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sale   fr   575087. wholesale bulk planifolia vanilla beans |  Wholesaler aromatic spices  Hier

we wholesale dried quality planifolia vanilla beans grow from madagascar .the pods dried are very dried and can be use for various vanilla project.for more information we are available on whatsapp text and call (...) ...
- Price :$250/kg
- Packaging :Standard export package
- Quantity :750kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Madagascar |  
sale   fr   575053. gourmet black bourbon vanilla beans  |  Wholesaler aromatic spices  Hier

import black bourbon vanilla beans from madagascar at the most reasonable price and fast delivery to your address specification: item name: vanilla beans length:14cm+ moisture :30%-35% vanillin: 2, 5% application:ice cream, pastry, extraction, cake recipe, dessert, baking scientific name : vanilla planifolia appearance :soft, flexible vanilla beans packaging details: waxed paper, cart (...) ...
- Price :$250/kg
- Packaging :Carton
- Quantity :500kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Madagascar |  
sale   fr   574356. clou de girofle  |  Agent aromatic spices 01/12/2022

bonjour, nous sommes une société spécialisée dans la commercialisation de clou de girofle des comores (origine anjouan). nous pouvons vous fournir les quantités souhaitées et d’une qualité irréprochable à des tarifs très compétitifs. girofles d’anjouan 8 à 12mm n’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus de détails. (...) ...
- Quantity :100
Advertiser from Gabon

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Gabon |  
sale   fr   574352. madagascar vanilla beans |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 01/12/2022

buy high quality madagascar vanilla beans as you can use for similar vanilla project or reselling purpose , good value for business can make money. specification: item name: vanilla beans length:14cm+ moisture :30%-35% vanillin: 2, 5% application:ice cream, pastry, extraction, cake recipe, dessert, baking scientific name : vanilla planifolia appearance :soft, flexible vanilla beans pac (...) ...
- Price :$250/kg
- Packaging :Vacuum packed
- Quantity :100kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Madagascar |  
sale   fr   574109. vanilla beans gousses de vanille |  Producer aromatic spices 29/11/2022

vanilla pods variety la vanilla costarricense giant vanilla of high quality a flexible vanilla of black and shiny color with a very pronounced perfume this vanilla and very rare on the market if you are interested, contact us we answer very quickly (...) ...
- Quantity :150kg
Advertiser from Colombia

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Colombia |  
sale   fr   573684. saffron algerian big quantity  |  Producer aromatic spices 26/11/2022

saffron contains some 28 volatile and aroma-yielding compounds, dominated by ketones and aldehydes.its main aroma-active compounds are safranal – the main compound responsible for saffron aroma – 4-ketoisophorone, and dihydromorphinone. saffron also contains nonvolatile phytochemicals, [36] including the carotenoids zeaxanthin, lycopene, various α- and β-carotenes, as well as crocet (...) ...
- 80000
- Quantity :2 kg
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Advertiser from Algeria

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Algeria |  
purchase   fr   573168. vietnamese black pepper and red pepper. |   aromatic spices 23/11/2022

good morning, we are the company food located in algeria, we're looking for a supplier of vietnam for black pepper and red pepper best regards. (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : aromatic spices | Algeria |  
sale   fr   571213. natural vanilla antalaha madagascar  |  Producer aromatic spices 10/11/2022

we offer more quality and the best quality of natural vanilla beans (bio) than anyone in the world at low prices. it is called "vanilla bourbon de madagascar" (planifolia which is the type of vanilla that everyone looks for. it has a strong and aromatic taste. it is the most popular aroma and taste. our vanilla pods unsplit are 14 to 18+ cm gourmet vanilla and tk vanilla at wholesale price. but (...) ...
- Packaging :By plane
- Quantity :1 to 20000kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Madagascar |  
sale   fr   569793. recherche de clients pour piment et noix de cajou |  Producer aromatic spices 31/10/2022

selling of packaged pepper chili and cashews nuts and also moringa we can sell the raw spices or transformed (...) ...
- Limit :United States
- Packaging :YES
- Quantity :1 TONNE
Advertiser from United States

Category : aromatic spices | Producer United States |  
sale   fr   568521. cloves a+ |  Agent aromatic spices 22/10/2022

ready: cloves a+ origin: tanzania packaging: pp bag 60 kg foreign matter: 0.3 % max stems: 1% max water content: 3.9 % payment terms: t/t, lc at sight, lc usance 30-60 days shipping terms: fob, cif qty: 100+ mt every months container capacity: 12-14 mt in 20 fcl 24-25 mt in 40 fcl (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Benin |  
sale   fr   568279. good quality of vanilla bean... |   aromatic spices 20/10/2022

item no. grade features good quality of vanilla bean color aa no spackle, no mould, no heavy metal, no pesticide, no hand selected black size admixture packing moisture moq sample 12cm - 23cm 1% max bulk or at your request 23% - 33% 25 tones free or available item name place of origir, rate of vanilla tanzania vanilla beans tanzania 2.1% - 2.4% moisture 23% - 33% (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : aromatic spices | France |  
sale   fr   567650. saler fruits, cacao café from ivory coast cameroo |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 16/10/2022

we export fruits, cacao and café from ivory coast and cameroon . pour clients from europe, asia ans africa . (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler France |  
purchase   fr   567031. looking for suppliers  |   aromatic spices 12/10/2022

we are uk base trading company , we are looking for reliable suppliers in export quality products such as : sesame seeds export . ginger export shea butter & oil export red chilli pepper export garlic export hibiscus flower expert all type of raw material and muny other products. feel free to get in touch , and we guarantee to shift your product forward . best regards . 1st cca. (...) ...
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : aromatic spices | United Kingdom |  
sale   fr   566378. vanilla beans |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 08/10/2022

we are certified vanilla exporter who is follow the target price of vanilla trade from madagascar we source best quality planifolia vanilla beans at large quantity per your request the pods are hand selected and greatest one store from our warehouse so you can import up to your country around the globe free feel contact us if wanna get best vanilla from uslength 17cm moisture 30% 35%vanillin (...) ...
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Madagascar |  
sale   fr   563823. vanilla beans black bourbon 123 usd/kg |  Producer aromatic spices 22/09/2022

we are a producer-exporter of vanilla based in france and madagascar. we offer the unsplit gourmet dark bourbon vanilla from 14-20cm at 123 usd/kg. us red vanilla at 115 usd/kg cut vanilla at 110 usd/kg minimum order: 700kg (...) ...
- 123 USD/kg
Advertiser from France

Category : aromatic spices | Producer France |  
purchase   fr   562968. looking for spices suppliers |  Retailer aromatic spices 17/09/2022

hello all, im based in tunis and im looking for suppliers of harissa, spices, olive oils etc at the best price. (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : aromatic spices | Retailer Tunisia |  
purchase   fr   562455. new company project looking for spices |  Manufacturer aromatic spices 14/09/2022

our new company is looking for spice suppliers that are able to provide spices such as coriander seeds, cumen seeds, paprika, pepper flakes, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, himalaya salt, skinless almonds, chia seeds, roasted sesame seeds, nigella seeds and fennel seeds. (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : aromatic spices | Manufacturer Morocco |  
sale   fr   560632. dried herbs and spices moroccan origin |  Agent aromatic spices 03/09/2022

we offer dried rosemary, thyme, lavander, sweet and bitter orange peels, coriander seeds and much more. all products delivered with documentation according international standards. (...) ...
- Price to be discussed
- Packaging :All kind of packaging available
- Quantity :600 tons of rosemary
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Morocco |  
sale   fr   559984. vanilla |  Producer aromatic spices 30/08/2022

this vanilla specification: planifolia haitian fully dried grade 1kg vacuum packaging origine indonesia regulary supply. (...) ...
- on request
- Limit :Canada ,Europe, Arabia
- Packaging :on request
- Quantity :on request
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Senegal |  
sale   fr   558837. natural vinegar |  Producer aromatic spices 22/08/2022

tunisian-french company which provides natural vinegar (apples, prickly pears, dates...) natural vinegar produced in an artisanal way. camel milk is also available. natural date syrup is also available our prices are justified by our quality (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Tunisia |  
Other  fr   555758. vente quantite importante de sel iodedu senegal  |  Agent aromatic spices 01/08/2022

recherche partenaires pour la vente en quantite importante de sel iodedu senegal bonjour; urgent ! stock de quantité importante (2000tonnes) de sel iode à des prix compétitifs. recherche de partenaires pour exporter du sel de grandes qualités à partir du sénégal (2000tonnes). partenaires vous êtes les bienvenus! (...) ...
- Limit :AUCUNE
- Packaging :SACS DE 25 KG
- Quantity :1 000 - 2 000 tonnes disponibles
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : aromatic spices | Agent United Kingdom |  
purchase   fr   554604. lavendel |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 26/07/2022

we are looking for lavender 100 kg for extraction. we are also looking for hemp 100 kg for extraction. we are also looking for roses for extraction. we're also looking for oregano. we're looking for thyme. (...) ...
- Quantity :100 Kg
Advertiser from Austria

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Austria |  
sale   fr   551960. spicy mustard |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 08/07/2022

spicy mustard 5 kg bucket -8.06 euro 3 kg foil - 4.58 euro we can deliver the goods in europe. wholesale quantities only - whole trucks. (...) ...
- 1
- Quantity :24
Advertiser from Poland

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Poland |  
sale   fr   548226. soft commodity negoce |  Agent aromatic spices 07/07/2022

we have a portfolio of agricultural products supply from west africa... tsnk ltd work closely with producers who supply a broad range of agricultural products to over 50 plus countries around the world. some of our agricultural supply services cover the following areas: sesame seed supply shea butter supply dry split ginger supply raw cashew nuts supply dry hibiscus flower supply tige (...) ...
- Packaging :Trade Process: FOB/C&F/EX WORK
- Quantity :ANY
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : aromatic spices | Agent United Kingdom |  
sale   fr   550547. pepper |  Agent aromatic spices 29/06/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 090411) we would like to offer: pepper which consist of black pepper and white pepper. botanical name: piper nigrum. typical characteristic of black pepper: 550grms/liter (min. density), 13.5% (max. moisture), 0.5% (max. admixture). white pepper: 630grms/liter (min. density), 13.5% (max. moisture), 0.5% (max. admixture). both pepper is not crushed or ground. packaging: ne (...) ...
- USD 2350/MT FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 1MT
- Packaging :PP woven bag
- Quantity :20MT
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Indonesia |  
purchase   fr   548527. iran pure saffron |   aromatic spices 20/06/2022

hello everyone, i am looking for a supplier of pure saffron who can provide me with enough. purchase by kg. i am looking for iranian saffron (the best quality), i will first ask for a sample and a certification from a laboratory - i will also do some tests afterwards to check the quality. you can contact me directly (...) ...
- 2000
- Limit :France
- Packaging :Me livrer en France - où remise en main propre
- Quantity :10 kg
Advertiser from France

Category : aromatic spices | France |  
sale   fr   548287. distributor of pure vanilla from madagascar  |   aromatic spices 18/06/2022

distributor of pure vanilla from madagascar that comes from a selection of hand-picked and carefully dried vanilla, we sell vanilla with the following characteristics: 1. vanilla beans type : length : 17cm-20cm 2. color : black vanilla beans 3. vanillin content : 1.6%-2.4% 4. humidity content :30%-35% 5. shelf life : 2 years (...) ...
Advertiser from Romania

Category : aromatic spices | Romania |  
sale   fr   547725. nutmeg |  Agent aromatic spices 15/06/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 090811) we would like to offer: nutmeg. nutmeg is a kernel from an apricot-like fruit from nutmeg tree (myristica fragran). sell in dried whole (shelled). typical characteristic: ash-4% (max), acid insoluble ash-0.6% (max), moisture-10% (max). physical characteristic of dried whole nutmeg: whole, unbroken and without stalks. fumigated. packaging: nett. 50kg in pp woven ba (...) ...
- USD 5.00/kg FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 150kg.
- Packaging :nett. 50kg PP woven bag.
- Quantity :20MT
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Indonesia |  
sale   fr   547022. acheteurs en gros |  Agent aromatic spices 13/06/2022

nous recherchons des clients intéressent dans l’achat en gros des produits alimentaire suivants: gingembre , poivre noir, piments secs et poivre blanc de penja. (...) ...
- 2 200 USD par tonn
- Quantity :20 tonnes ou plus
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Cameroon |  
purchase   fr   546891. herbs and spices |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 12/06/2022

looking for supplier for dried herbs and spices, like rosemary chammomile sage hibiscus.kindly contact for good bussines. (...) ...
Advertiser from India

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler India |  
Other  fr   542412. ylang organic produc distiller bio if partnership |  Producer aromatic spices 04/06/2022

we are a malagasy company that owns a seventy hectare ylang ylang plantation in nosy be and a distillery factory. our plantation is located in the north of the island. we have a river that provides our water needs and a maintained and replanted forest that provides our wood needs for distillation. we distil our own production of flowers from more than 13, 500 trees planted between 2010 and 20 (...) ...
- Quantity :300 kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : aromatic spices | Producer Madagascar |  
sale   fr   543014. epices d'afrique:piment ,paprika,poivres ..etc. |  Wholesaler aromatic spices 28/05/2022

hi dear how are you doing today, i currently looking for clients all over the world for our valuable and great african products such as hot peppers, paprikas , black and white peppers , gum arabic, white sesame ..etc.if your are looking for these products don't hesitate to inform us.we got tonnes and tonnes of them.thank you for looking and blessings (...) ...
Advertiser from Canada

Category : aromatic spices | Wholesaler Canada |  
sale   fr   539652. exhausted vanilla seeds |  Agent aromatic spices 08/05/2022

exhausted vanilla seeds. dried and sorted, ready for export. 99€ fob antananarivo. payment upon departure (forwarder). (...) ...
- 99€
- Quantity :500kg
Advertiser from France

Category : aromatic spices | Agent France |  
sale   fr   536218. recherche clients épices, xanthan gum cmc  |  Agent aromatic spices 17/04/2022

we offer brokerage between end users and reputed manufacturer globally and deliver through them globally , we are keen in guar gum, spice cmc lv, pac lv ( also drilling additives for mining) (...) ...
Advertiser from Germany

Category : aromatic spices | Agent Germany |  
sale   fr   532013. vanilla from madagascar  |  Retailer aromatic spices 22/03/2022

vanilla is a spice made up of the fruit of certain tropical lianescent orchids from madagascar. the vanilla we offer is beyond tk black quality before the standard of 18 to 20 centimeters, especially from sambava, which is a city in madagascar located on the north coast. -is in the sava region of the province of antsiranana where the production of our vanilla is located, a premium and gourmet (...) ...
Advertiser from South Africa

Category : aromatic spices | Retailer South Africa |  
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