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Request advice  fr   573539. partnership negotiations  |  Agent capital investment 25/11/2022

hi, i wish to be a partnership negotiations between the buyers and sellers of the products. meaning i propose the products to the buyers and if they are interested they buy and the both pay me commission for bringing them the deals after i have proposed it to them. currently am an influencer. (...) ...
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : capital investment | Agent Cameroon |  
Other  fr   564726. eco-friendly real estate in rwanda |   capital investment 27/09/2022

to whom it may concern, i represent a project of construction of eco-responsible real estate. the objective is to participate in the galloping urbanization of african cities by putting forward concrete solutions to the obstacles of the african real estate market, for example by reserving a part of the surface of a district for agriculture and by using local materials. . we are initially targ (...) ...
- Goal : 2.000.000 €
- Limit :Rwanda
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : capital investment | Belgium |  
sale   fr   562425. investment projects |  Producer capital investment 14/09/2022

dear gentlemen, we have been assigned to prospect and study investment opportunities in differtent countries in favor of our investors, we are therefore looking for investment projects in the field of infrastructure, energy, industry, mining industry, oil and gas .... if you have any project that would fit our demands, please feel free to contact us, thank you. best regards. (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : capital investment | Producer Morocco |  
Other  fr   557613. partner for construction company |  Producer capital investment 14/08/2022

franco canada tunisian construction company, experienced and working in africa, is looking for a partner. we have worked in libya, tunisia, and we are currently working in sudan and uganda. we also want to settle in tanzania and rwanda. for more information please contact me. (...) ...
Advertiser from Sudan

Category : capital investment | Producer Sudan |  
Other  fr   555780. looking for affiliates for sfi program.  |  Manufacturer capital investment 02/08/2022

we are looking for affiliates for sfi program. sfi(strong future international) is an online business based on usa. a wonderful online business that help people today to become wealthy. you are free to work from your home. you just need a smart phone to succeed on sfi . don't wait time to join it today by clicking on the link below 👇. good luck! (...) ...
- Packaging :online business
- Quantity :100000 affiliates in need
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : capital investment | Manufacturer Ivory Coast |  
Other  fr   550312. partnership - investment - development |   capital investment 28/06/2022

hello, i am a professional in asset management and project management, looking for investors, capital providers, business angels, …. strengths: diversified portfolio + very high added value +, … we have opportunities to seize to develop business of different sizes (import-export, distribution, construction work - construction, etc.) a large portfolio piloted and insured from different (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : capital investment | Morocco |  
sale   fr   541244. raw cocoa beans |  Producer capital investment 17/05/2022

greetings, we, alliance seafood company, with full corporate responsibility hereby state and confirm that, we are ready, willing and able to supply raw cocoa bean from haiti. haiti raw cocoa bean, qty, the trail order qty 40 mt or 40 feet containner, followed by the amount of 400 mt per month then 10 of 40 feet containners for 11 months contract. best regards jimmy nelson (...) ...
- 3250 USD / MT
- Quantity :400 MT
Advertiser from Canada

Category : capital investment | Producer Canada |  
Other  fr   540807. looking for a project to invest  |   capital investment 15/05/2022

if you have a profitable project and you need an investor, i am available to find you an investor. please contact me (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : capital investment | France |  
Other  fr   524899. looking for an investor and partner |   capital investment 09/02/2022

i am looking for an investor who will provide capital for a profitable project . i am a manager of a study and construction company in morocco and on my part y participate with my great experience for more information please contact me (morocco) (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : capital investment | Morocco |  
sale   fr   520970. investment /project funding |  Agent capital investment 16/01/2022

guaranteed funding is available for qualified projects! if your bank has assessed your project and qualified it for loan funding you may be eligible for guarantee support provided by a world prime bank. upon a client's and a bank's financial commitment, an investment grade guarantee delivery process will be fine-tuned between the receiving and the issuing entity. the funding bank will act as cust (...) ...
Advertiser from Congo

Category : capital investment | Agent Congo |  
Other  fr   519917. projet d implémentation process bio composite la  |  Producer capital investment 10/01/2022

am looking to search solid investor for bio composite plastic and material to engineering macromolecular about starch to hydrolysis and to synthesis about i differents innovates catalysis to production following bio composite plastic and bio gas and bio ful of omega shell international i have process according by suppliers to import from tunisia we have studies an big local for implemen (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : capital investment | Producer Tunisia |  
Other  fr   516593. projet immobilier et du btp  |  Producer capital investment 16/12/2021

bonjour cher, structure basée en côte d'ivoire. nous intervenons dans l'immobilier et la mise en relation d'affaires. pour ce fait nous recherchons des investisseurs, des entreprises et financiers constructeurs pour réaliser des projets immobiliers, btp et de développement dans le cadre de partenariats public-privés ou du partenariat privés-privés. il y a un véritable boom immobilier et (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : capital investment | Producer Ivory Coast |  
Other  fr   492093. financial services |   capital investment 10/07/2021

for all your financial assistance needs for the realization of your various projects, do not hesitate to contact us. we grant loans and we invest in lucrative projects. (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : capital investment | France |  
Other  fr   471659. business cooperation |  Committee capital investment 06/03/2021

i am looking for investment partners for collaboration to exploit projects in construction industry for agro products processing and others (...) ...
Advertiser from Guinea

Category : capital investment | Committee Guinea |  
Other  fr   464079. mining in morocco |  Producer capital investment 27/01/2021

i am looking for investor to obtain a license and start a barite and copper mine in morocco. solid customer base for the products exists. (...) ...
Advertiser from Finland

Category : capital investment | Producer Finland |  
Other  fr   460299. partner to start business in dubaï  |   capital investment 09/01/2021

i have 10y good experience in dubaï in industry, i have few good ideas to start business in the hub of the world dubaï. looking for someone to start immediately. (...) ...
Advertiser from United Arab Emirates

Category : capital investment | United Arab Emirates |  
Other  fr   459334. achat et vente des produits tropicaux |  Association capital investment 04/01/2021

j'habite à la capitale d'acajou en afrique (tchaourou). je suis chrétien et digne de confiance. faire affaires avec moi vous ouvre plusieurs portes investissement à tchaourou comme : l'exportation du teck, l'achat du soja actuellement en cours, le beurre de karité ou son noix, et la graine d'anarcade d'ici deux semaines. fb: omonyele moïse (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : capital investment | Association Benin |  
sale   fr   458146. the impossible happens immediately |  Agent capital investment 28/12/2020

italian company with limited liability of intermediation all trade, established in tunisia in monastir 5000. is an intermediation company between the european markets and tunisia. we aim to establish business relationship between enterprises. thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are the ideal interlocutor and intermediary for your reminders. we seek to provide the best answers to the need (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : capital investment | Agent Tunisia |  
Other  fr   450894. starting commercial snail farm |  Producer capital investment 16/11/2020

looking for funding or investors to start a commercial snail farm in ghana. land acquisition and regulatory documents has been done. the goal is to use snail to produce raw materials for industry. (...) ...
Advertiser from Canada

Category : capital investment | Producer Canada |  
purchase   fr   439507. agribusiness |  Agent capital investment 06/09/2020

nous sommes des techniciens malagasy dans le domaine de l'agribusiness et nous sommes à la recherche de quelqu'un ( particulier ou societé) voulant travailler avec nous en tant qu'investisseurs en capitaux. (...) ...
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : capital investment | Agent Madagascar |  
sale   fr   439032. chinese trading firm looking for partners |  Agent capital investment 03/09/2020

we are a chinese trading company looking for potential buyers from anywhere in the world, helping all our customers acquire and send their purchases to the port of destination through our logistics partners. (...) ...
Advertiser from Hong Kong

Category : capital investment | Agent Hong Kong |  
Other  fr   434190. land snail rearing investor search  |  Producer capital investment 31/07/2020

my name is thabo mpharoane from southern africa, lesotho. we are ed value consortium and are looking for an early stage(pre-seed) financier-partner (equity & debt) to join our proposed startup out-grower program infused snail farming business in lesotho. our team is exceedingly capable as it consists of our offer-taker who is also renowned farmer and experts of various core technical-disciplines (...) ...
Advertiser from Lesotho

Category : capital investment | Producer Lesotho |  
purchase   fr   423898. request for capital investors  |  Agent capital investment 01/06/2020

i need capital investors who are looking for opportunity of investment in africa. i am also looking forward to acting on behalf of various manufacturers as representative/sole mandate on behalf of manufacturers of icumsa sugar, long grain thailand rice, machinery and oil & gas companies out there. i am situated in nigeria and i can work directly with manufacturing companies out there in sourcing (...) ...
Advertiser from Nigeria

Category : capital investment | Agent Nigeria |  
Other  fr   423611. investisseur |  Committee capital investment 30/05/2020

recherche de partenaires et investisseurs dasn differents domaines projet immobilier, agro alimentaire, import export (...) ...
Advertiser from United States

Category : capital investment | Committee United States |  
Other  fr   409754. search partner or investor |  Wholesaler capital investment 15/03/2020

hi, we are an export company located in benin. we are currently looking for partners or investors in order to honor this big crush cashew purchase contract. if you are interested please contact us for more discussions. thank you (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : capital investment | Wholesaler Benin |  
Other  fr   370780. partnership required  |  Association capital investment 17/07/2019

we are a luxembrougish , uk company we are looking for a partner to invest in plant land in tunisia for export production to europe and the sale of part of the farms please only serious offer no time wasters all the equipment are in the land and the terrain are class a1 the best quality for bio products (...) ...
Advertiser from Luxembourg

Category : capital investment | Association Luxembourg |  
Other  fr   354670. search a financial partner |  Producer capital investment 02/03/2019

'i am looking for a financial partner to invest in a 60km agroland for soybeans plantation in guinea, am a maroccan residing in guinea and the climate is ideal for 2-3 times production a year.' (...) ...
Advertiser from Guinea

Category : capital investment | Producer Guinea |  
Other  fr   352920. searching financial partner |  Producer capital investment 23/02/2019

'i am looking for a financial partner to invest in a 60km agroland for soybeans plantation in guinea, am a maroccan residing in guinea and the climate is ideal for 3 times production a year.' (...) ...
Advertiser from Guinea

Category : capital investment | Producer Guinea |  
Other  fr   353627. search a financial partner - soybeans plantation |  Producer capital investment 22/02/2019

'i am looking for a financial partner to invest in a 60km agroland for soybeans plantation in guinea, am a maroccan residing in guinea and the climate is ideal for 2-3 times production a year.' (...) ...
Advertiser from Guinea

Category : capital investment | Producer Guinea |  
Other  fr   343728. recherche partenaire financiers  |  Association capital investment 01/12/2018

j 'ai des associations de productrices d'attiéke en cote d'ivoire je cherche des acheteurs financières ou financiers pour un marché mondial qui va me permettre à améliorer des ventes potentiel et le développement dans mon secteur d'activité d'attiéke pour l'appuis des femmes et de sortir dans la pauvreté . (...) ...
- 1000cfa par la tonne
- Limit :d'exportation date limite de vente
- Packaging :conditionnement et expédition
- Quantity : produits alimentaire attiéké manioc
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : capital investment | Association Ivory Coast |  
Other  fr   343216. 50 hectares of land to exploit in burkina faso |  Association capital investment 27/11/2018

we are owners of 50 hectares of land in burkia faso. we are looking for partners to exploit them. your proposals are welcome. (...) ...
Advertiser from Burkina

Category : capital investment | Association Burkina |  
sale   fr   337695. busniess partner |  Manufacturer capital investment 12/10/2018

looking for a busniess partner from usa to invest in morocco in bio oils product existing only in morocco .. (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : capital investment | Manufacturer Morocco |  
Other  fr   332239. investor/technical partner wanted |   capital investment 27/08/2018

looking for investor partners (financial and technical) that are already operating and wish to expand their business to nigeria for setting up automobile/vehicle/trucks manufacturing factories/ assembly plants in nigeria and building of real estate (both low cost mass housing and high end exclusive properties) etc. we are available to facilitate and act as country representatives for genuine inves (...) ...
Advertiser from Nigeria

Category : capital investment | Nigeria |  
Other  fr   327630. lookinf for buyers of coltan coltan ta205 |   capital investment 17/07/2018

i would like to unite buyers and sellers in the agro bunisess. i have a lot of contacts and can make it happen. i am a great prospector with many contacts. (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : capital investment | France |  
Other  fr   300264. cooperation  |  Retailer capital investment 17/12/2017

we are looking to cooperate with international companies through our locale qatarian company in food products and medical products, including with constraction company with deferent fild and functions (...) ...
Advertiser from Qatar

Category : capital investment | Retailer Qatar |  
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