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Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   576736. a 3500mt oil tanker vessel is currently availabl |   maritime equipment 29/12/2022

a 3500mt oil tanker vessel is currently available for sale hull: double built: china 2012 dearth weight: 3500 flag: indonesia loa:88.28m beam: 15m (...) ...
- 4 000 000 $
Advertiser from Benin

Category : maritime equipment | Benin |  
sale   fr   569572. shipping containers for sale |  Retailer maritime equipment 29/10/2022

looking to buy shipping containers for your project we have containers available for sale at affordable prices dm or contact us on email (...) ...
Advertiser from United States

Category : maritime equipment | Retailer United States |  
sale   fr   544679. plastic ropes |  Agent maritime equipment 03/06/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 391690) we would like to offer: plastics rope. material: pe (polyethylene) or polypropylene (pp). diameter (inch): 3/16, 6/16, 8/16, 10/16, 12/16, 1, etc.. form: coils. lay: regular. construction: 3 strands. average length of each coil: 30 metre. color: blue, yellow, red, etc.. packing: carton box or loose packing. product of indonesia. for any interested parties, p (...) ...
- USD 1650/MT FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 1MT
- Packaging :sea cargo.
- Quantity :20MT
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : maritime equipment | Agent Indonesia |  
purchase   fr   537635. we buy ships for scrap at the highest rate |  Agent maritime equipment 25/04/2022

we buy ships for scrap at the highest rate in the world for the demolition market. on behalf of our cash buyers and ship breaking yards, engaged in buying vessels for recycling business, we buy ships for scrap at the highest rate in the world for the demolition market. if you have, or if someday you´ll have ships under these circumstances, please feel free to contact us. (...) ...
Advertiser from Portugal

Category : maritime equipment | Agent Portugal |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   491830. shipowners with shrimp trawlers |  Committee maritime equipment 08/07/2021

hello based in the usa, we are looking for shipowners with shrimp trawlers for deep sea fishing. we are available for all kinds of partnerships. please follow up on this announcement (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : maritime equipment | Committee Benin |  
purchase   fr   474581. line for packing in pure-pack |  Manufacturer maritime equipment 22/03/2021

the new line from our warehouse is designed for filling and hermetic packaging of liquid, viscous and pasty products with a volume of 200 ml to 1 liter in pure pack cartons, type b, dose 250-1500 ml. assortment of products packaged in cardboard packages: milk, cream, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, yoghurts with pieces of fruit, juices, wine. camozzi, omron, smc accessories. (...) ...
Advertiser from Russia

Category : maritime equipment | Manufacturer Russia |  
purchase   fr   460011. we want to buy a cargo ship |  Producer maritime equipment 08/01/2021

we want to buy cargo ship to transport both caws and corn silage , we are a frensh compagny we export theese product from france to tunisia , algeria and morocco (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : maritime equipment | Producer Tunisia |  
purchase   fr   427002. need containers |  Wholesaler maritime equipment 16/06/2020

i'm working in the export field and i sure can use some advice about the business. thank you very much and god bless the world. (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : maritime equipment | Wholesaler Algeria |  
sale   fr   419178. fishing boats |  Manufacturer maritime equipment 08/05/2020

we are a fishing boat trading company in spain. we sell and buy fishing boats : trawlers, sardine boats, purse seiners, traditional boats, built in fiberglass , aluminium and wood (...) ...
Advertiser from Spain

Category : maritime equipment | Manufacturer Spain |  
Other  fr   395805. fishing license  |   maritime equipment 07/01/2020

we selling fishing license in mauritania (...) ...
Advertiser from Mauritania

Category : maritime equipment | Mauritania |  
sale   fr   367143. conteneur maritime 20' et 40' d'occasion étanche  |  Wholesaler maritime equipment 10/06/2019

on vous propose une large gamme, destinée à diverses utilisations. *** conteneur maritime 20' et 40' d'occasion étanche *** conteneurs 20" occasion 1180€ l’unité départ dépôt conteneurs 20" dernier voyage (état neuf) 1900€ l’unité départ dépôt conteneurs 40" occasion 1550€ l’unité départ dépôt conteneur 40" dernier voyage (état neuf) 2900€ l’unité départ dépôt garanti étanche avec certifica (...) ...
Advertiser from Sweden

Category : maritime equipment | Wholesaler Sweden |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   300319. narval breakwater technology  |  Wholesaler maritime equipment 27/12/2017

the technology was designed to dissipate the energy of waves that erode the shore. by reducing the energy of the waves, the breakwater protects the water bodies from the agitation and erosion of the shores likely to result from it by creating quieter zones suitable for maritime and nautical structures. the breakwater is made up of 5 strong pipes 7.3 meters long in hdpe (high density polyeth (...) ...
- Au mètre linéaire
- Limit :Aucune limite
- Packaging : Condition et expédtion mondial
- Quantity :Selon l'empleur du problème
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : maritime equipment | Wholesaler Canada |  
Other  fr   300362. octopus fishing licenses in mauritania |  Producer maritime equipment 18/12/2017

we have many octopus fishing licenses and pelagic fishing licenses to sell in mauritania possibility to associate please contact me on my mail directly for more details i only answer to serious people thank you (...) ...
- Quantity :6200 tons
Advertiser from Mauritania

Category : maritime equipment | Producer Mauritania |  
sale   fr   294545. fishing net, aquaculture cages, ropes supplier |  Producer maritime equipment 31/10/2017

one of the largest manufacturer of fishing net, aquaculture cage nets and rope and supply to 75 + countries (...) ...
Advertiser from India

Category : maritime equipment | Producer India |  
Other  fr   282848. pelagic fishing licence |  Producer maritime equipment 12/07/2017

we look for pelagic fishing vessels to work in mauritanian waters and be our partners. we provide, long work contract for the vessels with all guarantees and local support. (...) ...
- Quantity :40000 tons per year
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Mauritania

Category : maritime equipment | Producer Mauritania |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   232899. navires et equipments maritimes |  Agent maritime equipment 29/03/2016

marine international sells any type of vessel and marines equipments worldwide we sell fishing vessels tanker general cargo tugboats roro/lct barge etc.. marine international senegal vends tout type de navires et equipements maritimes y compris navires de peches petroliers cargo roro ferry remorqueur (...) ...
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : maritime equipment | Agent Senegal |  
Other  fr   206392. investing in cameroon |  Agent maritime equipment 28/07/2015

we are a maritime company operating in cameroon. we need partner from any part of the world who are interested to invest in the maritime sector in cameroon. including maritime transport and logistics (...) ...
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : maritime equipment | Agent Cameroon |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   205445. licences peches |  Wholesaler maritime equipment 18/07/2015

looking for a potential partner interested in fishing in mauritania and has pelagic fishing boats available pelagic fishing licenses and / or potential buyers of fish of any type for any destination. we have a wide experience in the field. please contact us if you are interested. (...) ...
Advertiser from Mauritania

Category : maritime equipment | Wholesaler Mauritania |  
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