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sale     328113. tomato manufacturing   Manufacturer retains
fr   Hier
tomato manufacturing

dear director we write you today for the reason ton want give our khowleg in tomato manufacturing .we are from tunisia from bigest productor of tomato past in africa for the simpel reason that we consume it so much :-) .we have equivalent technical support like italien , we make maintenance instalation advice and production. we can reaolve the most of technical problems for any help you need (...) more
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : retains | 20/07/2018 15:40:53 | Manufacturer Tunisia |  
sale     327253. fruit fillings  Manufacturer pastry
fr  19/07/2018
fruit fillings

fruit filling ,raspberry fillings,sour cherry fillings,apple fillings,strawberry fillings... contract offer .. (...) more
- Quantity :100
Advertiser from Serbia

Category : pastry | 19/07/2018 01:45:37 | Manufacturer Serbia |  
sale   FICHE PRO    327508. 100% pure & natural rose water  Producer olis
fr  19/07/2018
100% pure & natural rose water

hi, we are a moroccan perfume flowers distillation start up, socially responsible. we offer you the products of rose damascena distillation in copper alembics (manufactured in portugal, according to european norms).the flowers are distilled the same day of the harvesting at few meters from orchards, at kelaat m'gouna in morocco. our 100% natural & pure rosewater is produced by respecting the (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : olis | 19/07/2018 01:45:26 | Producer Morocco |   123456
sale     326929. whole milk powder best quality  Manufacturer milk and milk products
fr  19/07/2018
whole milk powder best quality

good quality whol milk powder(26% fat) and also we have skimmed milk powder(1,5% fat). we have all specification and quality certificates. (...) more
- 2.9 euro per 1kg
- Packaging :25 kg
- Quantity :100 tons
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : milk and milk products | 19/07/2018 01:45:26 | Manufacturer Ukraine |  
sale   FICHE PRO    319536. aspersa maxima, live snails  Producer live animals
fr  19/07/2018
aspersa maxima,  live snails

i am a snail-grower of helix aspersa maxima from poland our breeding is under the constant supervision of a veterinarian. we have all the necessary documents regarding both breeding and origin of the snail. below is the price of helix aspersa maxima 1st class: weight: 16 grams and up price : 3 euro/ kg at the end of the 2018 season we will be in possession of about 20 tons of helix aspersa (...) more
- Packaging :5-6kg
- Quantity :20 tons
Advertiser from Poland

Category : live animals | 19/07/2018 01:45:25 | Producer Poland |   123456
sale     327804. brazilian black pepper   Agent coffee cocoa tea
fr  18/07/2018
brazilian black pepper

works with the highest quality black and white pepper. looking for attend the most judicious markets in the world, based mostly in taking care about quality of the plantation, pesticides, time for harvest and drying method. all the plantations follow rigorous methods of distance between piles, system of fertilizing and maximum exploitation of space. after years of experiences and researches, was (...) more
- 2500
- Limit :2018
- Packaging :2018
- Quantity :100
Advertiser from brazil

Category : coffee cocoa tea | 18/07/2018 11:26:58 | Agent brazil |  
sale     327745. frozen fish from mauritania   Producer fish
fr  18/07/2018

3 tc 40ft 1 tc (25 tones) of octopus as folow t1/2/3/4: 13.5t= 16.500€/t t5/6/7/8: 11.5t= 12.800€/t 1tc 40ft pelagic: 27t= 2.200€/t burro/grunt seabreem catfish hake sea bass 1t 40ft mullet roe grade a 20t: 24.000€/t grade b 8t: 15.000€/t (...) more
- 15000€/2200/20000€
- Limit :31/07/2018
- Packaging :FOB
- Quantity :80 tones
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Mauritania

Category : fish | 18/07/2018 00:14:06 | Producer Mauritania |  
purchase   FICHE PRO    327725. frozen beef tails  Wholesaler meat and eggs
fr  17/07/2018

we buy frozen beef tails which are certificated for europe if the goods are from outside of eu .quantity is 1-2 containers/ month . (...) more
- Limit :for Europe
- Packaging :20 kg boxes
- Quantity :1 container
Advertiser from Romania

Category : meat and eggs | 17/07/2018 21:19:48 | Wholesaler Romania |   123456
sale     327714. fresh deglet nour algerian 1st quality  Wholesaler fruits and vegetables
fr  17/07/2018
fresh deglet nour algerian 1st quality

grosse quantité de dattes exceptionnelles de toute première qualité disponible au départ d alger livraison possible avotre adresse en europe, france, uk etc... me contacter pour plus dinformations sur details et prix (...) more
- 5~7€
- Packaging :Boites 500g, 1kg, 2kg
- Quantity :1tonne
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Advertiser from France

Category : fruits and vegetables | 17/07/2018 19:47:13 | Wholesaler France |  
sale     327681. sugar and raw sugar  Wholesaler sweet
fr  17/07/2018

we are the seller for sugar direct from brazil. we do cif from 500mt min. order. we also have raw sugar available. (...) more
- 1xx per ton
- Limit :Worldwide
- Packaging :Non
- Quantity :500 tons min
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Venezuela

Category : sweet | 17/07/2018 15:47:32 | Wholesaler Venezuela |  
partner     327630. lookinf for buyers of coltan coltan ta205   capital investment
fr  17/07/2018

i would like to unite buyers and sellers in the agro bunisess. i have a lot of contacts and can make it happen. i am a great prospector with many contacts. (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : capital investment | 17/07/2018 08:35:54 | France |  
partner     327623. fruity powder drinks 10 gr for 2 lt water  Producer soft drink
fr  17/07/2018

i am looking for distributors in different countries for the following products fruit base powdered drinks ( 24 sachets x 10 gr per inner box , 24 inner box per carton ) orange , apple , banana , pineapple , mango , coconut and different flavors (...) more
- 22 usd per carton FOB Istanbul
- Quantity :1 x 20 ft container
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : soft drink | 17/07/2018 06:24:57 | Producer Turkey |  
sale     327564. huile essentielle de chamomile bleu   Wholesaler olis
fr  16/07/2018

blue tansy essential oil, also known as moroccan chamomile has a distinct and rich blue color due to its high chamazulene content. chamazulene is a unique anti-inflammatory compound and this particular oil contains a 6.85% concentration. this very rare oil, has a sweet, fruity, camphorous aroma and has powerful skin care and allergy relieving qualities. botanical name: tanacetum annuum / country (...) more
- 600€
- Quantity :100L
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : olis | 16/07/2018 17:47:16 | Wholesaler Morocco |  
sale     327561. maquereau congelé/ frozen mackrel  Producer fish
fr  16/07/2018
maquereau  congelé/ frozen mackrel

we export from morocco : 1- frozen mackrel whole round (l & xl: +800 gram/pc ) // 2- minimum 1 container 3- fob, cfr - cnf, cif 4- destination: europe, africa (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fish | 16/07/2018 17:35:57 | Producer Morocco |  
purchase     327536. client qui cherche les fruits biologiques    fruits and vegetables
fr  16/07/2018

bonjour, je suis un client a casablanca; je cherche les fruits biologiques/organic et de bon qualité! je cherche les fruits d’afrique, de l’amerique de sud ou bien de l’asie. par examples, les mangues, les pasteques, les noix de coco, pomme custard, etc. je voudrais acheter les fruits chaque semaine. merci beaucoup. (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fruits and vegetables | 16/07/2018 15:24:37 | Morocco |  
sale     308466. oysters, size 0 to 4  Producer crustacean shell
fr  16/07/2018
 oysters,  size 0 to 4

french exporter of « fine » and « special » oysters, size 0 to 4 farmed in the atlantic coast (brittany and the southwest of france: hossegor, arcachon) our farmer has been rewarded by the ministry of agriculture for his know-how and high-quality product and owns two successful oysters bars. ability to provide 5 tons per week minimal purchase: 500 kg quotation fob and cif upon request cash (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : crustacean shell | 16/07/2018 15:01:25 | Producer France |   123456
purchase     327532. insulated scrap copper cable   Retailer metals
fr  16/07/2018

i am looking to purchase scrap insulated copper cables. i am based in the uk. please provide piuctutres of the cable. also provide pricing information. thanks. (...) more
- Quantity :as much as possible
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : metals | 16/07/2018 14:20:03 | Retailer United Kingdom |  
purchase     327516. search supplier of sea cucumber in turkey  Wholesaler crustacean shell
fr  16/07/2018

hello everyone i'm chinese,i need the sea cucumber in turkey,if you are the supplier of it,pls contact me,very urgent,because now i'm in izmir,if you have sea cucumber,i can go for you, (...) more
- Quantity :200tonnes
Advertiser from China

Category : crustacean shell | 16/07/2018 12:39:16 | Wholesaler China |  
sale     327509. sell vietnamese best qualified cashew nut  Manufacturer roasted seeds and nuts
fr  16/07/2018

cashew nut export conforms with the following standards or to customer requirements: + commodity: cashew nut ww240, ww320, ww450, sw240, sw320, lp, ws, dw, etc. • packaging: 80kg per bag • out turn :48 - 51+lbs • nut count: 180-185/per kg • moisture%= 5% max • defective=5% • foreign matter=0.5 + quality: compliant with afi standards + cashew kernel preservation: cashew kernels are preser (...) more
- Quantity :1
Advertiser from Vietnam

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 16/07/2018 12:15:24 | Manufacturer Vietnam |  
sale     327501. producteur marocain de citron confit  Wholesaler fish
fr  16/07/2018

je cherche des producteur marocain de citron confit bocal en verre 395 g (200 g poids égoutté) et pot 800 g plastic (450 g poids égoutté) (...) more
Advertiser from Germany

Category : fish | 16/07/2018 11:16:13 | Wholesaler Germany |  
sale     327497. business partner   coffee cocoa tea
fr  16/07/2018

we are in the export business and till now we have partner all over the world ( japan,china, usa), we promote the malagasy label and our quality is well known. if you need more information please contact us. we especially supply : spices,vanilla,coffee, but you can ask if you have any particular need. (...) more
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : coffee cocoa tea | 16/07/2018 10:59:24 | Madagascar |  
sale     327464. whole and frozen chicken (cuts)  Agent meat and eggs
fr  15/07/2018

our chickens are of quality, hygiene, have certificates: haccp; halal will soon have aqsiq sanitary to enter china (...) more
- U$ 1300 ton
- Limit :Shipments immediately
- Packaging :in individual pp in cardboard box
- Quantity :18.000 ton
Advertiser from brazil

Category : meat and eggs | 15/07/2018 23:32:38 | Agent brazil |  
purchase     327453. tuna . thon  Wholesaler fish
fr  15/07/2018

we are looking for tuna (thon) supplier from senegal we are a saudi arabian company looking to expand our business (...) more
- Limit :Senegal
- Quantity :15 tone
Advertiser from Saudi Arabia

Category : fish | 15/07/2018 19:10:29 | Wholesaler Saudi Arabia |  
sale     327279. octopus flower iqf   Agent fish
fr  14/07/2018
octopus flower  iqf

iqf octopus cleaned in flora. from taco 1 to taco 5. good quality. for export. cordially price: _t 1 qif price 16,95 €/kg fob _t 2 qif price 16,90 €/kg fob _t 3 qif price 16,87 €/kg fob _t 4 qif price 16,60 €/kg fob _t 5 qif price 15,20 €/kg fob (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fish | 14/07/2018 23:22:24 | Agent Morocco |  
sale     327357. looking for clients  Agent other
fr  14/07/2018

moroccan company looking for clients for any agricultural, industrial or other products originating from morocco. (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : other | 14/07/2018 13:46:52 | Agent Morocco |  
sale     327334. looking for dealer /distributor   Wholesaler renewable energy
fr  14/07/2018

looking for distributor or supplier of new and used solar panels, inverters and other energy products. we need a material in big quantity for export. (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | 14/07/2018 11:15:53 | Wholesaler France |  
sale     327304. helix aspersa maxima snails from ukraine   Producer live animals
fr  13/07/2018

we are breeders of snails from ukraine, we do helix aspersa maxima this season we will have only 20 tons. eu approved documents, good quality. contact us for any request. we can send anywhere. photos, documents upon your request. (...) more
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : live animals | 13/07/2018 23:03:52 | Producer Ukraine |  
purchase     327289. avian roasted meat   meat and eggs
fr  13/07/2018

hi. i’m looking for asian roasted meats like ducks, chicken, porks... in europe. we are lanching a home and office délivery system. the restaurant is a michelin one star recognized and we ask for quality. thank you for your proposals. (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : meat and eggs | 13/07/2018 18:50:43 | France |  
purchase     327246. commercialisation et distribution   Wholesaler employment representation
fr  13/07/2018

based in north africa, specialized in marketing and distribution of global commodities working confidently with leading manufacturers and distribution networks worldwide. we are looking for partners that are ready and willing to supply these products such as: fruits & vegetables, nuts & kernels, metals, cotton, cornstarch ,palm oil, soybeans, natural dyes, coffee beans, cocoa, orange juice, rice (...) more
- 20%
- Quantity :1000
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : employment representation | 13/07/2018 15:15:28 | Wholesaler Tunisia |  
partner     327214. wholesale / grossiste mozzarella pizza & horeca  Producer milk and milk products
fr  13/07/2018

hello! we are authentic italian producer of mozzarella since 1958. we are looking for partners/wholesale/grossiste in luxembourg, belgium and france for our pizza-mozzarella. contact us for any addiotional information! merci (...) more
- 4.00 Eur/Kg (ex-transportation)
- Quantity :Min 300 Kg/week
Advertiser from Italy

Category : milk and milk products | 13/07/2018 10:57:33 | Producer Italy |  
sale     327135. fournisseur de fruits et legumes  Producer fruits and vegetables
fr  12/07/2018

nous sommes exportateurs de fruits et légumes. nous avons de stock de de pommes de terre, poivron, oignons, tomate fraiche, carotte, huiles, épices, pâtes végétales etc uniquement pour clients sérieux pouvant fournir loi et aussi pov ( proof of funds) (...) more
- Négociable
- Packaging :Exworks, FOB, CIF, DDP
- Quantity :1,800 Tonnes
Advertiser from United States

Category : fruits and vegetables | 12/07/2018 18:02:58 | Producer United States |  
sale     327112. full cream milk powder / whole milk /skimmed milk  Producer milk and milk products
fr  12/07/2018
full cream milk powder / whole milk /skimmed milk

product characteristics • good solubility • good flow properties • full fat content • rich creamy flavour suggested uses • has a wide range of applications including reconstituted milk, fermented milkfoods, yoghurt, ice cream mixes and confectionery products. • is extensively used as an ingredient in bakery products, dry blends and snack foods. • has consistent and uniform compositio (...) more
- Negotiable
- Packaging :Exworks, FOB, CIF, DDP
- Quantity :15,000 Tons
Advertiser from United States

Category : milk and milk products | 12/07/2018 16:59:05 | Producer United States |  
sale     327107. sale fruit  Association fruits and vegetables
fr  12/07/2018

we are company dedicated to export all kind of fruit , we can supply to europe any country, we are also speaking , spanish , french , and arabic , for any issue you can contact by phone or mail. (...) more
- 199€ ton
- Limit :No
- Packaging :Ilimite
- Quantity :Ilimit
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : fruits and vegetables | 12/07/2018 16:40:31 | Association France |  
sale     327085. grains (wheat, barley, rice, maize, wheat flour)  Producer roasted seeds and nuts
fr  12/07/2018
grains (wheat,  barley,  rice,  maize,  wheat flour)

we do sell the following grains in very huge quantities - wheat grains (25,000 tons) - barley (20,000 tons) - white basmati rice short grains (15,000 tons) - white basmati rice long grains (25,000 tons) - wheat flour (40,000 tons) - rice flour (10,000 tons) we do have other grains such as millet, sorghum etc but in smaller quantities. do not hesitate to contact us for our full quotat (...) more
- Negotiable
- Limit :Oceania
- Packaging :Exworks, FOB, CIF, DDP
- Quantity :20,000 Tons
Advertiser from United States

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 12/07/2018 15:27:04 | Producer United States |  
sale     327075. crude & refined oil   Producer olis
fr  12/07/2018
crude & refined oil

we have in huge quantities all kind of vegetable oils ranging from sunflower oil, palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil, jatropha oil, corn oil, etc. we have both crude oil which can be used for biodiesel, refined oil which is 100% good for human consumption as well as used oil which can be used for engines. available packing: 1. bulk - in flexi tanks in 20ft containers. net weight: 24000lts 2 (...) more
- Negotiable
- Limit :Oceania
- Packaging :Exworks, FOB, CIF, DDP
- Quantity :5,000 Tonnes
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from United States

Category : olis | 12/07/2018 15:00:58 | Producer United States |  
sale     327067. white refined sugar – icumsa 45 rbu  Producer sweet
fr  12/07/2018
white refined sugar – icumsa 45 rbu

quick details product type: sugar type: crystal sugar form: granular processing type: refined color: white packaging: bag, bulk icumsa: 45 brix (%): 91 purity (%): 99 certification: haccp, iso weight (kg): 20 shelf life: 24 months place of origin: brazil brand name: sugar icumsa 45 model number: refined cane sugar primary ingredient: b (...) more
- Negotiable
- Limit :Oceania
- Packaging :Exworks, FOB, CIF, DDP
- Quantity :25,000 Tonnes
Advertiser from United States

Category : sweet | 12/07/2018 13:50:35 | Producer United States |  
sale     327065. millk  Producer milk and milk products
fr  12/07/2018

we are pleased to work with you we need many products such as baby milk, concentrated milk, local milk, long-term milk as well as sugar and other products (...) more
Advertiser from Egypt

Category : milk and milk products | 12/07/2018 13:44:19 | Producer Egypt |  
sale     327034. snails in mediterranean traditional sauce, canned  Producer retains
fr  12/07/2018
snails in mediterranean traditional sauce,  canned

best quality helix aspersa muller in traditional mediterranean sauce, and helix aspersa muller in brine (...) more
- Limit :Worldwide
- Packaging :CARTON - PALLETE
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Greece

Category : retains | 12/07/2018 09:57:08 | Producer Greece |   123456
sale     327006. fresh and dry coconut export  Wholesaler fruits and vegetables
fr  12/07/2018

we have large quantity of fresh cocoanut and cocoa seed for export to france ,uk and other parts of the world. our price and terms are affordable. feel free to contact us to start a long term business. (...) more
- Packaging :under good condition
- Quantity :unlimited
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : fruits and vegetables | 12/07/2018 00:40:20 | Wholesaler Ivory Coast |  
sale     326992. lobster 500gr/1kg fresh morocco  Agent fish
fr  11/07/2018
lobster 500gr/1kg fresh morocco

lobster 500gr/1kg fresh morocco. good quality fish. keep in a pool. price fob city agadir . cordially. (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fish | 11/07/2018 19:43:11 | Agent Morocco |  
partner     326984. gypsum quarry partnership  Association mine land concession
fr  11/07/2018

i ammining logistics consultant and looking for partner to buy and run gypsum quarries in morocco. all opportunities will be studied closely. (...) more
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : mine land concession | 11/07/2018 18:31:58 | Association Ivory Coast |  
partner     326959. supplier of hibiscus flower from senegal   other
fr  11/07/2018

i need supplier of dried hibiscus flower for our company to partner with to supply dried hibiscus flower to our buyer (...) more
- Quantity :350
Advertiser from Nigeria

Category : other | 11/07/2018 16:43:29 | Nigeria |  
sale     326936. egg shell powder  Manufacturer meat and eggs
fr  11/07/2018
egg shell powder

egg shell powder, best quality, minimal order amount is 20 ton, container. message for more details. (...) more
- 1.4 euro per 1kg
- Packaging :25kg
- Quantity :1000 ton
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : meat and eggs | 11/07/2018 15:18:37 | Manufacturer Ukraine |  
sale     326934. skimmed milk powder  Manufacturer milk and milk products
fr  11/07/2018
skimmed milk powder

hello, we provide skimmed milk powder 1,5% fat. minimal order amount is 20 ton, container. fob, cif to be discussed. (...) more
- 2.5 euro per 1 ton
- Packaging :25kg
- Quantity :1000 tons
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : milk and milk products | 11/07/2018 15:17:08 | Manufacturer Ukraine |  
sale     326917. whole halal frozen chicken & other chicken parts  Producer meat and eggs
fr  11/07/2018
whole halal frozen chicken & other chicken parts

we offer accurate services, specified quality, clean packaging with delivery on time. - factory produce, clean packaging, caution loading of goods into the transportation vessel, save transportation of goods to the shipping site. our whole frozen chicken are specially hand slaughtered accordingly to islamic (halal) and international requirements. all shipments of our products to the ports of (...) more
- Negotiable
- Packaging :Exworks, FOB, CIF, DDP
- Quantity :1,500 Tons per Month
Advertiser from United States

Category : meat and eggs | 11/07/2018 13:28:17 | Producer United States |  
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