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sale   fr   574356. clou de girofle  |  Agent aromatic spices  Aujourd'hui

bonjour, nous sommes une société spécialisée dans la commercialisation de clou de girofle des comores (origine anjouan). nous pouvons vous fournir les quantités souhaitées et d’une qualité irréprochable à des tarifs très compétitifs. girofles d’anjouan 8 à 12mm n’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus de détails. (...) ...
- Quantity :100
Advertiser from Gabon

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Gabon |  
sale   fr   574352. madagascar vanilla beans |  Wholesaler aromatic spices  Aujourd'hui

specification: item name: vanilla beans length:14cm+ moisture :30%-35% vanillin: 2, 5% application:ice cream, pastry, extraction, cake recipe, dessert, baking scientific name : vanilla planifolia appearance :soft, flexible vanilla beans packaging details: waxed paper, carton shelf life : 24 months delivery lead time: within 7 working days payment terms:wire transfer drying process: sun (...) ...
- Price :$170/kg
- Packaging :Carton,waxed paper,Vacuum packed
- Quantity :10000kg/year and Minimum order is 100kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Madagascar |  
sale   fr   574330. poulet de chair  |  Producer live animals  Aujourd'hui

i'm interesting in breeding broiler chicken, but the wrong the path where i can sell the product, sometimes the material for taking care of the hen is not enough in our country then i need help about too. (...) ...
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : live animals | Producer Madagascar |  
purchase   fr   574311. cajou |  Wholesaler seed plant seed  Aujourd'hui

we are intersting to import shelled cashew nuts, we are a company based in israel, our main business is coffee cashew nuts and food marketing (...) ...
Advertiser from Israel

Category : seed plant seed | Wholesaler Israel |  
Other  fr   574268. céréals in burkina faso  |  Producer cereals  Hier

we are in the middle of cereal season in burkina faso, soybeans, sesame, white corn, yellow corn, shelled anacade and amade of anacade, shea nuts, shelled and non-shelled peanuts. we are only looking for serious foreign partners with whom we will have a long-term partnership for the sale of our products. our target partners are chinese, indians, jews, arabs, french... please contact (...) ...
- Quantity :Many
Advertiser from Burkina

Category : cereals | Producer Burkina |  
sale   fr FICHE PRO    574195. premium quality spanish yellow onions 55/70mm |  Producer fruits and vegetables  Hier

large volume supply of premium quality spanish yellow onions, grano variety, size 55/70mm, totally suitable for the exportation (...) ...
- Quantity :250 tons
Advertiser from Spain

Category : fruits and vegetables | Producer Spain |  
sale   fr   574152. mosquito repellent |  Agent other 29/11/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 380891) we would like to offer: mosquito repellent. our mosquito repellent is the effective way to protect human body from mosquito bites. soft in skin. long lasting. available in lotion and spray in various packaging, including plastic tube, plastic sachet and plastic bottle. two dozens of plastic bottle in carton box. product of indonesia. mosquito coil also available. fo (...) ...
- USD 24.00/carton FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 30 cartons.
- Packaging :carton box
- Quantity :500 cartons.
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : other | Agent Indonesia |  
sale   fr   574109. vanilla beans gousses de vanille |  Producer aromatic spices 29/11/2022

vanilla pods variety la vanilla costarricense giant vanilla of high quality a flexible vanilla of black and shiny color with a very pronounced perfume this vanilla and very rare on the market if you are interested, contact us we answer very quickly (...) ...
- Quantity :150kg
Advertiser from Colombia

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Colombia |  
sale   fr   574072. we supply all below commodities worldwide |  Committee other 29/11/2022

suppliers for commodities world wide. sugar- icumsa-45/100/150 , raw sugar, white rice , parboiled rice cement42.5, white cement , sulphate resistant cement , clinker urea 46%, npk all grades , dap , tsp , all fertilizers refined -soya bean oil , sunflower oil, palm oil, corn oil. milk powder, uht milk, infant milk powder , wheat , all grades-wheat flour , rice flour, s (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : other | Committee Morocco |  
sale   fr   574059. carob |  Wholesaler fruits and vegetables 29/11/2022

hello i have 30 tons of carob extracted from the tree. if you are interested, contact me. i am ready to export it to all countries of the world (...) ...
- 2000
- Limit :According to the agreement
- Packaging :yes
- Quantity :30
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : fruits and vegetables | Wholesaler Algeria |  
purchase   fr   573886. let's look for dry date pits |  Wholesaler roasted seeds and nuts 28/11/2022

we are looking for date pits in large quantities.. all offers will be evaluated ... thank you (only if really interested) - the product must be dry.. - 27 tons / day - 5 days a week (...) ...
- Limit :only dry
- Quantity :- 27 tons / day - 5 days a week
Advertiser from Italy

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | Wholesaler Italy |  
sale   fr   573834. eggs (caged eggs or free range) class m or l |  Agent meat and eggs 27/11/2022

we offer high-quality eggs from polish farms. cage eggs: - class m 53-63 gram - one full car = 28 pallets x 10 800 pcs (an egg on a tray, 30 eggs each) - price 0.145 eur / item exw poland - transport from poland to france (approx. 2, 500-3, 000 euros) - class m 53-63 gr foiled - 28 pallets x 7200 eggs - price 0.16 eur / item exw poland - transport from poland to france (approx. 2, (...) ...
- 0.148
- Packaging :Palette
- Quantity :1000000
Advertiser from Poland

Category : meat and eggs | Agent Poland |  
sale   fr   573816. raw materials |  Agent other 27/11/2022

we are an international company, specializing in facilitating business for suppliers and buyers. we are looking for buyers of raw materials. (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : other | Agent France |  
Other  fr   573714. refine oil factory |   olis 26/11/2022

we are looking for investor partners to build one refine oil factory of ground nut in cameroon central africa, land is already available and well located. so any investor partners interested to work with us are welcome to contact us and start, the land have very good facilities like electricity, water supply and very near to the high way (50 meter near high way). we're just waiting you to star (...) ...
Advertiser from India

Category : olis | India |  
sale   fr   573684. saffron algerian big quantity  |  Producer aromatic spices 26/11/2022

saffron contains some 28 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds, dominated by ketones and aldehydes.its main aroma-active compounds are safranal – the main compound responsible for saffron aroma – 4-ketoisophorone, and dihydromorphinone. saffron also contains nonvolatile phytochemicals, [36] including the carotenoids zeaxanthin, lycopene, various α- and β-carotenes, as well as crocet (...) ...
- 80000
- Quantity :2 kg
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Algeria |  
sale   fr   573672. peanut oil & cotton oil |  Producer olis 26/11/2022

product description: peanut oil pack size : 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 50kg and 200kg appearance : pale yellow oily liquid, almost odorless acid number : less than 0.40 mg koh/g peroxide value : less than : 5.0 meq o2/kg specific gravity : 0.912 - 0.918g/ml oleic acid : 35 - 72% linoleic acid : 13 - 43% palmitic acid : 7 - 16% we are dedicated to providing our customers with prove (...) ...
- Price : To be negotiated
- Limit :Delivery possible
- Packaging :Plastic bottles, jerricans and drums
- Quantity :Available
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : olis | Producer Cameroon |  
sale   fr   573630. crude oil for sale ex basra-irak |  Agent petroleum gas 25/11/2022

we can introduce supply of crude ex-basra, iraq. direct refinery and by authority from ministry. currently available (subject unsold) 88 mm bbls/year x 5 years. platt minus approx. 10 % from which our commissions need to be recovered if any interest, please procure us an loi for us to transmit. best rgds (...) ...
- Quantity :88 million bbls / Year X 5 Years
Advertiser from Spain

Category : petroleum gas | Agent Spain |  
purchase   fr   573629. ream/paper a 4 80 g |  Wholesaler renewable energy 25/11/2022

we are looking for suppliers in europe or turkish of a4 paper : brands: navigator , double a, fabriano... cif: port casablanca (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Morocco |  
purchase   fr   573624. dutch onion supplier |   fruits and vegetables 25/11/2022

sir madam we are looking for a supplier of onions from holland to the ivory coast we need the cif price port of abidjan and transit time. (...) ...
- Packaging :sac 50kg
- Quantity :500
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : fruits and vegetables | Ivory Coast |  
purchase   fr   573621. need oinon suppliy |   fruits and vegetables 25/11/2022

sir madam we are looking for a potato supplier from holland to the ivory coast we need the cif price port of abidjan and transit time. (...) ...
- Packaging :sac 50kg
- Quantity :500
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : fruits and vegetables | Ivory Coast |  
sale   fr   573590. energy drink |  Agent soft drink 25/11/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 220290) we would like to offer: energy drinks. it is for the people who need extra energy and endurance during their contemporary life. brand: panther. packing: 175ml * 24 cups (variant: mix fruit), packing: 180ml * 24 bottles (variant: mix fruit), packing: 250 ml * 24 pet bottle (variant : lava blast & power red). enjoy chilled. halal. product of indonesia. pls kindly con (...) ...
- USD 1.60/carton FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 400 cartons.
- Packaging :carton box
- Quantity :2400 cartons.
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : soft drink | Agent Indonesia |  
sale   fr   573586. poteto plug  |  Agent fruits and vegetables 25/11/2022

we have poteto produced in bangladesh in stock ready for shipping we can provide any quantity you gonna need don't hesitate to text her for quotation. (...) ...
Advertiser from Togo

Category : fruits and vegetables | Agent Togo |  
sale   fr   573574. wheat flour type 500 from poland |  Wholesaler seed plant seed 25/11/2022

dear friends, we sell wheat fluor type 500, bulk quantities, best quality from poland. usually in 10 kg sacks but upon request can be in bigger sizes. price depends of quantity and destination. if interested, please send us your quantity of interest and we send you a cif quotation. (...) ...
- Limit :no limits
- Packaging :10 kg or more
- Quantity :1000 tons
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Poland

Category : seed plant seed | Wholesaler Poland |  
purchase   fr   573566. poulets surgelés |  Manufacturer meat and eggs 25/11/2022

dear sir / madam, please can you send a quotation relating to below items: 1. mdm chicken meat for making sausages. 17.50 tons (...) ...
Advertiser from Congo RDC

Category : meat and eggs | Manufacturer Congo RDC |  
sale   fr   573549. 5% broken white and parboiled rice  |   cereals 25/11/2022

we export white raw rice and parboiled rice from india, at competitive rate. we deliver anywhere in the world, any other type (12500 mt and 25000 mt) in single a shipment, best rate excelent quality don't wait any more just contact us and let work together and have best experience to settle long term partnerships... (...) ...
Advertiser from India

Category : cereals | India |  
Request advice  fr   573539. partnership negotiations  |  Agent capital investment 25/11/2022

hi, i wish to be a partnership negotiations between the buyers and sellers of the products. meaning i propose the products to the buyers and if they are interested they buy and the both pay me commission for bringing them the deals after i have proposed it to them. currently am an influencer. (...) ...
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : capital investment | Agent Cameroon |  
sale   fr   573522. cavendish banana |  Producer fruits and vegetables 25/11/2022

cavendish banana from cameroon recognized for its good taste, is produced in a climate and with monitoring to maintain and ensure its good quality from the production fields to delivery. (...) ...
- Price : To be negotiated
- Limit :Delivery : All World Safe Ports , warehouse,etc
- Packaging :15-20kg in corrugated boxes
- Quantity :Available
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : fruits and vegetables | Producer Cameroon |  
sale   fr FICHE PRO    573519. powder milk full cream origin brazil exportateur  |  Wholesaler milk and milk products 25/11/2022

powder milk for export full cream 34% protein origin brazil mark triol exportateur from tunisia - mut cif any destination port restriction / europe (...) ...
- 6780
- Limit :USD
- Packaging :CIF
- Quantity :25 KG
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : milk and milk products | Wholesaler Tunisia |  
sale   fr   573485. looking for pampers buyers and distributors  |  Wholesaler hygiene maintenance 25/11/2022

hello dear all. we represent a factory for the production of baby diapers, adults, wipes and detergent products. with the intention of making our brand known on the global market and especially in the africa of the east, we are currently looking for distributors and wholesalers with whom to collaborate for a winning winning partnership. please contact us by email for any other information. (...) ...
- Negotiable
- Limit :No restriction
- Packaging :Containers
- Quantity :No limit
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : hygiene maintenance | Wholesaler Senegal |  
sale   fr   573477. sunflower oil |  Wholesaler olis 24/11/2022

we represent masliana sunflower oil manufacturers. excellent quality, refined sunflower oil. package 1 l and 5l. etiquette in the french language. delivery time 8 days from order. transport to france ensured its own forwarding. quantity of 3-4 trucks a week. if you are interested, please contact us. (...) ...
- Packaging :1 litre / 5 litre
- Quantity :88000 litre /week
Advertiser from Czech Republic

Category : olis | Wholesaler Czech Republic |  
sale   fr   573466. caroube |   roasted seeds and nuts 24/11/2022

we are looking for buyers or importers wordwide . we provide & we keep providing a good quality of caroube .with competitive price. (...) ...
- $ 3500
- Packaging :Agreed method
- Quantity :50 TONES
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | Morocco |  
sale   fr   573449. peanut seed, sesame, cashew nuts |  Producer roasted seeds and nuts 24/11/2022

our most honorable greetings, we have a large storage of peanut, sesame and cashew nuts available for export in europe, asia, africa, middle east and china. please contact us by email if you are interested. thanks in advance. cordially (...) ...
- Packaging :Conteneur/ Voie routière
- Quantity :12000 tons
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : roasted seeds and nuts | Producer Senegal |  
sale   fr   573446. fenugreek  |  Manufacturer cereals 24/11/2022

characteristics: fenugreek with 98% of germination and 97% of purity crop season: 2022 quantity available: 100 mt country of origin: tunisa (...) ...
- Packaging :25 kg
- Quantity :100
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : cereals | Manufacturer Tunisia |  
sale   fr   573393. 100% extra virgin organic avocado oil |  Producer olis 24/11/2022

we produce 100% extra virgin organic avocado oil from rwanda. we are looking for clients who would be interested in our product. (...) ...
Advertiser from Rwanda

Category : olis | Producer Rwanda |  
sale   fr   573390. omasum salé |   meat and eggs 24/11/2022

hello, we work with different serious suppliers of salted or dry omasum. we are looking for serious and interested customers. we can provide you with large quantities on a monthly basis. we are mainly looking for customers interested in the long term. do not hesitate to contact us directly by mail or whatsapp for more information as well as photos and videos. sincerely, am e (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : meat and eggs | France |  
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