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sale     283987. sugar icumsa 45  Committee sweet
fr   Aujourd'hui

shipments will be by way of 12,500 mt vessel and 25000mt vessel. the shipment will be between 30 and 40 days following confirmation, verification, and authentication of an operative payment instrument in a format acceptable for the seller and the seller’s bank. inspection by societe generale de surviellance (sgs) inspection services / inspects and verifies the quantity weight and quality of trad (...) more
- Packaging :50kg - CIF any port
- Quantity :Spot contract 25 000 MT - 12 500 MT
Advertiser from France

Category : sweet | 25/07/2017 16:11:23 | Committee France |  
sale     283907. tantalum  Agent mine land concession
fr  23/07/2017

im looking for a real buyer, it can be via an agent . i have a relation with end seller thanks. we accept lc and can perform with pb as well (...) more
- 80 PER LB
- Limit :NON
- Quantity :50 TON
Advertiser from Porto Rico

Category : mine land concession | 23/07/2017 01:14:59 | Agent Porto Rico |  
sale   FICHE PRO    283871. alfalfa bulk  Wholesaler feed
fr  22/07/2017

alfalfa bulk from argentina?, we are looking for clients from the middle east. availavility all year round, get in contact for any enquiry (...) more
- Packaging :BULK
- Quantity :100000
Advertiser from Argentina

Category : feed | 22/07/2017 16:12:00 | Wholesaler Argentina |   123456
sale     283843. redbull , heineken , coca cola , xl can drinks  Wholesaler soft drink
fr  22/07/2017

with great experience and high quality product exposure , we are here to give out the best to all our buyers . contact for more details competitive pricing prompt shipments discount availability for heavy orders packaging : cartons origin : austria , germany , uk loading port : antwerp and rotterdam payment term : l/c or t/t 24 cans / tray 108 trays for pallets 26 pallets per 20 ft c (...) more
- 0.55€ per can
- Packaging :Cans/Trays
- Quantity :100 containers
Advertiser from Germany

Category : soft drink | 22/07/2017 10:41:41 | Wholesaler Germany |  
sale     283819. hdpe pellets  Manufacturer other
fr  21/07/2017

high quality hdpe granules/pellets in sale. (...) more
- Quantity :50 MT
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : other | 21/07/2017 22:57:20 | Manufacturer Morocco |  
purchase     283774. mexican vanilla  Manufacturer aromatic spices
fr  21/07/2017

hi, we are searching authentic mexican vanilla producers with certification of real organic production in mexican original area. (...) more
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : aromatic spices | 21/07/2017 12:56:20 | Manufacturer Belgium |  
sale     283716. french aop brouilly 2016  Producer wines
fr  20/07/2017
french aop brouilly 2016

about the wine : light fruity and intense wine, a typical beaujolais cru. strawberry and cherry flavour. about me : i am a young winegrower from the beaujolais region in france. i starded my little winefarm in 2013. i make everything all alone, from prune to sell the wine. about terra vitis label : i don't believe the 100% organic, but i respect the spécification of terra vitis label with stric (...) more
- Quantity :25000 l or 30 000 bottles maximum
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : wines | 20/07/2017 21:26:33 | Producer France |  
sale     283685. looking for importer   Producer booze
fr  20/07/2017

we offer a wide range of spirits made in france. competitive prices. we export 30 millions bottes in numerous countries. we want to expand our network maybe where you are (...) more
- Packaging :Container
Advertiser from France

Category : booze | 20/07/2017 16:40:17 | Producer France |   123456
purchase     283667. ecrevisse/crayfish  Wholesaler crustacean shell
fr  20/07/2017

i am looking for some producers or suppliers of crayfish. je cherche des producteurs ou fournisseurs d'écrevisse. (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : crustacean shell | 20/07/2017 14:34:38 | Wholesaler France |  
purchase     283646. fournisseurs de moules surgele et cabillaud   fish
fr  20/07/2017

dear madam / sir, we the undersigned shanghai, located in shanghai, china, hereby state and represent that it is our corporate intention that we would like purchase the product frozen mussels and cabillaud in the quantity,initial terms and conditions as stated below. - products: frozen bouchot mussels and frozen spanish mussels, - size: m - quantity: 13 tons in total - package: 30/40 pi (...) more
- Quantity :13 tonnes
Advertiser from China

Category : fish | 20/07/2017 11:34:42 | China |  
purchase     283624. legumes  Wholesaler fruits and vegetables
fr  20/07/2017

we are a food packaging and distribution company in northeast of greece we are interested in buying chickpeas and other legumes in large quantities to be packaged with our brand. (...) more
- Limit :europe
Advertiser from Greece

Category : fruits and vegetables | 20/07/2017 09:14:35 | Wholesaler Greece |  
sale     283610. edible oils, corn oil, sunflower oil. coffee etc.  Producer olis
fr  20/07/2017

we, cit foods, do specialize in edible oils, corn oil olive oil, sunflower and soybean oils along with other commodities such as rice nuts coffee you can find more information on our page (...) more
- NA
- Limit :NA
- Packaging :NA
- Quantity :NA
Advertiser from United States

Category : olis | 20/07/2017 01:57:40 | Producer United States |  
sale     283553. fishmeal 55 - 58%  Agent fish
fr  19/07/2017
fishmeal 55 - 58%

we offer for export fishmeal 55 - 58% country of origin: morocco raw materials: sardines quantity: up to 200 mt / month price fob: 850 usd / mt (...) more
- Packaging :BAGS OF 50 KG
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fish | 19/07/2017 14:04:07 | Agent Morocco |  
sale     283549. sierra leone sesame seeds    cereals
fr  19/07/2017

rural people in africa live mainly on agriculture. however, they do not have the resources to promote their production and are often content to make food crops. our primary objective is to be the relay between their production and the international market. we also intervene in the production process by orienting producers to guarantee our contractors a superior quality product. so we are working o (...) more
- Limit :Available
- Packaging :50 kg PP bags
- Quantity :up to 500 T
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : cereals | 19/07/2017 13:45:11 | Senegal |  
sale     283528. grade a halal frozen chicken  Producer meat and eggs
fr  19/07/2017

1 -whole chicken with or without giblets 960 usd 2 -whole chicken griller in 9 pieces 960 usd 3 -half chicken 720 usd 4 -whole boneless chicken-shawarma 1200 usd 5 -whole chicken breast with bones & skin 960 usd 6 -whole chicken breast boneless skinless 960 usd 7 -chicken breast halves boneless skinless 840 usd 8- chicken breast fillet (innerfillet) 840 usd 9- bl, leg bone (...) more
Advertiser from Thailand

Category : meat and eggs | 19/07/2017 10:35:59 | Producer Thailand |   123456
sale     283523. baby milk formula  Agent milk and milk products
fr  19/07/2017

we are a french company selling "baby milk formula" of any âge 1/2/3, can 400g, 900g or adult and for all over the world, looking for new markets. our formula are exclusively made in france. we can pack any quantity with your label trade mark, our trade mark or any other. we can do organic. big bag and 25kg milk powder for china we will answer you under request. (...) more
- Packaging :EXW/FOB/CIF
- Quantity :ILLIMITED
Advertiser from France

Category : milk and milk products | 19/07/2017 09:33:39 | Agent France |   123456
sale     283512. battery agm/gel 7ah to 250ah 1usd/ah fob shanghai  Manufacturer renewable energy
fr  19/07/2017
battery agm/gel 7ah to 250ah 1usd/ah fob shanghai

high quality battery, guarantee 3 years, long life span (9 to 15 years). for detail information(product catalogue and company presentation), please contact (...) more
- 1USD/ah
- Limit :Skysunpowerø
- Quantity :1000/day
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from China

Category : renewable energy | 19/07/2017 05:15:01 | Manufacturer China |  
sale     283467. we trade quality fertilizers around the globe  Manufacturer chemical fertilizer additive
fr  18/07/2017
we trade quality fertilizers around the globe

product range: phosphate fertilizers map 11-52-00 (pellets) the mono-ammonium phosphate (map) is a pelletized, complex, binary fertilizer. it provides the necessary ammoniacal nitrogen and phosphorous complement to soils and crops. tsp (pellets) triple super phosphate (tsp) is a phosphate-based fertilizer. it constitutes a sufficient source of phosphorous when the nitrogen is not necessary (...) more
- Packaging :On Demand
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : chemical fertilizer additive | 18/07/2017 17:12:24 | Manufacturer Morocco |  
sale     283221. control the micro-organisms!  Manufacturer chemical fertilizer additive
fr  18/07/2017
control the micro-organisms!

simply control the pathogenic microorganisms of your farms and increase your production with anabio® a neutral, safe, efficient and ecological solution. destruction of viruses, fungi, spores, and biofilm. suitable for organic farming. contains no hazardous chemistry. the purification of the water from your irrigation, drip or not will give you a satisfactory answer. removal of micro-algae that cl (...) more
- Contact us
- Limit :Any
- Packaging :Polyethylene can 20L - EXW
- Quantity :5000 liters minimum and unlimited
Advertiser from France

Category : chemical fertilizer additive | 18/07/2017 00:04:34 | Manufacturer France |   123456
sale     283102. brushed potatoes origin spain    fruits and vegetables
fr  18/07/2017
brushed potatoes origin spain

potatoes in a big quantity in 25kg bag variety panamera or safari price 225€/tn caliber 45 + do not hesitated to contact me (...) more
- 225
- Limit :any restrictions
- Packaging :CONTAINER
- Quantity :26 TONNES
Advertiser from Spain

Category : fruits and vegetables | 18/07/2017 00:04:33 | Spain |   123456
sale     282984. kidney beans white and red, apples-polish product   packaging
fr  18/07/2017
kidney beans white and red,  apples-polish product

dear sirs i would like to just shortly present our company, we are a supplier of polish kidney beans (haricots), and other products like apples, pears, walnuts we are based in south east part of lublin region the area where our largest exporting commodity is culitavated, which is kidney beans. we supply a product that is locally cultivated by our aproved producers, at the later stage we perform (...) more
- 700-1200
- Packaging :10,25,50,1000kg
- Quantity :200
Advertiser from Poland

Category : packaging | 18/07/2017 00:04:33 | Poland |  
purchase     283428. need a serious partner in south africa for russia  Agent fruits and vegetables
fr  17/07/2017

we are working with a very active importer in russia. he deals with some of biggest chains of supermarkets in russia. we are looking for him serious fruits and vegetables operators in south africa to secure an impressive volume of commands. quality, prices and logistics are the key. (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : fruits and vegetables | 17/07/2017 22:54:31 | Agent France |  
sale     283385. privet label energy drinks, ice coffee, ice tea.   Producer soft drink
fr  17/07/2017
privet label energy drinks,  ice coffee,  ice tea.

producer energy drinks 250ml & 500ml mimumum order privet label 250000 pcs cans, and minimum filing 69888 pcs cans 250ml payments 100% prepayment, exw budapest (...) more
- Limit :250000 pcs cans 250ml
- Packaging :EXW
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Luxembourg

Category : soft drink | 17/07/2017 15:40:19 | Producer Luxembourg |  
purchase     283336. looking for supplier of coca cola  Wholesaler soft drink
fr  17/07/2017

based in france we are looking for a supplier of coca cola 1,5l plastic bottles and 0,33 cans about a 20' container a month looking forward to hearring from you (...) more
- Packaging :container
- Quantity :container
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from France

Category : soft drink | 17/07/2017 00:24:31 | Wholesaler France |  
purchase     283332. looking for supplier drink amigo from macedonia  Wholesaler soft drink
fr  16/07/2017

based in france we are looking for a supplier of drink amigo from macedonia looking forward to hear from you (...) more
- Quantity :20'
Advertiser from France

Category : soft drink | 16/07/2017 21:41:38 | Wholesaler France |  
sale     283268. prickly pear seed oil  Producer olis
fr  15/07/2017
prickly pear seed oil

dear sir, we are moroccan company and we product prickly pear seed oil with a good price and best quality . if you are interested please contact me . (...) more
- Quantity :more than 10L
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : olis | 15/07/2017 23:22:17 | Producer Morocco |  
partner     283248. production-vente  Producer fruits and vegetables
fr  15/07/2017

achat de semences et vente de la production des légumes et fruits marocains achat de semences et vente de la production des légumes et fruits marocains achat de semences et vente de la production des légumes et fruits marocains (...) more
- Quantity :100 t
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : fruits and vegetables | 15/07/2017 19:53:47 | Producer Morocco |  
sale     283134. alcool, soft drink, beers, waters   Wholesaler soft drink
fr  14/07/2017

looking for supply beverage distributors. we have a great network able to find everything you need. we work only with full truck and big quantities in france and other european countries (...) more
Advertiser from Monaco

Category : soft drink | 14/07/2017 14:12:34 | Wholesaler Monaco |  
sale     283106. red onion 25kg bag   fruits and vegetables
fr  14/07/2017
red onion 25kg bag

red onion origin marocco, 25 kg bag caliber 50/70 + quantity can be load in a 40 ft container 28 tn prices c&f 520€/tn . (...) more
- Limit :ANY
- Packaging :CONTAINER
- Quantity :28TN
Advertiser from Spain

Category : fruits and vegetables | 14/07/2017 10:07:24 | Spain |   123456
purchase     283096. looking for european branded beer   Wholesaler booze
fr  14/07/2017

we are an importer from china. we have regular demands of branded european beer for at least 50 containers per month. we especially look for beer brand such as heineken 15cl, 25cl, 33cl corona 207ml, 210ml, 330ml, 355ml. hoegaarden blanc 33cl, kronenbourg blanc 33cl, 25cl. (...) more
- 0.35 - 0.45
- Quantity :50 containers per month
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from China

Category : booze | 14/07/2017 08:45:55 | Wholesaler China |  
partner     283068. cosmetics argan oil   olis
fr  13/07/2017

hello, we offer you a good quality argan oil for massage, 150 moroccan dirham per liter. do not set the maximum quantity required. for more information, please contact us.thank you (...) more
- 150dh/litre
- Packaging :flacons+vrac
- Quantity :10 tonnes
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : olis | 13/07/2017 19:24:13 | Morocco |  
sale     283067. fresh watermelon   fruits and vegetables
fr  13/07/2017

we are engaged in offering the finest quality fresh watermelon to the esteemed customers. the watermelon offered by us is widely consumed by people during summer, thus, highly demanded in the market. moreover, we make sure to check these watermelons on well-defined parameters to ensure their conformation with the international food grade standards. fresh water melon product style: very fresh an (...) more
- 350 to 450 euro / ton
- Packaging :up to our customers
- Quantity :100 tons
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : fruits and vegetables | 13/07/2017 18:55:24 | Tunisia |  
sale     282991. live crayfish  Wholesaler fish
fr  13/07/2017
live crayfish

are you looking for supplier of live crayfish? if so, please contact us. we are company located in bulgaria and we have an opportunity to supply several tons per month by air with all package of documents and etc. (...) more
- 1000 for ton
- Limit :Bulgaria
- Quantity :2
Advertiser from Bulgaria

Category : fish | 13/07/2017 10:45:44 | Wholesaler Bulgaria |  
sale     282932. for sale sheep    live animals
fr  12/07/2017
for sale sheep

for sale sheep (lamb and cow alive), shipping method:the ship with 7 000 or 15 000 sheep head,cif. quantity is available upon request. the minimum order quantity is 1000 sheep head. lamb weight medium size: 35 kg, ranging from the minimum weight of 30 kg and the maximum weight of 47 to 50 kg. cow weight medium size: 450 kg, ranging from the minimum weight of 302 kg and the maximum weight of 50 (...) more
- 2800 $ la tonne
- Packaging :The ship with 7 000 or 15 000 sheep head,CIF
- Quantity :On request
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : live animals | 12/07/2017 17:02:06 | Tunisia |  
sale     282886. 2017 syrian crops   Wholesaler aromatic spices
fr  12/07/2017
2017 syrian crops

- anise seed (pimpinela anissum) 99% (2017 crop - greenish seeds - re-cleaned – siftings free – max 1.5% small coriander seeds) – in 25 kgs poly bags. - anise siftings/fines (pimpinela anissum byproduct) for oils extraction: on demand. - nigella/kalonji seed 99.5% (2017 crop - sortex cleaned) – in 25 kgs poly bags. - cumin seed 99% (2017 crop - greenish seeds) – in 25 kgs pp bags. - cumin seed (...) more
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : aromatic spices | 12/07/2017 12:37:05 | Wholesaler Tunisia |   123456
partner     282848. pelagic fishing licence  Producer maritime equipment
fr  12/07/2017

we look for pelagic fishing vessels to work in mauritanian waters and be our partners. we provide, long work contract for the vessels with all guarantees and local support. (...) more
- Quantity :40000 tons per year
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Mauritania

Category : maritime equipment | 12/07/2017 03:05:40 | Producer Mauritania |  
purchase     282792. sisal fiber    vegetable matter
fr  11/07/2017

we are looking for sisal fiber from madaqascar or tanzania, it is very interesting biz thanks in advance (...) more
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : vegetable matter | 11/07/2017 16:38:55 | Morocco |  
sale     282740. oil trade license for sale ajman(dubai)   industry operating
fr  11/07/2017

we are selling our oil trade license which is 3 years old in ajman duabai. for more information please contact us (...) more
- 1000000 AED
- Limit :None
- Quantity :Unlimited
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Saudi Arabia

Category : industry operating | 11/07/2017 06:53:21 | Saudi Arabia |   123456
partner     243784. solar container  Producer renewable energy
fr  10/07/2017
solar container

our company has developed the first patented mobile solar plant: specially designed for the off grid areas, it is designed to supply electricity to villages, humanitarian or military operations, agricultural irrigation or mining activities, in a permanent or mobile configuration! highlights: - capacity from 5 to 52 kwp (up to 75.000 kwh / year) - independent off-grid solution with storage bat (...) more
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | 10/07/2017 15:22:07 | Producer France |   123456
purchase     282649. export vers la scandinavie    fruits and vegetables
fr  10/07/2017

looking for exporters / growers of lettuces iceberg , cauliflowers , green asparagus , broccoli ... vegetables og high quality standards (...) more
- Limit :Scandinavie
- Packaging :Delivered
- Quantity :5 tonnes
Advertiser from Norway

Category : fruits and vegetables | 10/07/2017 14:42:16 | Norway |  
sale     282635. brazilian corn and soybean meal  Wholesaler feed
fr  10/07/2017

hello. we are pleased to introduce our offer for corn and soybean meal from brazil. direct producer, we have the possibility to offer you large quantities with competitive prices. we mainly supply ogm products, but depending on availability, we can also supply non ogm. the packing will be done in bulk, but we can propose for example the big bag (provide extra cost). we can provide stock p (...) more
- Depending on the duration and quantity of the con
- Packaging :in bulk (or big bags)
- Quantity :30.000T minimum (spot ou contrat annuel)
Advertiser from France

Category : feed | 10/07/2017 13:29:18 | Wholesaler France |   123456
purchase     282587. halal frozen chicken  Agent meat and eggs
fr  10/07/2017

we are looking for a serious supplier for halal chicken and halal beef to our market in egypt, we are ready to start with slaughterhouse in europe if they have halal certificate (...) more
- Quantity :3000
Advertiser from Egypt

Category : meat and eggs | 10/07/2017 01:43:56 | Agent Egypt |  
sale     282141. search buyer of chiken feet   Producer meat and eggs
fr  08/07/2017
search buyer of chiken feet

we are industrial slaughterhouse industrial located in wilaya de guelma - algeria we manufacture chicken feet we are looking for buyers from around the world according to quantity ask for order. knowing that the slaughterhouse is modern and possess full line of slaughter and cold rooms (...) more
- Limit :the whole world
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : meat and eggs | 08/07/2017 19:55:19 | Producer Algeria |   123456
sale     282492. blue moon 24 x 33 cl btls  Agent soft drink
fr  08/07/2017

belgian style white beer, brewed by molson coors delivered ddu to loendersloot payment by escrow only can't be mixed with other products (...) more
- £12.85 PER PACK OF 24 X 33CL BOTTLES
- Packaging :26 PLTS DE 72 PACKS
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : soft drink | 08/07/2017 19:15:35 | Agent Belgium |   123456
sale     282454. cherche des client pour des pneus lourd et leger   Committee other
fr  08/07/2017

pneus neufe d orgine chine des marques disponible pour des representant minimaum quantite 50000 pieces par ans (...) more
- Quantity :50000 A 150000 PIECS
Advertiser from China

Category : other | 08/07/2017 13:06:13 | Committee China |  
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