05/2017 09:40:51 | Wholesaler Lithuania |  
sale     276587. vente et achats d'épices, noix seches...  Committee roasted seeds and nuts
fr  10/05/2017
vente et achats d'épices,  noix seches...

nous cédons 100 tonnes de cacahuètes bio d'origine sénégal de très bonne qualité en sac de 50 kg vers toute destination. prix a débattre, non sérieux s'abstenir (...) more
- Packaging :FOB
- Quantity :100Tonnes
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 10/05/2017 01:07:21 | Committee Senegal |  
sale     276573. brazilian coconut water agent  Agent soft drink
fr  09/05/2017
brazilian coconut water agent

looking for wholesales distributor in france for a top brazilian coconut water producer. our brand is a well-known best seller in brazil, spread nationwide, and we are looking to increase our business in europe and other regions with the right partners. if you are interested please just contact us and we will be ready to be your trusted partner and looking for alternatives to be your first s (...) more
- Limit :Shelf life 8months
- Packaging :1litre, 330ml
- Quantity :20
Advertiser from Luxembourg

Category : soft drink | 09/05/2017 22:28:42 | Agent Luxembourg |  
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