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sale   fr   600530. 100% pure natural coconut shell charcoal for sale |  Manufacturer renewable energy  Hier

production from natural, friendly with environment, smokeless, odorless, no poison gas and non-chemicals. <<< specification of coconut shell charcoal >>> commodity : coconut shell charcoal components: 90% coconut shell coal, 3% adhesive, humidity: 7% max. calorific: 6.500 kcal. cylindrical: 45mm x 45mm burn time: 2-5 hours material : 100%natural coconut charcoal carbon content (...) ...
Advertiser from Tanzania

Category : renewable energy | Manufacturer Tanzania |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   416898. i am looking for partners for waste recycling |  Producer renewable energy 28/03/2023

i am a technician with more than 40 years of experience in waste recycling, in particular post-consumer plastic, other technological waste, hospital waste combustion, i am interested in meeting a partner, to build a collection and recycling system, in africa. the partners must have the financial part, i own part of the machinery and all the technology. (...) ...
Advertiser from Switzerland

Category : renewable energy | Producer Italy |  
sale   fr   584003. cold washed pet flakes buyer |  Producer renewable energy 10/02/2023

je cherche des clients pour exporter du pet broyé lavé à froid de préférence en grèce italy france on produit 1800 ton par mois (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : renewable energy | Producer Algeria |  
sale   fr   577723. woods pellets  |  Producer renewable energy 29/12/2022

you are preparing the winter period 2023/2024 for your supply in wood pellets ( enplus a1 ) fsc with a serious and perennial partner , mastered production capacity send us a bill - cis client information sheet - pof -your demand in mt / big bag / bags of 15kgs per month , contract on 2/3 years - - provenance canada / exclusivity -payment sblc - lc -tt , important no intermediaries between the b (...) ...
- Limit :Europe - UK
- Packaging :Big Bag - bags15kg -
- Quantity :5000 MT/ Month
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | Producer France |  
purchase   fr   573629. ream/paper a 4 80 g |  Wholesaler renewable energy 25/11/2022

we are looking for suppliers in europe or turkish of a4 paper : brands: navigator , double a, fabriano... cif: port casablanca (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Morocco |  
purchase   fr   559925. solar panels |   renewable energy 29/08/2022

i'm looking for used solar panels all over europe the panels must be at least 225w and in a good condition all panels should be tested (...) ...
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : renewable energy | Belgium |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   556795. biomass tablets |  Wholesaler renewable energy 09/08/2022

hello we are a supplier of biomass pellets from vietnam with large quantity, excellent quality and competitive price with certifications on request from customers. i am very pleased to serve and cooperate with you, let me know your requirements and we will do our best, it is a pleasure to cooperate. thank you. (...) ...
Advertiser from Vietnam

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Vietnam |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   554011. reprentatives renewable energy in africa |  Producer renewable energy 21/07/2022

an english company active in the field of solar and photovoltaic energy is looking for local representatives to develop our business network in africa. target countries: tunisia, algeria, morocco, west africa, egypt, libya .... your role will be to explore local markets and create local customers. interesting remuneration proportional to the new contracts obtained. our technical and practical (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | Producer France |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   533167. waste recycling or to burn medical and hospital |  Producer renewable energy 09/07/2022

recycling waste burn hospital waste. i am a technician with decades of experience in building plants to collect and recycle waste, to transform it into new raw materials or to burn medical and hospital waste. one of our technicians comes to your home to direct the work and put the plants into production. the materials will be purchased by you, we only ask for the cost of the technician and our k (...) ...
- Limit :AFRICA
Advertiser from Switzerland

Category : renewable energy | Producer Italy |  
sale   fr   549154. europe wood pellets din plus  |  Producer renewable energy 02/07/2022

1, low moisture , ash and sulfur 2, 100% made by pine saw dust with high heating value 3, long burning time, high energy content 4, minimum carbon dioxide, ensure fresh environment. 5, after burned, ash can be used as fertilizer, not harmful to environment. specifications application: heating system density: 1100kcal/kg diameter: 6mm/8mm shape: stick length: 10mm – 35mm calor (...) ...
- €95 / TON
- Packaging :15 Kg Bags
- Quantity :5000 Tons
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Netherlands

Category : renewable energy | Producer Netherlands |  
sale   fr   550133. bio-mass fuel |  Agent renewable energy 27/06/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 440130) we would like to offer: bio-mass fuel. our bio-mass fuel is from palm kernel shell. palm kernel shell is by-product of palm plantation. indonesia origin. few typical properties of our palm kernel shell (as dry basis): -gross calorific value (min.): 3100 (kcal/kg); -total moisture: < 2%; -ash content: <5%, sulphur:< 0.5%, etc.. packaging: bulk. for any interested par (...) ...
- Limit :MOQ: 20MT
- Packaging :bulk or used jumbo bag.
- Quantity :1000MT
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : renewable energy | Agent Indonesia |  
purchase   fr   545301. pvc and peld waste |   renewable energy 06/06/2022

hello we are a recycling company based in a free zone in morocco.we need to import pvc and peld waste for big quantities sincerly yours (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : renewable energy | Morocco |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   544373. searching solar pannels for my client in nigeria  |  Producer renewable energy 02/06/2022

1. 150w/12v mono solar panels- 100pcs 2. 180w/12v mono solar panels- 100pcs 3. 200w/12v mono solar panel- 100pcs 4. 200w/24v mono solar panel- 100pcs 5. 300w/24v mono solar panels- 100pcs 6. 350w/24v mono solar panel-100pcs 7. 400w/24v mono solar panel-100pcs 8.250w mono pv solar panels - 100pcs (...) ...
- Quantity :100 pcs /each type
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : renewable energy | Producer Morocco |  
purchase   fr   541896. copy paper 80gr/m2 |  Agent renewable energy 21/05/2022

we need 1 20ft container a4 copy white paper 80gr/m2. this is just for trial, we are looking for a partner to work long time. package 500 paper per pack. could you please provide your price for cif mersin/turkey and payment terms? regards (...) ...
- Quantity :1 20 ft container
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : renewable energy | Agent Turkey |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   539669. wood pellets supplier looking for collaboration |  Wholesaler renewable energy 08/05/2022

we are a wood pellet supplier based in morocco, we can supply either dinplus certified wood pellets for home use, or for industrial use. we can offer customized packaging and competitive price for long term collaboration. we are open to any proposition of collaboration. (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Morocco |  
purchase   fr   538943. kraft liner roll  |  Wholesaler renewable energy 03/05/2022

i am looking for suplier of kraft liner rolls to buy minimum of 20 contener per months je cherche un fournisseur de krqaft liner roll pour un achat regulier de 20 conteneurs par mois (...) ...
Advertiser from United Arab Emirates

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler United Arab Emirates |  
sale   fr   538840. coconut shell charcoal for sale cote d'ivoire |  Agent renewable energy 03/05/2022

quality coconut shell charcoal available in large quantities for sale at cote d ivoire by bridge carbon sarl (...) ...
Advertiser from Ghana

Category : renewable energy | Agent Ghana |  
purchase   fr   535883. panneaux solaires/ solar panels |  Wholesaler renewable energy 14/04/2022

pv eu - information for rfo (request for offer) planned capacity 3.0 mwp / 2.5 mw location eu area 4.18 ha technical specifications panels 540 wp or 600 wp - monofacial, monocrystal. panels * alternatively bifacial panels ** manufacturer ideally from bnef tier 1 list inverters 215 kva or 250 kva * manufacturers ideally sma, vacon , fronius, xantrex, eaton, abb, huawei or similar t (...) ...
Advertiser from Spain

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Spain |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   243784. solar container |  Producer renewable energy 17/01/2022

our company has developed the first patented mobile solar plant: specially designed for the off grid areas, it is designed to supply electricity to villages, humanitarian or military operations, agricultural irrigation or mining activities, in a permanent or mobile configuration! highlights: - capacity from 5 to 52 kwp (up to 75.000 kwh / year) - independent off-grid solution with storage (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | Producer France |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   518135. let's buy recovery materials off telecomunication |  Wholesaler renewable energy 29/12/2021

hello we are here for the research of raw material directly related to the recovery of electronic materials related to the telecomunication. we buy all recovery materials after dismission, or after maintenances. contact us only seriously and interested. minimum quantity is one trailer truck. thank you (...) ...
- Quantity :Tractor trailer
-To see the brand, you need to be a member
Advertiser from Italy

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Italy |  
Request advice  fr   515298. production de biogas |  Producer renewable energy 08/12/2021

biogas is a mixture of gases, primarily consisting of methane and carbon dioxide, produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste. it is a renewable energy source biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion with anaerobic organisms or methanogen inside an anaerobic digester, biodigester or a bioreactor (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : renewable energy | Producer Tunisia |  
Other  fr   515128. rubber crumbs |  Producer renewable energy 07/12/2021

hi we are a company specializing in the recycling of used tires. i sell rubber granules 0, 5mm-2, 5mm/ 3mm-4mm/ crumbs (less than 0, 5mm) (...) ...
- Quantity :100
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : renewable energy | Producer Algeria |  
sale   fr   507740. recherche importateur pour eolinne  |   renewable energy 22/10/2021

nous sommes une companie en turquie qui fabrique des eolinnes soit offgrid ou ongrid. je suis a la recherche de representent ou importateur ou distributeur par pays.. capacitee de 50 kw a 1mw. 2mw, 4mw. ci interesser contactez moi.soit par tellephone (...) ...
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : renewable energy | Turkey |  
sale   fr   507690. crushed olive pits/olive stones/olive pits |  Manufacturer renewable energy 21/10/2021

manufacturer of clean and dry olive pits with low humidity (between 10-11%) and an ash lower than 1%. the olive stones/olive pits is a product without additives and 100% ecological. (...) ...
Advertiser from Spain

Category : renewable energy | Manufacturer Spain |  
purchase   fr   504812. biomasse, pellet, biomasse olive kernel , pine pe |  Wholesaler renewable energy 04/10/2021

wood biomasse, olive kernels, pine pellet etc, all types of biomasse, packing in polybags and big bags (...) ...
Advertiser from Italy

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Italy |  
purchase   fr   477412. panneaux solaires |  Wholesaler renewable energy 07/04/2021

je recherche des panneaux solaires. peu importe combien la quantité compte, c'est le prix. je peux acheter dix conteneurs de panneaux. (...) ...
Advertiser from Guyana

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Guyana |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   476563. hard coking coal |   renewable energy 02/04/2021

product : coking coal specifications: csr:71 (70 min) volatile matter (ad): 20% (21.5% max) max fluidity: 180 ddpm total moisture (ar): 10% ash (ad): 10% sulphur (ad): 0.55% (0.8% max) phosphorus (ad): 0.05% (1 1% max) vitrinite: 65% csn:9 the minimum cargo size we can take is 25, 000 t-80, 000 t quantity: 80, 0000mt per month. (...) ...
- Quantity :25000 MT
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : renewable energy | Belgium |  
purchase   fr   464612. pneus  |  Wholesaler renewable energy 30/01/2021

looking for suppliers / partners for the sale of tires all over the world the company currently deals with resale in italy with contacts in central america i am looking for a reliable supplier, with the possibility of evaluating a company together (...) ...
Advertiser from Italy

Category : renewable energy | Wholesaler Italy |  
sale   fr   450660. vente pet broyé et broyé lavé  |  Manufacturer renewable energy 15/11/2020

dear sir, hope all is fine ; let me first introduce you our company : is a tunisian company established since 2001, with a leader position in the field of plastic recycling. we have our own hot and cold washing unit for pet , which is our core business. we also produce, for export markets, unwashed crushed pet through our own production line. we have high quality pet which is requested by (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : renewable energy | Manufacturer Tunisia |  
Client EspaceAgro
Other  fr   416414. partenariat serre multichapelle/photovoltaique  |  Agent renewable energy 25/04/2020

mesdames, messieurs je cherche un partenariat afin de réaliser des serres multichapelle en exploitant l'energie solaire en échange ( photovoltaïques ) 30 ans dans le sud tunisien afin de participer à la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique qui est entrain de faire des désastres dans la nature( sécheresse, coupure intempestive d'énergie jusqu'hôpitaux ) que dans l'alimentation devenue intro (...) ...
- 400 €/Hectare
- Limit :Sud Tunisien
- Quantity :2 000 hectares
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | Agent France |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   383845. solar batteries  |  Producer renewable energy 26/10/2019

solar batteries are suitable for daily cycling and slow charging by solar panels. their service life is considerably increased if the daily discharge depth remains between 15% and 25% of the total capacity. our company distributes different types of batteries for the energy storage in isolated site: open lead batteries with flat or tubular plates, agm and gel waterproof batteries ... for any (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | Producer France |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   383842. solar panels all brands |  Producer renewable energy 26/10/2019

do you professional or particular? our team has selected a wide range of guaranteed solar panels and manufactured in europe from several european brands. these are pv modules: monocrystalline, pollycrystalline, flexible and back-contact ranging from 10wc to 360wc. we have the opportunity to deliver worldwide. for any collaboration, contact us. best regards. (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : renewable energy | Producer France |  
Other  fr   382665. énergies renouvelables,technologie et innovation |  Agent renewable energy 19/10/2019

nouvelle entreprise de représentation et d'intermediation commerciale crée au togo ( pays en voie de développement où le marché est encore très vaste). nous voulons des partenaires dans le secteur de la technologie, les énergies renouvelables et l'innovation. notre particularité est la disponibilité, la flexibilité et l'honnêteté que nous offrons dans la collaboration. (...) ...
Advertiser from Togo

Category : renewable energy | Agent Togo |  
Other  fr   370304. installation photovoltaïque  |  Producer renewable energy 12/07/2019

hello gentelmen , i'am a business man, i have a work proposition to offer you , i do live in area which daylight may up to 3500 hours per year in algerian sahara , which a pretty good for invessting in solar energy , specially when i'am almost to get 20 years contract with the algerian governement sonalgaz ( ministry of energy ) for generous price for 1 kwh may up (15.6-17.2)da/kwh , it's a (...) ...
- Quantity :1-5 MW
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : renewable energy | Producer Algeria |  
Other  fr   366655. solar inverter-0ms temps de transfert- sp5k regal |  Manufacturer renewable energy 06/06/2019

hello there, i am anne from taiwan, we are the manufacture of the solar inverter. we are looking for the partner, especially the local distributor. welcome the person who is willing to grow up with us and make the market much stronger. if you are ready to work with us, just send us the message and we'll be there! (...) ...
- USD 660/unit
- Packaging :T/T in advance; EXW Taiwan price
Advertiser from Taiwan

Category : renewable energy | Manufacturer Taiwan |  
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