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sale     334828. hardwood charcoal stick   Producer wood charcoal fiber
fr   Aujourd'hui
hardwood charcoal stick

bellow our hardwood charcoal offer - production capacity: 300-500 mt / month - shape: stick , lump bricket - ash: 1.2% to 2% max - volatile matter:5-7% - calorific value: 7,000 to 7,500 kcal/kg - moisture: 1% to 2% max - fix carbon rate: 60% to 70% -wood : ayin , acacia and citrus - packaging: 10 kg /plastic bag - loading in container: 40íhc=21mt -280 $ per tons fob loading port this c (...) more
- 280 $ la tonne
- Limit :Aucune
- Packaging :Plastic Bag
- Quantity :21 tons Minimum
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : wood charcoal fiber | 18/09/2018 11:24:28 | Producer Turkey |  
sale     334787. dried purple garlic - algerie  Agent fruits and vegetables
fr   Hier

we have about 50 tons excellent gustatory quality of dried purple in cloves, harvest 2018 with phytosanitary certificat. average caliber +4cm please feel free to contact us for further information. (...) more
- 1800 euro per ton FOB Algiers Port
- Limit :No restrictions
- Packaging :net of 25 kilograms
- Quantity :50 tons
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : fruits and vegetables | 17/09/2018 22:32:00 | Agent Algeria |   123456
purchase     288962. 40' container 33cl water pet / eau minerale 33cl   soft drink
fr   Hier
40' container 33cl water pet / eau minerale 33cl

we are looking for a reliable supplier of small pet bottle of water (33cl). own label requested. this a long term partnership. recherchons un fournisseur de petites bouteilles d'eau (33cl), comme sur la photo la bouteille devra etre transparente neutre ainsi que le bouchon . nous souhaitons avoir l 'etiquette de notre hotel sur le produit. plusieur renouvellement en cour d'annee. (...) more
- Packaging :sea freight
- Quantity :40' container
Advertiser from cayman island

Category : soft drink | 17/09/2018 21:58:30 | cayman island |   123456
sale     334773. mussivi  Producer wood charcoal fiber
fr   Hier

we are selling angolan mussivi in large quantity. it is already in luanda city and ready to be exported. thank you. (...) more
- US$10.000
- Quantity :Min 10 containers
Advertiser from Angola

Category : wood charcoal fiber | 17/09/2018 20:05:38 | Producer Angola |  
sale     334680. dates nour from tunisia   fruits and vegetables
fr   Hier
dates nour from tunisia

you are interested buying dates from tunisia we can provide "dagla nour " send us an email with contact details regards (...) more
- negotiate
- Quantity :negotiate
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Advertiser from France

Category : fruits and vegetables | 17/09/2018 10:38:15 | France |  
sale     334676. rosewood logs for sale  Retailer wood charcoal fiber
fr   Hier
rosewood logs for sale

1foot by foot - diameter : 30cm * 30cm - as mininun length: 7feet sepcy : rosewood. please contact us for more information (...) more
- Packaging :CIF
- Quantity :500 to 1000 CBM
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Advertiser from France

Category : wood charcoal fiber | 17/09/2018 10:00:53 | Retailer France |   123456
partner     331735. frozen meat  Wholesaler other
fr   Hier
frozen meat

looking for importers as partners to distribute our products and also to buy some products when we have need for them from ivory coast (...) more
- €0,90/por KG
- Limit :2018
- Packaging :no condicion
- Quantity :100 toneladas
Advertiser from Spain

Category : other | 17/09/2018 09:39:34 | Wholesaler Spain |   123456
sale     331755. cashewnuts lwp and w240  Wholesaler vegetable matter
fr   Hier
cashewnuts lwp and  w240

we are looking forward to any serious importer of dried fruits and nuts. so we can supply cashew nuts and other dried fruits . we are ready ito enter into a long lasting mutual relationship . for further information, please contact us we accept irrevocable l/cs. (...) more
- €5,78/KG CIF
- Limit :Restriction to IVORY COAST
- Packaging :vacuum pack
- Quantity :100 toneladas
Advertiser from Spain

Category : vegetable matter | 17/09/2018 09:38:57 | Wholesaler Spain |   123456
sale     332013. almond largueta  Wholesaler roasted seeds and nuts
fr   Hier
almond largueta

we are looking for serious customers, importers and distributors to sell our almonds also agents, distributors or partners to work with for the sale of almonds from spain . specialityalmonds largueta almonds. please contact us through (...) more
- 1
- Limit :2018
- Quantity :1000 METRIC TONS
Advertiser from Spain

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 17/09/2018 09:38:37 | Wholesaler Spain |   123456
sale     334601. fruits and vegetables from agadir  Agent fruits and vegetables
fr  16/09/2018

the harvesting period in agadir of tomatoes and others is approaching.we are looking for wholesalers all around europe and africa. we are experienced in the procedures of conditioning,transit, us to know more about the products we sell,quality and prices. (...) more
- to be negociated
- Limit :For Europeen and African Market.Last date 05/2019
- Packaging :conditioning/expedition in/from Aagadir
- Quantity :on demand
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fruits and vegetables | 16/09/2018 19:18:13 | Agent Morocco |  
sale     334564. sésame   Association cereals
fr  16/09/2018

hello soon made there will be the harvest for sesame please place your order if you want car sa never waiting please contact me by email for those interested cordially (...) more
- Limit :Fin novembre
- Packaging :Exportations
- Quantity :10000T
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Advertiser from Togo

Category : cereals | 16/09/2018 13:03:51 | Association Togo |  
sale     334506. kronenbourg 1664, corona  Wholesaler booze
fr  15/09/2018
 kronenbourg 1664,  corona

european beer supplier ( kronenbourg 1664, hoegaarden, corona, desperados and heineken) in export case packaging of 24 bottles and we ship worldwide. looks forward to hearing from you! (...) more
- Packaging :Sea freight
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : booze | 15/09/2018 17:20:49 | Wholesaler France |   123456
sale   FICHE PRO    334509. champagne and cognac  Wholesaler booze
fr  15/09/2018
champagne and cognac

champagne and cognac supplier in paris, we sale excellent and most prestigious brand champagne (moet & chandon, ruinart, roederer, philipponnat, krug, perrier jouet, dom perignon, armand de brignac...) and cognac: xo, vsop, vs (hennessy, martel, rémy martin, courvoisier, camus , leopold gourmel et frapin) in export case packaging of 6 and 12 bottles and we ship worldwide. our champagne and cognac (...) more
- Limit :Worldwide
- Packaging :Sea freight
- Quantity :Container
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : booze | 15/09/2018 17:16:53 | Wholesaler France |   123456
purchase     334472. need whole wheat supplier - 100k ton mini for bid   cereals
fr  15/09/2018

dear all, i'm looking for a whole wheat supplier for a bid in an african country. the overall quantity for the bid is 700 000 tons with batches of 100 000 tons minimum. i need a supplier able to supply the wanted quantities and to work quickly on the bid in order to give an offer before september 25th. more details in private. (...) more
- Quantity :100 000 tons
Advertiser from France

Category : cereals | 15/09/2018 12:02:37 | France |   123456
sale     334427. live snail  Manufacturer live animals
fr  14/09/2018

we are realizing a live snail grown on our farm. 50 tons helix pomatia (4,00 euro/kg), 50 tons helix aspersa maxima (5,00 euro/kg). on the terms ex - works. (...) more
- 4 Euro per kg
- Quantity :50 tons
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : live animals | 14/09/2018 22:02:11 | Manufacturer Ukraine |  
purchase     334379. chicken paws and wings  Agent meat and eggs
fr  14/09/2018

looking to buy chicken paws and wings. must be approved for export to china. can order minimum 25 containers per month. only serious end sellers, no brokers (...) more
- Quantity :250MT/ month
Advertiser from Mauricius

Category : meat and eggs | 14/09/2018 13:36:12 | Agent Mauricius |  
sale     334370. groundnuts to sell   Agent roasted seeds and nuts
fr  14/09/2018
groundnuts to sell

hello, looking for groundnuts buyers in huge quantity from ivory coast. 900 $ per ton, if delivered to abidjan. 650 $ per ton when the customer comes to us. product available now. serious offer. thanks for joining us directly if interested (...) more
- 900 $ / 650 $ per ton
- Limit :None
- Packaging :50 kg et 100 kg bags
- Quantity :Huge quantity
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 14/09/2018 11:58:51 | Agent Ivory Coast |  
sale     334339. coconut shell charcoal from côte d'ivoire/charbon  Producer wood charcoal fiber
fr  14/09/2018

sells coconut shell charcoal produced in ivory coast through a rigorous process that guarantees its quality. available quantity : 96 tons price per ton: 537 euros incoterm: fob port of abidjan payment terms: please contact us. (...) more
- 537 Euros
- Limit :None
- Packaging :TC 40''
- Quantity :56 Tons
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : wood charcoal fiber | 14/09/2018 04:06:14 | Producer Ivory Coast |  
sale     334314. selling chilli ipepper bird's eye   Wholesaler aromatic spices
fr  13/09/2018
selling chilli ipepper bird's eye

we are commercializing our farmers produce of red chilli pepper bird's eye. we are lookng for serious buyers for the red chilli pepper bird's eye. contact us for a long term supplying agreement. (...) more
- 00€
- Packaging :25KG BAGS
- Quantity :100 toneladas
Advertiser from Spain

Category : aromatic spices | 13/09/2018 21:19:02 | Wholesaler Spain |   123456
sale     334287. salted beef omasum  Wholesaler meat and eggs
fr  13/09/2018
salted beef omasum

we are selling salted beef omasum . we can sell 2 fcl reefer every month, please contact us to give our quotations, we are also prepared to sign a long term agreement in supplier this beef salted omasum. orign europe. (...) more
- 7€
- Packaging :BULK
- Quantity :1000 METRIC TONS
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Spain

Category : meat and eggs | 13/09/2018 17:30:30 | Wholesaler Spain |   123456
purchase     334283. looking for supplier of acai   fruits and vegetables
fr  13/09/2018

hello, i am starting a business about acai in france to begin and i'm looking for someone who would bne able to deliver it from brasil to france at the cheapest price possible. i already have a few contacts in my mind but i'm very open to any kind of propositions. merci! basile (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : fruits and vegetables | 13/09/2018 17:21:13 | France |  
sale     334270. skandinavian mackerel   Agent fish
fr  13/09/2018

we are supplier of skandivian fish. we are searching for buyer or partner to market the skandivian fish. it can be packed reqarding your request. (...) more
Advertiser from Sweden

Category : fish | 13/09/2018 15:22:29 | Agent Sweden |  
sale     334216. poisson des seychelles  Wholesaler fish
fr  13/09/2018
poisson des seychelles

all our fish are fished at seychelles (area 51 fao, western indian ocean). fresh products they vary according to seasonality, are eviscerated and packaged in mahe (the capital), according to the regulations in force in europe (standard hygienic, labeling, packaging). products frozen at -60 degrees or a - 32 degrees are instead processed directly on ships, before arrive in the port. the produc (...) more
- Packaging :airfreight or container
- Quantity :illimitee
Advertiser from Seychelles

Category : fish | 13/09/2018 08:53:21 | Wholesaler Seychelles |  
sale     334125. sales and export of sunflower oils  Wholesaler olis
fr  12/09/2018

sunflower oil in packaging 1 liter // 5 liters // 10 liters // 20 liters.high quality certified oil fast delivery. possibility to charter by container or truck. (...) more
- 1
- Packaging :1/5
- Quantity :20 tonnes
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : olis | 12/09/2018 16:23:31 | Wholesaler France |  
sale     334026. vanilla black bourbon madagascar  Producer aromatic spices
fr  11/09/2018

we sell black vanilla bourbon from madagascar. cheap prices €300 fob. minimum 13cm, non-split vanilla pods. available rightaway. possible to send orders of 100kgs (minimum order). send a private message, we will reply quickly. (...) more
- €300 FOB
- Quantity :2 tons
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | 11/09/2018 20:30:46 | Producer Madagascar |  
sale     333973. chestnuts for sale  Wholesaler roasted seeds and nuts
fr  11/09/2018
chestnuts   for sale

we are affiliated producers of chestnuts and other dried fruits products. we have chestnuts and looking for serious buyers and even sign a long term contract with them in supplying the chestnuts. please contact us for us to give you our quotation. thank you. (...) more
- /€1
- Limit :SPAIN
- Packaging :25KG BAGS
- Quantity :100MT
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Spain

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 11/09/2018 12:48:38 | Wholesaler Spain |   123456
purchase     333945. line complet de machines de transformation cacao   Producer machinery equipment
fr  11/09/2018

i want to buy a complete line of industrial cocoa bean processing machines., which i am looking for manufacturer who can provide. contact me for your quote. (...) more
- Xxx
- Limit :CIF
- Packaging :CIF
- Quantity :Une ligne complet de machines
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : machinery equipment | 11/09/2018 08:31:50 | Producer Ivory Coast |   123456
purchase     333317. need truck tires known brands  Agent machinery equipment
fr  11/09/2018

need to export to africa up 4 containers per month ref. 315/80x22.5 : steering+trailer+rear axle ref. 385/65x22.5 (...) more
- Limit :export to africa
- Packaging :export to africa
- Quantity :3 à 4 containers monthly
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Spain

Category : machinery equipment | 11/09/2018 06:07:16 | Agent Spain |  
sale     333901. rbd palm olein / vegetable cooking oil / cooking   Wholesaler olis
fr  10/09/2018
rbd palm olein / vegetable cooking oil / cooking

we deal on all kinds of edible cooking oils. we also deliver to buyer destination and give shipment discounts. our company is an independent manufacturer and exporter of edible oil products in globally, specializing in sourcing, refining and delivering edible oil to small specialist companies and multi-nationals all over the world. we do design label services for customers who wish to have their o (...) more
- 800€ la tonne
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : olis | 10/09/2018 21:07:51 | Wholesaler Turkey |  
sale     333872. fresh fruits of rosa canina  Producer fruits and vegetables
fr  10/09/2018
 fresh fruits of rosa canina

we sell fresh fruits of rosa canina minimum quantity 1,5 t organic products derived from spontaneous flora, from transilvania romania (...) more
- 2
- Quantity :1.5 t- 10t
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Romania

Category : fruits and vegetables | 10/09/2018 15:02:36 | Producer Romania |   123456
purchase     333817. looking for large amount of red bull.  Wholesaler soft drink
fr  10/09/2018

we are looking for 50 containers red bull in containers with english text monthly take off. we are also looking for 1 container red bull with dutch text. (...) more
- Limit :business with Escrow safe for both partners
- Packaging :container 24*250ml
- Quantity :50 x 40ft container monthly
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : soft drink | 10/09/2018 10:27:05 | Wholesaler Belgium |  
sale     321821. fresh avocado wholesale    fruits and vegetables
fr  10/09/2018
fresh avocado wholesale

we are whole sale suppliers of best quality fresh fruits like avocado , apples,citrus,berries,guava,orange and others and we are in the market looking for buyers that are looking for quality products contact with us for more details as regards to our products. specification type: avocado cultivation type: common style: fresh maturity: 100% mature vareities: hass and fuerte color: natur (...) more
- 800 € per ton
- Packaging :5kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs or as buyer’s requirement.
- Quantity :18 tons
Advertiser from South Africa

Category : fruits and vegetables | 10/09/2018 10:02:45 | South Africa |   123456
sale     319057. vegetable oil and essential bio - cosmetics  Producer olis
fr  09/09/2018
vegetable oil and essential bio - cosmetics

leader in aromatherapy and phytotherapy with many organic products, all from morocco. for more than 15 years, our products have been grown in our nurseries, packaged in our local units and sold all over the world. our facilities are certified organic by the ccpb and currently awaiting its ecocert certification. if you would like further information or wish to discuss how we can help with your r (...) more
- Limit :Any destinations
- Packaging :Bulk or packaging
- Quantity :On demand
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : olis | 09/09/2018 23:24:56 | Producer Morocco |   123456
sale     333709. snails for sale / export  Wholesaler milk and milk products
fr  09/09/2018
snails for sale / export

(...) more
- Quantity :10
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : milk and milk products | 09/09/2018 07:22:09 | Wholesaler Ukraine |  
sale     333496. huile de moringa pure , 100% bio pressée à froid   Producer olis
fr  08/09/2018
huile de moringa pure ,  100% bio pressée à froid

bonjour nous sommes producteurs de moringa bio du niger et pouvons fournir tous produits dérivés en vrac ou conditionnés.. concernant l'huile nous pouvons fournir jusqu'à 100 litres en cas de besoins et même plus si demande avérée. (...) more
- 150.000 CFA/Litre
- Limit :Livraison à Niamey
- Packaging :bidons de 5litres
- Quantity :100 Litres
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Niger

Category : olis | 08/09/2018 05:03:24 | Producer Niger |   123456
sale     333586. searching for banana importers  Wholesaler fruits and vegetables
fr  08/09/2018

dears, looking for the importers of bananas in algeria. we supply bananas from ecuador, costa rica, philippines. we have our own brands zebra and nikki. we supply around 100 fcl's of bananas weekly. (...) more
Advertiser from Netherlands

Category : fruits and vegetables | 08/09/2018 05:03:03 | Wholesaler Netherlands |  
sale     333578. dehulled cashew nuts   roasted seeds and nuts
fr  07/09/2018
dehulled cashew nuts

hello we are a cashew processing and marketing plant located in senegal we have white almonds, grilled, sweet, salty or spicy with all types of grades ranging from w320 w240, w180, w450, sw, puk, lwp ............. all production processes meet strict european quality control standards. we export to several countries (...) more
- 9000 $ / Tonne
- Limit :AUCUNE
- Packaging :a négocier
- Quantity :illimitée
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | 07/09/2018 14:42:28 | Senegal |  
sale     333389. we sell metals   metals
fr  06/09/2018

we are gabonese particular, and we sell the metals to the tonne. we live to libreville in gabon, and we are interested to any propositions. but we don't export the products. (...) more
Advertiser from Gabon

Category : metals | 06/09/2018 01:52:23 | Gabon |  
sale     333336. tannerie fabricant de cuir  Producer other
fr  05/09/2018
tannerie fabricant de cuir

nous cherchons des clients vraiment sérieux pour une longue collaboration. notre gamme de produits que nous vous proposons sont : cuir d'ovin, bovin et caprin. les collections se composent aujourd'hui de cuirs souples, fermes, lisses, grainés, crispés, pull-up, huilés, lustrés, anilines, pigmentés... notre entreprise fonctionne avec l’objectif de fournir un produit de bon qualité aux clients. (...) more
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : other | 05/09/2018 16:12:24 | Producer Morocco |  
sale     174052. barite 4.2 crude ore (api 13 a reference iumpy)  Committee mine land concession
fr  05/09/2018

dear all; we are direct to miner for : commodity: barite 4.2 crude ore (api 13 a reference iumpy) origin: morocco total quantity: min 10 000 mt / month contract's duration: min 12 months packing: bulk price at the port: fob basis price vali dity: 15 days payment terms: l/c or other specifications: baso4: 96.10% sio2 : 1.28% api grade (api 13 a norm) barite crude ore rude ore sizin (...) more
- Packaging :BULK
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : mine land concession | 05/09/2018 13:02:02 | Committee Morocco |   123456
partner     333223. business collaboration   other
fr  04/09/2018

i am in research of business collaboration in any lucrative business or projects because i have the fond to execute it (...) more
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : other | 04/09/2018 20:20:03 | United Kingdom |  
sale     333199. fertilizers mop - kcl  Agent chemical fertilizer additive
fr  04/09/2018
fertilizers mop - kcl

we offer for export g- mop (granular muriate of potash - kcl) quantity: up to 1,000 mt/month immediate availability loading: after maximum 2 weeks our products can be delivered in bulk or in 50kg bags in containers. packaging can be customized. (...) more
- Limit :MONDE -- WORLD
- Packaging :CONTAINER - Bulk or BAG
- Quantity :Up to 1.000MT/Month
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : chemical fertilizer additive | 04/09/2018 17:31:39 | Agent Morocco |  
sale     333193. cpo clients in africa    fat
fr  04/09/2018

we are a belgium based crude palm oil trader that are looking for raffinery/savonneries in west africa who are buying cpo. our cpo is international standard and comes with an ecowas certificate. looking forward to our feedback, simon (...) more
- Quantity :5000MT CPO
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : fat | 04/09/2018 16:59:34 | Belgium |  
Request advice    333121. potatos at north of france  Agent fruits and vegetables
fr  04/09/2018

looking for potatos at france: i don´t mind the place wherever it is, ile-de-france,hauts, champagne and other places. (...) more
Advertiser from Spain

Category : fruits and vegetables | 04/09/2018 09:48:22 | Agent Spain |  
purchase     333120. portland 42.5 and 32.5 in 50kg bags  Agent cement
fr  04/09/2018

we need in between 6250 and 12.500m/ton (depend off your min qts per vessel) of portland cement in 50kg bags, to be delivered cifat port off libreville. (...) more
- Packaging :50kg bags
- Quantity :entre 6000 et 12500 M/ton
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : cement | 04/09/2018 09:44:51 | Agent Belgium |  
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