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purchase   fr   591194. fournisseur de noix de cajou au togo |   cereals  Hier

je suis a la recherche d'un fournisseur de noix de cajou brute au togo pour fournir un de mes clients en inde au prix cnf 1100 usd per mt (...) ...
- 1100 usd CNF Tuticorrin port india
- Limit :lome port togo
- Packaging :80 kg
- Quantity :1000 mt
Advertiser from Benin

Category : cereals | Benin |  
sale   fr   591191. céréales  |  Agent cereals  Hier

nous disposons des céréales pour satisfaire vos besoins en matière de fabrication ou de production c'est céréales sont d'une très bonne qualité (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : cereals | Agent Benin |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   591147. bourbon vanilla beans black gourmet of madagascar |   aromatic spices  Hier

we offre high qualité of vanilla beans black gourmet no spid 14/20cm of madagascar with good price only 160usd/fob. we can ship all arond thé world. we produce ans export vanilla beans, vanilla powder (...) ...
- 160$
- Packaging :Sous vide
- Quantity :100kgs
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Advertiser from France

Category : aromatic spices | France |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   591145. natural vanilla bourbon polder high qualité |   aromatic spices  Hier

we produce natural vanilla powder. high qualité bases on whole bourbon vanilla beans.we offre ar 125 usd/kg fob (...) ...
- 125$
- Quantity :100kgs
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Advertiser from France

Category : aromatic spices | France |  
sale   fr   591123. budget rum, whisky, brandy |  Wholesaler booze  Hier

for price sensitive markets, budget hypermarkets, food caterer , cake production factories, etc all leading established brands , they are cheaper brands than upmarket ones. bulk supplies = yes pallets = yes escrow = yes (...) ...
- 1
- Limit :no market restrictions.
- Packaging :Pallets
- Quantity :5000 cases
Advertiser from Singapore

Category : booze | Wholesaler Singapore |  
sale   fr   591121. gin vodka tequila liqueurs whisky brandy cognac  |  Wholesaler booze  Hier

all international brands. bulk / regular supplies = yes pallet = yes bottles with manufacturers' codes = yes markets = no restrictions e-ad : yes under bond = yes escrow = yes (...) ...
- Limit :no market restrictions.
- Packaging :Pallets
- Quantity :5000 cs
Advertiser from Singapore

Category : booze | Wholesaler Singapore |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   591107. plaster 40kg  |  Wholesaler other  Hier

we are an export company based in algeria, we offer first quality plaster and competitive price, the origin of the product is algeria (...) ...
- Quantity :Container 20 feet
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : other | Wholesaler Algeria |  
sale   fr   590589. partnership |   other 31/03/2023

as shipping agency in ivory coast, we perform port services : port agency, pilot, mooring, berthing, cargo handling, garbage and sludge removal, freshwater supply, freight forwarding : our dedicated department sk logistics & supply can quote all manage all kind of, freight operation (air, sea, and road transport) and all kind of cargo. (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : other | Ivory Coast |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   589958. capri sun |  Wholesaler soft drink 31/03/2023

capri sun multivitamine, orange, safari, fun alarm and mustic 33 pallet, 81 tray per pallet 1 tray= 4x10x20cl (...) ...
- € 9,10
- Packaging :pick up in the Netherlands or Belgium
- Quantity :at least 1 truck
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Advertiser from Netherlands

Category : soft drink | Wholesaler Netherlands |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   589849. import sugar |  Producer sweet 31/03/2023

1. product: refined white sugar icumsa45, brazil 2. quantity: 50, 000 mt/month x 12= 600, 000 mt/yearly (if you cannot supply 50, 000 mt/month. you can make a contract about 10, 000 mt/month at first time and you can make a contract 40, 000 mt/month additionally continuously) 3. destination: cif sea port chattogram & mongla 4. target price: $ 250 (...) ...
Advertiser from South Korea

Category : sweet | Producer South Korea |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   485278. penja pepper |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 31/03/2023

dear mrs., mr., you offer high quality spices, dishes which give satisfaction to your customers. in this way, we think exim global, a penja pepper importer based in zurich, is the right partner to guide you through this process. we value quality - our penja pepper (black and white) are organic by default - and fairness through direct trade (groupement des producteurs poivre de penja) w (...) ...
- Limit :Suisse, EU
- Quantity :48 kg
Advertiser from Switzerland

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Switzerland |  
sale   fr   591082. the only 100% organic and zero sugar energy drink |  Wholesaler soft drink 31/03/2023

our company has the only 100% organic and zero sugar energy drink currently on the market. international patent. we are looking for distributor partners in all countries for our raf82 brand. minimum order 1 container or truck. possibility of exclusive distribution in your country. under conditions. possibility of your brand. under conditions. general framework for the invention general are (...) ...
- Limit :No
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Advertiser from Switzerland

Category : soft drink | Wholesaler Switzerland |  
sale   fr   591047. hazelnut |  Producer roasted seeds and nuts 31/03/2023

we provide best quality italian hazelnuts mortarella and giffoni. we are large processor, we crack hazelnuts, we do calibration and ship worldwide. (...) ...
- Quantity :100TON
Advertiser from Italy

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | Producer Italy |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   591039. looking for wholesaler in french cosmetics  |  Wholesaler hygiene maintenance 31/03/2023

we are germany-based company looking for french cosmetics product: bioderma avene cerave la roche posay neutrogena (...) ...
- Quantity :25 Tons
Advertiser from Germany

Category : hygiene maintenance | Wholesaler Germany |  
sale   fr   590997. vanilla beans provider from madagascar |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 31/03/2023

we supply greatest quality vanilla pods from madagascar from the north eastern country grow and 100% natural products specification: item name: vanilla beans length:17cm-20cm moisture :30%-35% vanillin:1.6%-2, 4% application:ice cream, baking, vanilla homemade, cakes, pastry, perfumes, vanilla beans paste... scientific name : vanilla planifolia appearance :soft, flexible vanilla beans pac (...) ...
- Price:$180/kg
- Packaging :Carton
- Quantity :4000kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Madagascar |  
sale   fr   590996. scrap iron and copper |   metals 31/03/2023

there are 60000 tons of iron scrap & copper scrap to sell. we have all the docs, pictures & videos on hand. that will be shared directly to real buyers. nb: the end of seller will set or invite in a special meeting the real buyers to share with them this information. origin : gulf arabic price 150 million usd b.regards (...) ...
- Quantity :60000 tons
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Advertiser from Morocco

Category : metals | Morocco |  
Request advice  fr   590867. avocado  |   fruits and vegetables 30/03/2023

in the process of creating an avocado orchard for the production of avocado oil in the future. the estimated size of the orchard will be 10hectas currently looking for advisor and avocado oil buyers for subsequent partnerships (...) ...
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : fruits and vegetables | Cameroon |  
sale   fr   590857. copper wire scraper available  |   mine land concession 30/03/2023

we are are a company located in tanzanie looking for serious buyers of copper wire scraper 300 tons available for more details please contact me (...) ...
- Limit :World wide
- Quantity :300 tons
Advertiser from Tanzania

Category : mine land concession | Tanzania |  
sale   fr   590850. fruits exotiques  |   fruits and vegetables 30/03/2023

we have exotic fruits that can be delivered all over the world by air or sea at the request of the customer. cayenne pineapple sugar loaf pineapple mango coconut papaya gimgimbre passion fruit attorney please contact us for a favorable response. cordially, (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : fruits and vegetables | Benin |  
sale   fr   590847. carob kharroub |   roasted seeds and nuts 30/03/2023

we have 450 tons of carob kharroub to sell 400 tons carob pods, price 02.00 usd kg 050 tons carob seeds, price 20.00 usd kg (...) ...
- 2000,00 USD TON
- Quantity :450 TONS
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Advertiser from Morocco

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | Morocco |  
sale   fr   590845. corn and soybean |   cereals 30/03/2023

our seller and seller mandate can supply non-gmo soybean and gmo soybean human use with full power and authority with given terms and conditions and confirm his readiness to execute a full corporate offer and then straight to sales and purchase agreement with end buyer with the ability to supply the following commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated in this soft corporate (...) ...
- Quantity :Min 12,500 MT x 12 MONTHS:
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : cereals | Morocco |  
sale   fr   590843. iron ore 64,5% from mexico |   metals 30/03/2023

our seller and seller mandate can supply hematite iron ore 64, 5% from mexico, according below conditions. commodity: iron ore 64.5 fe (can be blended to any specification 63.0+ fe) origin: mexico loading port: guaymas quantity: min. 100, 000 mt/month - max. 4, 000, 000+ mt/month moq: 100, 000 mt/month x 12 months max: 4, 000, 000+ mt/month cip price: platts 62% + 5$ (because fe 64, 5%) (...) ...
- PRICE: PLATTS 62% + $5 (FE 64.5%) -10%
- Quantity :MIN 100,000 MT/month X 12 months / MAX: 4,000,000
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : metals | Morocco |  
sale   fr   590841. cement to sell |   cement 30/03/2023

our seller is ready, willing and able to offer the cement 32.5, 42.5, 52.5 with the terms and conditions below. origin: egypt (non-sanctioned) specification: 32.5, 42.5, 52.5 inspection: sgs at loading port cement 32.5 fob: $89/mt cif: $124/mt cement 42.5 fob: $91/mt cif: $126/mt cement 52.5 fob: $93/mt cif: $128/mt (...) ...
- FOB: $93/MT
- Quantity :Moq: 25,000 MT x 12 Max: 500,000 MT x 12
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : cement | Morocco |  
sale   fr   590839. alumiun ingot a7 / a8 purity 99.7% / 99.9% |   metals 30/03/2023

i am the seller's authorized agent. however, after sending the documents provided for in step 1, the fco will be sent by the russian supplier. in the same sense, the contract will be signed directly with the supplier and the letter of credit will be directly for the benefit of the supplier, without intermediaries. (...) ...
- CIF PRICE: $ 1,850.00 USD/MT
- Quantity :min 2,000 MT x 12 / max : 200,000 MT X 12
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : metals | Morocco |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr FICHE PRO    590803. cif en590 |  Wholesaler petroleum gas 29/03/2023

hello, we can provide en590 10ppm to world wide, origin kazakhstan. beautiful price. sop: 1. buyer's lol issued; 2. seller issues fco/ncnda conditions signed and stamped; 3. buyer sends icpo with pof (bcl with atvrwamt199 or mt799) to seller; 4. seller issues draft spa open for amendments; 5. seller and buyer execute spa via docusign; 6. seller issues to the buyer via email the followi (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : petroleum gas | Wholesaler France |  
purchase   fr   590793. vin rouge et blanc  |  Wholesaler wines 29/03/2023

bonjour je suis à la recherche d’un fournisseur de vin rouge et blanc d’une quantité de 20 cartons à livrée sur abidjan ou paris prix cible entre 1€ et 3€. (...) ...
- 3€
- Quantity :20 cartons
Advertiser from Burkina

Category : wines | Wholesaler Burkina |  
sale   fr   590770. soybean non-gmo |  Agent cereals 29/03/2023

1. soybean non-gmo – yearly contract origin brazil / argentina / south america payment guarantee for loading port payment release mt103/tt. pb only with transferable sblc or transferable lc. non-gmo (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : cereals | Agent Ivory Coast |  
sale   fr   590729. champagne et beer |  Wholesaler booze 29/03/2023

we offer great champagne such as don perignon, armand de brignac, great cognac and all brands of beer. we deliver throughout europe, africa, the caribbean and a america. do not hesitate to contact me. (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : booze | Wholesaler France |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   572310. helix aspersa maxima baby snails |  Producer live animals 29/03/2023

hello. pre order for season 2023 for baby snails helix aspersa maxima. we can deliver. packing into polystyrene box (2000 snails/box), 8 polystyrene box into one plastic cage. in one transport we can deliver 4 160 000 of baby snails. price can be negotiable. (...) ...
- 0.69€/100 snails
- Limit :EU
- Packaging :2000/box
- Quantity :6 000 000
Advertiser from Poland

Category : live animals | Producer Poland |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   590697. tumeric roots  |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 29/03/2023

hello dear end buyers, we have a capacity to supply you a large quantity of tumeric roots of good quality. and our supply is following contract. so, for more details if you are interested, please to send me a message or email. best regards (...) ...
- €1900 per ton
- Limit :No banking instruments, only TT
- Packaging :On choice of the buyers
- Quantity :100 tons
Advertiser from Benin

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Benin |  
sale   fr   590693. produit agro-alimentaire |  Producer other 29/03/2023

looking for buyer / supplier in all related food and drink products .we would like to plant some seed in finding a partner all over europe for eventual supply of class a fruits and veg products and more. small and medium size company. should you be interested please do contact me for further information. regards, jean (...) ...
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : other | Producer United Kingdom |  
sale   fr   590604. skipjack tuna & bonito required monthly orders  |  Committee fish 28/03/2023

we need continuous supply of skipjack tuna and bonito must be competitively priced 200 metric tons & upwards per month or part thereof (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : fish | Committee France |  
sale   fr   590546. precious stones supplier |  Wholesaler industry operating 28/03/2023

quality supplier of precious stones such as gold, diamond and mercury (...) ...
Advertiser from Congo RDC

Category : industry operating | Wholesaler Congo RDC |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   416898. i am looking for partners for waste recycling |  Producer renewable energy 28/03/2023

i am a technician with more than 40 years of experience in waste recycling, in particular post-consumer plastic, other technological waste, hospital waste combustion, i am interested in meeting a partner, to build a collection and recycling system, in africa. the partners must have the financial part, i own part of the machinery and all the technology. (...) ...
Advertiser from Switzerland

Category : renewable energy | Producer Italy |  
purchase   fr   590537. 400 mt. of refined soybean oil. |  Agent olis 28/03/2023

we are interested in the purchase of 400 mt. of refined soybean oil. we are interested in knowing if you are available for immediate supply. refined soybean oil liquid oil suitable for use in baking, frying, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing. oil for direct use in cooking and catering. indicate if produced from genetically modified soybeans. requirements; basic technical data (...) ...
- 900,00 $
- Packaging :FLEIXETAN
- Quantity : 400 Mt.
Advertiser from Spain

Category : olis | Agent Spain |  
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