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sale   FICHE PRO    371188. charcoal bbq  Wholesaler wood charcoal fiber
fr   Aujourd'hui
charcoal bbq

african charcoal specification granulation: 20-80 mm humidity: 8% c-fix min: 75% ash max: 7% volatile parts: 12-15% packaging: pp bags 30-32 kg monthly quantity: 20-400 tons the product complies with the en 1860-2: 2006 standard ecological product, without chemical additives, fired using the traditional method. long burning time up to 4 hours in our offer, we can prepare the product (...) ...
- 340 €
- Limit :Word
- Quantity :20-400
Advertiser from Poland

Category : wood charcoal fiber | 21/07/2019 08:54:34 | Wholesaler Poland |  
sale     371182. columbita nióbio teor 58 %   Agent metals
fr   Aujourd'hui
columbita  nióbio teor  58 %

quantity: 27 tons - packed in "big bags of 01 ton." "spot sale" with possibility of contract for 12 months product origin: brasil state: pará place of delivery and conditions, fob patio of partner company pará, or in port village of the count payment: against delivery in the yard of the partner company, 50% and in the port 50% after negotiations and initial sale, the quantities and con (...) ...
- US$ 19.000,00 por tonelada
- Limit :NOW
- Packaging :after approval
- Quantity :27 toneladas
Advertiser from brazil

Category : metals | 21/07/2019 07:52:56 | Agent brazil |  
sale     371158. cherry peppers in brine  Producer fruits and vegetables
fr   Hier
cherry peppers in brine

cored cherry peppers in brine semi-finished product. packed in 250kg plastic drums dried weight 80kg. (...) ...
- 1600
- Limit :10 tons per month
- Quantity :100 Tons
Advertiser from Albania

Category : fruits and vegetables | 20/07/2019 20:13:41 | Producer Albania |  
sale     371155. produits saisonniers. export.maroc.fruits.legumes  Wholesaler retains
fr   Hier

vente de produits saisonniers all moroccan fruits and vegetables ready to export. legumen international is a moroccan company operating in international export business of vegetables and fruits ready and packed on demand. we offer a various range of products of quality at a reasonable prices with partnerships options based on integrity and a payment delay of 30 to 60 days. order us and we exec (...) ...
- Quantity :300 TONNES
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : retains | 20/07/2019 19:40:40 | Wholesaler Morocco |  
sale     371143. heineken 50 cl cans on the floor   Agent booze
fr   Hier

we have heineken 50 cl cans available on regular basis exw loendersloot . we can do 2 loads per week , payment is against pre-advice ! let me know if interested . (...) ...
- sur Demande
- Packaging :EXW
- Quantity :1980 pack per load
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : booze | 20/07/2019 17:37:39 | Agent Tunisia |  
sale     371136. spices and natural herbs at highest quality   Manufacturer aromatic spices
fr   Hier

a tunisian company operating in the agribusiness sector and specialized in spices, herbs, dry vegetables, salting, … for over 20 years under the brand name “elkhabia” with superior quality and highly competitive prices. we look forward to your reply and it will be a great pleasure to do a profitable business with you in the near future. (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : aromatic spices | 20/07/2019 15:42:51 | Manufacturer Tunisia |  
sale     371130. cocoa - coffee - cashew nut !!!   coffee cocoa tea
fr   Hier

cocoa - coffee - cashew nut !!! hello we are a co-operative company based in ivory coast and we are looking for punctual customers or partners for the long term for the supply of agropastoral products: cocoa, coffee and raw or shelled cashews ... while waiting for your interest, regards ! (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : coffee cocoa tea | 20/07/2019 13:51:58 | Ivory Coast |  
sale     371129. shea butter and coconut oil    hygiene maintenance
fr   Hier

shea butter & coconut oil !!! hello we are a society cooperative , we can deliver you shea butter and coconut oil from ivory coast. let us know your needs. thank you (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : hygiene maintenance | 20/07/2019 13:42:03 | Ivory Coast |  
sale     371119. packaging for your products   packaging
fr   Hier

hello we sell doypack packaging of different formats on behalf of a company based in china. in addition to the doypack, we provide other different packaging : either kraft paper or cardboard and also bags of plastic packaging cut into the shape of fruit. the quality is guaranteed and the prices are interesting. from china we deliver all countries. while waiting for your orders best regards (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : packaging | 20/07/2019 13:15:44 | Ivory Coast |  
sale     371110. looking for big distributors  Producer feed
fr   Hier

hello, we are a big company in turkey producing dry pet food, we have premium and super premium ranges with reasonnable prices. our brand is represented by 20 coutries in 4 continents very successfully and we are planning to extend our global market and introduce our products to new countries. we guarantee to you the best quality you can get for pet food since we use high quality ingredients also (...) ...
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : feed | 20/07/2019 11:57:33 | Producer Turkey |  
purchase     370428. potato  Agent fruits and vegetables
fr  19/07/2019

i will buy potatoes, onions, carrots, parsley, truck quantities. (...) ...
- Quantity :100 T
Advertiser from Poland

Category : fruits and vegetables | 19/07/2019 21:21:36 | Agent Poland |  
purchase     371020. look for nutrilon,german aptamil,cow&gate  Wholesaler milk and milk products
fr  19/07/2019

we look for nutrilon,german aptamil,cow&gate,uk aptamil.please send us price.we are wholesale baby formula in china (...) ...
- Quantity :2000cans
Advertiser from China

Category : milk and milk products | 19/07/2019 13:04:42 | Wholesaler China |  
sale     370999. be our brand's representative  Producer feed
fr  19/07/2019

our factory has been established in 1982, and producing dry petfood with extrusion technology since 2001. our production is 45.000 tons / year and we use high quality raw materials from all around the world. we have super premium and premium range products. our english website is accessible we sell directly to the end users from our website in turkey, we have 400.000 active members for now. (...) ...
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : feed | 19/07/2019 11:04:41 | Producer Turkey |  
purchase     370938. searching for vanilla beans supplier   aromatic spices
fr  18/07/2019

searching for vanilla beans from madagascar from a supplier who can deliver on demand on small quantities. looking for 16+cm gourmet grade black vanilla, 25-30% moisture with high vanillin content, price 350-400 euro per kg (...) ...
Advertiser from Israel

Category : aromatic spices | 18/07/2019 20:42:20 | Israel |  
sale     370893. frozen chicken   Producer meat and eggs
fr  18/07/2019

we have chicken slaughterhouse for export İn turkey.our product is 100% halal. we would like to supply for you frozen chicken products. if you are interested feel free to contact me by whatsapp fastly through this number +90 5394976323 (...) ...
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : meat and eggs | 18/07/2019 14:47:36 | Producer Turkey |  
purchase     370836. heineken , kaiserweb, crown, carlsberg  Agent booze
fr  18/07/2019

i need quite much qty of heineken buyer, kaiserweb, crown, carlsberg arround 100 containers per month. (...) ...
- Packaging :330 ML 1*24
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Taiwan

Category : booze | 18/07/2019 04:10:56 | Agent Taiwan |  
purchase     370819. cosmetic  Agent hygiene maintenance
fr  17/07/2019

i hope to find cosmetics wholesalers, euro brands, usa brands. or have a bag, shoes, etc. such as lancome、dior、biotherm、l’oreal、l’occitane、la roche posay etc. (...) ...
- 10 euro
- Limit :taiwan
- Packaging :no
- Quantity :10000 euro
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Taiwan

Category : hygiene maintenance | 17/07/2019 21:08:12 | Agent Taiwan |  
partner     370780. partnership required   Association capital investment
fr  17/07/2019

we are a luxembrougish , uk company we are looking for a partner to invest in plant land in tunisia for export production to europe and the sale of part of the farms please only serious offer no time wasters all the equipment are in the land and the terrain are class a1 the best quality for bio products (...) ...
Advertiser from Luxembourg

Category : capital investment | 17/07/2019 13:56:03 | Association Luxembourg |  
sale     370646. helix aspersa muller and maxima, snails caviar  Manufacturer live animals
fr  16/07/2019

snailseco – the first snail farm on the territory of the republic of belarus for the cultivation and sale of sn ails helix aspersa muller and h elix aspersa maxima. we offer you live snails helix aspersa muller snails from 4 to 12 gr. live snails helix aspersa maxima snails from 8 to 20 gr. live snails helix aspersa pomatia snails from 8 to 30 gr. snails caviar packing in jars weighing 20 (...) ...
- 3500 Euro per 1 ton
- Limit :Europe
- Quantity :10 tons
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Belarus

Category : live animals | 16/07/2019 11:36:19 | Manufacturer Belarus |  
sale     370604. leather made bags and accessories  Retailer other
fr  15/07/2019

we export leather made bags. different types of leather are available and various models. we export to all the countries and we ensure express delivery on request for some counrtries. we can produce any model upon your needs and special requests. (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : other | 15/07/2019 22:28:03 | Retailer Tunisia |  
sale     370515. looking for powdered milk producers   Wholesaler milk and milk products
fr  15/07/2019

dear sir, we are dealers in diary foods and beverages.  registered in nigeria and in south korea with branches in some african nations.  we are interested in powdered milk products. please contact us for long lasting and business relationship.  thanks. yours truly, (...) ...
- Quantity :10000 Tons
Advertiser from Nigeria

Category : milk and milk products | 15/07/2019 06:16:49 | Wholesaler Nigeria |  
sale     370492. grade a indonesia cinnamon   Agent aromatic spices
fr  14/07/2019

grade a cinnamon sticks from west sumatra indonesia with max 14% moisture test and 1,5-2,75% oil. showing price was included transport to port near by. prefer transaction 70% by lc and 30% t/t for down payment (...) ...
- $5000 per tonne
- Limit :30 days
- Packaging :25kg per sack
- Quantity :5 tons
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : aromatic spices | 14/07/2019 18:22:58 | Agent Indonesia |  
sale     370472. moroccan fish with high quality   Agent fish
fr  14/07/2019

im a moroccan young man working in thethe field of looking for fish buyers from all over the world because i guarantee you the best prices at very reasonable prices. (...) ...
- Quantity :depends on the request
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fish | 14/07/2019 14:40:52 | Agent Morocco |  
sale     370376. commodity : aurum utalium (au) metal.   Agent metals
fr  13/07/2019

commodity :aurum utalium (au) metal. using bank to bank procedures bar size : principally, but not exclusively, each bar - 12.5 kg/ bar hallmark : international recognized and accepted hallmark. purity : 99.99/1000 fineness or better price : the agreed purchase price is the quoted price in usd (or other currencies like rmb or hk$ converted into usd) and based on the da (...) ...
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : metals | 13/07/2019 10:54:19 | Agent United Kingdom |  
sale     370369. coca-cola can 33cl   soft drink
fr  13/07/2019
coca-cola can 33cl

belgian company sells by container 40 feet coca-cola can 33 cl. trilingual french english arabic can. bottled by coca-cola company. extremely competitive price exw belgium. fresh production and unlimited volume. only geographical restriction france. prices and photos on request. (...) ...
- Limit :France
- Quantity :Containeur 40 pieds
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : soft drink | 13/07/2019 09:28:15 | Belgium |  
sale     370358. full corporate offer for gold dory bars  Agent metals
fr  13/07/2019

we the above named company, do hereby under penalty of perjury, under the international trade rules binding all countries on earth, under the supervision of international chamber of commerce paris france (latest revision), promise and undertake to have the capabilities, the contact and resources to offer the herein mention commodity. therefore, we offer the following with full responsibility pr (...) ...
- Quantity :100 KG
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : metals | 13/07/2019 01:35:33 | Agent United Kingdom |  
sale     370336. fourniture de petrole brut d'origine nigeriane   Agent petroleum gas
fr  12/07/2019
fourniture de petrole brut d'origine nigeriane

1. nnpc bonny terminal (represented by her fiduciary agent) and buyer sign sales and purchase agreement with full banking coordinates and electronically signed spa is considered legally binding. 2. buyer’s bank send operative stand by letter of credit (sblc-mt760) or mt 799 block fund to seller’s bank by swift,validfor oneyear with the verbiage acceptable to the seller; buyer also send client (...) ...
- Gross $12 per barrel, $ 8 per barrel net to buyer
- Packaging :CIF
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : petroleum gas | 12/07/2019 21:55:51 | Agent Ivory Coast |  
partner     370304. installation photovoltaďque   Producer renewable energy
fr  12/07/2019

hello gentelmen , i'am a business man, i have a work proposition to offer you , i do live in area which daylight may up to 3500 hours per year in algerian sahara ,which a pretty good for invessting in solar energy , specially when i'am almost to get 20 years contract with the algerian governement sonalgaz ( ministry of energy ) for generous price for 1 kwh may up (15.6-17.2)da/kwh , it's a good i (...) ...
- Quantity :1-5 MW
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : renewable energy | 12/07/2019 15:07:58 | Producer Algeria |  
sale     366496. looking for distributors around the world  Producer soft drink
fr  12/07/2019
looking for distributors around the world

we are one of the biggest soft drink producers in poland with 2 factories. it is possible to visit us. our main products are: isotonic, vitamin water, natural energy drink, standard energy drink, lemonade. languages avaialble on the labels: french, spanish, romanian, hungarian, english, arabic, polish we are looking for serious distributors. minimum order: 15 pallets (first order with 100% p (...) ...
- Packaging :EXW
- Quantity :each quantity
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Poland

Category : soft drink | 12/07/2019 13:05:01 | Producer Poland |  
sale     370269. crushed peas, crop 2019,    cereals
fr  12/07/2019

we offer crushed peas, crop 2019, ukrainian origin. packed in 50 kg bags or in big bags. on fca or with delivery to the buyer depending on the terms of payment. quantity on order, minimum quantity: 20 tons (...) ...
- Limit :Europe
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : cereals | 12/07/2019 09:55:16 | Ukraine |  
sale     370268. colza non ogm   cereals
fr  12/07/2019

we offer 500 tons of rape seeds, crop 2019 from ukraine. delivery bu trucks to europe in big-bags on fca, west ukraine or with delivery, depending of the terms of payment (...) ...
- Limit :Europe
- Packaging :Big-bags
- Quantity :500 tons
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : cereals | 12/07/2019 09:47:55 | Ukraine |  
purchase     370240. quality organic shea butter available for supply  Manufacturer other
fr  11/07/2019

50 tons of quality nigerian origin shea butter available for export to any destination around the world (...) ...
- 540$ per tonne
- Limit :September 2019
- Packaging :20/30kg
- Quantity :50tons
Advertiser from Nigeria

Category : other | 11/07/2019 18:25:58 | Manufacturer Nigeria |  
sale     370182. supplier of beef-mutton-goat   Manufacturer meat and eggs
fr  11/07/2019

we are looking for costumers to distribute our products of beef, mutton and goat. our production of mutton and goat are mainly halal. we load full containers that could be mixed with each type of meat. (...) ...
- Quantity :10T-23T (FULL CONTAINTER)
Advertiser from Spain

Category : meat and eggs | 11/07/2019 09:40:43 | Manufacturer Spain |  
sale     370144. wild mountain huckleberries  Wholesaler fruits and vegetables
fr  10/07/2019
wild mountain huckleberries

we will have freshly hand-picked wild mountain huckleberries from british-columbia, canada for sale around mid-august to mid-september at the ton, packaged by gallon (5pounds). wild huckleberries are not certified organic but they are 100% spray free as they grow in the wilderness. the berries are small and round, 5–10 millimetres in diameter, and look like large dark blueberries. in tast (...) ...
Advertiser from Canada

Category : fruits and vegetables | 10/07/2019 22:45:02 | Wholesaler Canada |  
sale     370116. grey mullet fish.  Producer fish
fr  10/07/2019
grey mullet fish.

grey mullet fish. frozen. sises: 500g + / 1kg + origin: morocco and mauritania. for export. the ad is for importers. (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fish | 10/07/2019 17:11:33 | Producer Morocco |  
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