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purchase   fr   600571. gold bars needed in kenya  |  Retailer industry operating  Hier

hello, we need a gold bars supplier in kenya. the buyer has a private jet ready for the shipment at any time. no upfront payment, the seller will take care of local fees and government taxes. buyer will take care of shipment with the private jet. freetown sierra-leone (...) ...
Advertiser from Sierra Leone

Category : industry operating | Retailer Sierra Leone |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   598050. we deliver organic cotton |   industry operating 22/05/2023

we are an international trading company based in germany. if you are an industry and need unworked organic cotton as raw material? we have the solution to your problem. we work in partnership with farmers and cotton suppliers. our cotton is of very good quality and certified at grade a. contact us. thanks. (...) ...
Advertiser from Germany

Category : industry operating | Germany |  
sale   fr   590546. precious stones supplier |  Wholesaler industry operating 28/03/2023

quality supplier of precious stones such as gold, diamond and mercury (...) ...
Advertiser from Congo RDC

Category : industry operating | Wholesaler Congo RDC |  
purchase   fr   586220. wanted minerals |   industry operating 26/02/2023

we are interested in lead ore over 60% zinc ore 52% copper ore 50% up supky from mine owbers or already exporter with test report (...) ...
- No
- Limit :payment LC at sught
- Packaging :Bulk
- Quantity :5000 M.Tons
Advertiser from Pakistan

Category : industry operating | Pakistan |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   575570. plastic granules for sale |  Wholesaler industry operating 10/12/2022

we can offer for sale, regular thermoplastics from new and recycled granules like hdpe, pp, pvc and ps granules in prime and recompounds. all from the eu (...) ...
- Packaging :OCTABINS and BIGBAGS
- Quantity :50
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : industry operating | Wholesaler United Kingdom |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   571945. station de dessalement 100l/h - 300l/h - 500l/h |   industry operating 15/11/2022

station de dessalement raw water booster pump /flush pump cnp” chl2-20 / 0.37kw sw15-150s ss316 high pressure pump sw15-150s ss316 ro membrane dow” sw30-4040 aromatic polyamide 99.75% ro membrane housing shell frp4040 1000 psi electric motor y100l1-4h/ac380v/50hz/2.2kw electric cabinet sw2a water tank sw2a pe pp sediment filter ?200×500 ss316 pressure gauge yn60 shock resistance, stainless (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : industry operating | Morocco |  
sale   fr   570366. sulphur granules |  Agent industry operating 04/11/2022

we are suppliers of sulphur granules, contact me on whatsapp or email for more details. paiement: lc ou sblc (...) ...
- Quantity :5000 min
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : industry operating | Agent Ivory Coast |  
purchase   fr   568601. copper wire rod |   industry operating 22/10/2022

product:continous cast copper rod for wires and cables manufacturing , purity 99.99% specification :-astm b49 (uns c11040) diameter :- 12, 5mm size :-8m and 12.5 packaging in coils : wooden pallet 1500x1500mm and hdpe cover. internal dia :-950 mm outer dia :-1500mm coil weight :- standard 3mtup to 5mt quantity :1000 ton per month port of destination: mundra port, india quantity : 100 (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : industry operating | Ivory Coast |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   556602. partner wanted for pyrolysis project  |  Producer industry operating 08/08/2022

i'm resident in nigeria and i need to make pyrolysis project to recycling waste plastic and tyer to produce bio diesel and fuel and other products, my budget cannot cover profitable business plan, and thos project must be equipped well to get big profits, this why i posted today to get partner from any country we can manage and finance together, the project can cover very fast the funds we inv (...) ...
Advertiser from Burkina

Category : industry operating | Producer Burkina |  
sale   fr   553187. we sell aluminum |  Agent industry operating 16/07/2022

we have large amount of aluminum (96-98% bauxite). we supply to any country in the world. excellent quality. daniel bermudes (...) ...
- $2,450.00
- Limit :for the whole world
- Packaging :Tons
- Quantity :100000000
Advertiser from brazil

Category : industry operating | Agent brazil |  
sale   fr   553031. virgin pulp paper |  Agent industry operating 15/07/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 470100) we would like to offer: virgin pulp paper. country of origin: indonesia. manufactured from modern pulp paper factory which have their own industrial plantation. mechanical pulp. kindly contact for further details. thank you. (...) ...
- USD 375.00/MT FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 10MT
- Packaging :bale
- Quantity :100MT
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : industry operating | Agent Indonesia |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   547746. flanges - valves- fittings- nipples |  Producer industry operating 15/06/2022

we have available in italy, european production stock of 40 tons of flanges weldnecks, blinds, slip-on, threadeds etc... pn 16, pn 25, pn 40/size 1/2" up to 18"/total pcs 7800 pcs we have too valves and sanitary taps 142, 000 pex fittings/14, 100 pcs weld seamless fittings /372, 300 malleable iron galvanised fittings/ 27, 000 galvanized pipe nipple/19, 600 black steel sockets/ 29, 900 p (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : industry operating | Producer France |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   542151. activated carbon |  Producer industry operating 23/05/2022

activated carbon is used to purify unresolved organic and non-organic pollutants such as color, taste, odor remover in the water. carbon minerals, whose surface area is increased about 100 times by the activation process, absorb organic substances and filter them. carbon minerals with very low density have two varieties. granular activated carbon (gac) powdered activated carbon (pac) (...) ...
- Packaging :CIF & FOB
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : industry operating | Producer Turkey |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   537519. fmcg products |  Producer industry operating 25/04/2022

we can supply fmcg products from turkey, please send inquiry for proforma, we can provide fmcg products and all the brands for food and drinks (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : industry operating | Producer Algeria |  
sale   fr   536318. bouteille de vin vide en verre  |  Producer industry operating 18/04/2022

je suis un entrepreneur dans le domaine du recyclage des bouteilles de vin en verre déjà utiliser. j'ai des millions de bouteille de vin vide en verre, les bouteille comme , muscador, le château de saint céline, barron romero...ect. nous recherchons des preneurs à qui nous allons livrer ces bouteilles non cassé, non broyé. merci. (...) suite - (...) ...
- 100 FCFA
- Limit :international
- Packaging :Selon l'exigence de l'acheteur
- Quantity :100000 de bouteille par semaine
Advertiser from Benin

Category : industry operating | Producer Benin |  
Other  fr   531931. recherche de partenaire pour transformer du sel |  Producer industry operating 22/03/2022

i am a senegalese and my company that sells sea salt for more détails wave svp je suis à la recherche d'un partenaire pour transformer et écouler du sel marin depuis le sénégal on pourra exporter jusqu'à 5000 tonnes par moi (...) ...
- 50€ le tonne
- Quantity :50000 tonnes disponible
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : industry operating | Producer Senegal |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   518169. industrial flanges |  Producer industry operating 29/12/2021

all new volume 2 containers 40 feet price exw italy 69 000 € we have available in italy, european production stock of 40 tons of flanges weldnecks, blinds, slip-on, threadeds etc... pn 16, pn 25, pn 40/size 1/2" up to 18"/total pcs 7800 pcs (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : industry operating | Producer France |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   515240. seeking for potential investors |  Wholesaler industry operating 08/12/2021

we are 100% cameroonian owned corporation seeking for potential investor whose interest is to do logging & sawmill manufacturing factory business in cameroon , we have secured a community forest for said venture. cameroon as from 2023 will stop the exportation of logs and all wood will be transform locally , its of advantage to invest now and we have everything ready .... (...) ...
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : industry operating | Wholesaler Cameroon |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   511937. denatured alcohol (hand sanitizer) |  Agent industry operating 03/12/2021

we propose hand sanitizer (denatured alcohol 80%) recommended by oms. bottle of 200 ml & 375ml, boxes in 40 and 36 pieces unbeatable prices ! (...) ...
- Quantity :10 palettes
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : industry operating | Agent Morocco |  
purchase   fr   510874. charcoal |  Producer industry operating 10/11/2021

i am based in sierra leone but now am in a visit to abidjan for searching for coconut charcoal shell (...) ...
Advertiser from Sierra Leone

Category : industry operating | Producer Sierra Leone |  
purchase   fr   500620. bentonite |  Manufacturer industry operating 06/09/2021

i’m looking for bentonite here in morocco. i’m based closed to tetouan. i hope somebody can help me. i would like to hear from you. thanks (...) ...
Advertiser from Netherlands

Category : industry operating | Manufacturer Netherlands |  
Other  fr   498163. partnership  |  Retailer industry operating 21/08/2021

i am working on a project to set up a soap factory in the drc, the market is really open and large, given the implementation of the marketing tactics adopted during our study of walking, i am too reassured of the success of the project, for all details contact us (...) ...
Advertiser from Congo

Category : industry operating | Retailer Congo |  
sale   fr   486071. wholesale supply frames for beehives |  Manufacturer industry operating 28/05/2021

i want to introduce to you our company . we are an ukrainian-german company , which specializes in the production and sale of components for beekeeping like frames for beehives. we have been on the market for 5 years. we produce about 200 thousand frames per month. we successfully export our products to such countries as germany, holland, belgium, lithuania, latvia, austria, switzerland, (...) ...
Advertiser from Ukraine

Category : industry operating | Manufacturer Ukraine |  
sale   fr   472310. snail slime  |  Committee industry operating 10/03/2021

we are currently in competition with other farming industries around the us. we are leading producers of snails products in california. we materialise and transform snails into much more different products, such as snail slime, home decoration with snail, medicine, snail oil and much more other. we do import and export as well. message us with any interest, as we are also looking forward t (...) ...
Advertiser from United States

Category : industry operating | Committee United States |  
Other  fr   471802. looking for managanese buyer. |   industry operating 07/03/2021

good day overthere, i m looking for managanese buyer. i m originally from drc but working in windhoek namibia if someone is interested please let me know (...) ...
Advertiser from Namibia

Category : industry operating | Namibia |  
Other  fr   461746. production of all types of vinegar  |  Producer industry operating 16/01/2021

we are looking for a partner in the production of edible and non edible vinegar in nigeria. our company is in nigeria trying to set up food processing company (...) ...
Advertiser from Nigeria

Category : industry operating | Producer Nigeria |  
sale   fr   447150. petersime  |  Retailer industry operating 24/10/2020

hello. i am interested to buy second-hand petersime egs maschine. i want build a station în românia. i can come to dismastling if is good price. thanks and best regards nicu. (...) ...
Advertiser from Romania

Category : industry operating | Retailer Romania |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   444749. engineering consulting edible oils industry |   industry operating 09/10/2020

i am a moroccan industrial process and chemical engineer, with more than 24 years of experience in edible oil industry (crushing, extraction, refining, fractionation, interesterification, hydrogenation, distillation, and soap making). i work as consulting and engineering . i can assist in purchasing new and used plant , and also in building and commissioning.also in engineering . i overs (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : industry operating | Morocco |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   444049. vente ppr |  Producer industry operating 05/10/2020

where you can find the testing table in page.5 of the catalogue that is created upon real testing between operating liquid temperature and pressure . the quality of the products is certified by testing institutes, which are internationally certified. some of this institutes are as follows: iso 9001, iso 14001, dvgw, skz, gost-r , gost-ukr. and we are sure that our produ (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : industry operating | Producer Algeria |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   439537. rubber ,caoutchouc,elastic, foam rubber, |  Agent industry operating 07/09/2020

large tree native to guyana, cultivated for its latex.we are looking for factories, wholeseller, business owners all over the world . contract, spot we can supply them on fob price a very competitive price in market. capacity to supply 2000 mt monthly. for more details kindly contacte us by email (...) ...
- $650MT
- Quantity :2000 MT
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Ghana

Category : industry operating | Agent Ghana |  
sale   fr   434986. good quality palm kernel available |  Producer industry operating 06/08/2020

we are producer of good quality palm kernel and palm kernel shell (for industry boiler feed). we are looking for customers for sales contracts. (...) ...
- For price, contact us
- Quantity :Minimum quantity: 20 Tons
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : industry operating | Producer Ivory Coast |  
purchase   fr   425026. paper cup machinery line  |   industry operating 06/06/2020

hi , i am looking for paper cup machinery line , 2 machine forming cup 6.5 oz and 1 machine forming cup 4 oz . and i want 1 printing and cutt machine . i hope if u are interssting to my order contact me as soon possible thanks (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : industry operating | Tunisia |  
sale   fr   413546. high quality tyre recycling to oil plant |  Wholesaler industry operating 09/04/2020

tyre recycling to oil plant can turn tires to fuel oil with latest pyrolysis technology. pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials in the absence of oxygen. in the case of the pyrolysis of rubber tyres, the rubber degrades under high temperatures and long-chain hydrocarbons in rubber are broken down into compounds with shorter carbon chains in the reactor, yielding oil, gas and carbon (...) ...
Advertiser from Germany

Category : industry operating | Wholesaler Germany |  
sale   fr   407248. cashew nuts from benin |  Wholesaler industry operating 02/03/2020

sell raw raw cashew nuts from africa on the world market. we are supplier of raw cashew nuts from africa our company offers freshly harvested cashew nuts. (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : industry operating | Wholesaler France |  
Other  fr   391939. cherche partenaire ( patchoul bio) |  Producer industry operating 11/12/2019

je cherche partenaire financier pour démarrage d'un projet de production et commercialisation d'huile essentielle bio de patchouli. la culture de la plante aromatique patchouli se fera sur 6000 ha ici au madagascar (...) ...
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : industry operating | Producer Madagascar |  
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