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Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   582620. 30.kmt ecsuma sugar loaded vessel ready to ship |  Producer sweet 31/01/2023

our customer failed to pay so we have a ready ship loaded in brazil with 30.000 tons - 355 cif main mediterranean ports. please send an loi if you are interested. deal can be closed right away (...) ...
- 355 cif
- Limit :LC
- Packaging :READY vessel
- Quantity :30.000 tons
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : sweet | Producer Tunisia |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   563477. sugar supply |   sweet 31/01/2023

hello, i would like to receive a proposal on : powder sugar (crystal sugar) : 45 tonnes caster sugar : 4.5 tonnes incoterm dap or ddp vitrolles (13127) - france (...) ...
Advertiser from France

Category : sweet | France |  
sale   fr   581532. natural honey |   sweet 24/01/2023

we provide you with natural honey. a pure bee product available in large quantities. we are open to a lasting partnership. (...) ...
- Prices vary according to need
- Quantity :available in large quantities
Advertiser from Benin

Category : sweet | Benin |  
purchase   fr   581258. sucre |  Wholesaler sweet 22/01/2023

hello we are trading company in ivory coast and burkina faso we are in general agro commodities like sugar rice cooking palm oil and other producte we need each month 12500 mt white refined brazilian cane sugar icumsa 45 final destination abidjan port our payment c a d our target price 315 usd cif abidjan port (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Ivory Coast |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   579402. looking for sugar beet/ betterave sucrière  |  Wholesaler sweet 11/01/2023

we are looking for sugar beet / betterave sucrière. quantité: 100000 mt x 12 months contract destination : cif port of mersin turkey 50 kg bags target price: 310 usd /mt all in. if interrested please contact us thank you (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Benin |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   578223. sucre icumsa 45 |  Committee sweet 03/01/2023

dear sir/madam, we as authorized representative behalf of suppliers confirm the availability and capability to supply the under list products for immediate contract sales. the supply is guaranteed to meet the specification and pass through the stringent requirement of s.g.s. or equivalent financial statement from the buyer’s bank clarifying buyer’s financial capability will be required to con (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : sweet | Committee Morocco |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   578018. dates powder /dates sugar/dates flour |  Agent sweet 01/01/2023

we are in south tunisia, we value derivatives of dates: date flour (date powder). date powder: (rich in very high quality dietary fiber that can be used in dietary products: biscuits / pastries and nutritional supplements). date sugar is a natural sugar for all ages, delicious and contains all the goodness of dates. we also have date syrup and date paste. we are lo (...) ...
- Quantity :25 tons
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : sweet | Agent Tunisia |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   577775. sugar icumsa 45 - brazila or rest of the world. |  Wholesaler sweet 29/12/2022

agri commodity trading house from belgium. we have auxiliary companies in tanzania, morocco, uganda and india. we are looking for 5000 mt per month or 12500 mt per quarter sugar supply to port klang, malaysia. we prefer to source from brazil or rest of the world which can provide competitiveness with brazil for quality and price. (...) ...
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Belgium |  
sale   fr   577264. sugar icumsa 45 with bcl |  Agent sweet 25/12/2022

deliver sugar icumsa 45 to african ports with bcl (bank confort letter) only is possible. buyers interested contact me by email or whatsapp for details. (...) ...
- Quantity :12500 MT - 100,000 MT per month
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : sweet | Agent Ivory Coast |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   577169. sugar white icumsa 45 origine brazil |  Agent sweet 24/12/2022

we are supplyer of sugar and also soja from brazil, we have great experiences and we have clients from over the world. chine, europe, africa, midle east.ext. we have very interesting prices which depend of payement methode. we can supply sugare from 12 500 mt x 12 month to 1000 000 mt x 12 month. so any interesting client looking for serious sugar prices, don't go over we are just here. (...) ...
- Quantity :pas moins de 12500 Tonnes
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : sweet | Agent Algeria |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   575598. sugar offer |   sweet 17/12/2022

*for sale sugar ic45 from brasil* 200, 000 x 12 = 300$ 300, 000 x 12 = 295$ 400, 000 x 12 = 290 $ 500, 000 x 12 = 285$ 600, 000 x 12 = 280$ lc or dlc_mt700 ‏auto revolving confirmed transferable divisible payment through mt700 mt103 at loading port 2% peroformance bond after opening the bank credit according to the terms of the contract ‏*this condition is not negotiab (...) ...
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : sweet | Senegal |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   574849. indian sugar s-30 |   sweet 10/12/2022

indian sugar - s30 the s-30 grade sugar is the smaller sized sugar. specification size - 600 micron (70% uniform grain size) ash - 0.04% maximum solubility - 100% colour - sparkling white granulation - free flowing polarization - 99. 80% on dry basis moisture - 0. 04% so2 content - below 20 ppm moq: 500 mt (20x20’ft container) price: usd 538 per mt cif middle eastern countr (...) ...
- Quantity :500 tons
Advertiser from Senegal

Category : sweet | Senegal |  
sale   fr   575237. coffee candy |  Agent sweet 07/12/2022

dear sir/madam (hs 170490) our coffee candy is made from the extract of finest selected coffeebean. it can become alternative for normal coffee drink. each candy @3gr in flexible packaging. 50 candies or nett. 150gr in plastic bag. a dozen of plastic bag in carton box. halal, iso 9001, haccp. product of indonesia. kindly contact for further details. thank you. (...) ...
- USD 4.75/carton FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 100 cartons.
- Packaging :carton box
- Quantity :750 cartons.
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : sweet | Agent Indonesia |  
sale   fr   572785. sugar, soybean, rice, crude oil, gold, copper |   sweet 20/11/2022

we are a physical commodity trader meaning we connect buyers and sellers of different physical commodities and we get a commission. we only deal with large quantity orders(thousands and tens of thousands metric tons) and we deal commodities such as sugar, soybean, rice, crude oil and derivatives, gold bars, copper. should you be looking for any commodity which is not listed on our website, (...) ...
Advertiser from United Kingdom

Category : sweet | United Kingdom |  
sale   fr   572465.  |  Agent sweet 18/11/2022

we own a great volume of sugar from brazil of icumsa 45 heading to africa . we are able to supply you 20000/t monthly lunch your order by sending us you loi . methods of payment by cad. (...) ...
- Limit :Russia
- Packaging :Bulk carrier , sack 50 kg
- Quantity :20000 tonnes
Advertiser from Burkina

Category : sweet | Agent Burkina |  
sale   fr   572255. sucre icumsa 600-1200 |  Agent sweet 17/11/2022

*sgn sarl. available on order *products*: icumsa sugar 600-1200 brown sugar available *quantity*: 12, 500 mt to 25, 000 x12 * caf west africa price: $300 *packaging (customization possible) 50kg *origin*: brazil mandatory letter of intent (...) ...
- 300$
- Quantity :12500x12 and more
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Advertiser from Benin

Category : sweet | Agent Benin |  
purchase   fr   570841. sucre blanc icumsa45  |  Wholesaler sweet 07/11/2022

hi, i need a very serious supplier who can sell me the sugar of guatemalan origin at the port of douala. please send me a message as soon as possible. thanks (...) ...
- Quantity :200 tonnes
Advertiser from Chad

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Chad |  
sale   fr   566141. white sugar brazilan iscuma 45 |  Wholesaler sweet 06/10/2022

white sugar iscuma 45 brazilian origin moq. 108 tonnes cif price : 320 usd/ ton packing: as clients which best regards (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Morocco |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   560047. several types of honeys from madagascar |  Producer sweet 31/08/2022

we offer 8 types of honey from endemic plants of madagascar, 100% pure. we are currently looking for partners in france and germany, especially wholesalers. our honeys are tested and analyzed by a laboratory before sale. if you are interested, please contact us from 9am to 5pm from monday to friday or send us an email. (...) ...
- 10 € / Kg
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : sweet | Producer Madagascar |  
sale   fr   557205. milk chocolate |  Agent sweet 11/08/2022

dear sir/madam, (hs 180631) we would like to offer: milk chocolate. with filling choices: cashew nut, almond and fruit & nut. wrap in nett. 68gr aluminum coated paper in order to maintain the freshness of its chocolate. two dozens chocolate bar in soft carton box. we have no further comments about this chocolates since this item is best selling in its category in our country. halal certified. p (...) ...
- USD 17.00/carton FOB
- Limit :MOQ: 40 cartons
- Packaging :carton box
- Quantity :500 cartons.
Advertiser from Indonesia

Category : sweet | Agent Indonesia |  
sale   fr   548214. suggar ic45 |  Agent sweet 17/06/2022

we have large amount of icumsa45 sugar. we deliver to any part of the world. (...) ...
- $360,00
- Limit :for the whole world
- Packaging :Bags
- Quantity :100000000
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Advertiser from brazil

Category : sweet | Agent brazil |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   547664. haribo gummies |  Wholesaler sweet 15/06/2022

haribo fruit gummies are available for orders. wide choice of flavors - golden bears, bunte schnecken, melonen, bärchen-pärchen, rainbow sauer fruity penguins, fruitmania berry/ to vulcano, piratos and many others. (...) ...
- €0,69-€0,83/unit
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Advertiser from Lithuania

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Lithuania |  
sale   fr   541582. sugar incumsa 45 from brazil o |  Wholesaler sweet 19/05/2022

we have very large quantities of sugar available at the best market price, 330$ cog/mt (210 000 fcfa) , payment term is donne at destination port after imsgs inspection (...) ...
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Cameroon |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   538871. wholesale of honey from madagascar |  Producer sweet 03/05/2022

we are working in beekeeping and collection of rare honey from madagascar for 4 years. having a beekeeping site and a honey house in the eastern part of the country, we offer rare honeys without any addition, from endemic plants of madagascar: lychee, niaouli, mokarana, eucalyptus, cactus, polyfloral. these varieties of honey are available in jars of 250 g, buckets 5 kg, buckets 28 kg, b (...) ...
- Packaging :- 5 kg buckets, 28 kg buckets, 280 kg barrel
- Quantity :10 tons per month
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Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : sweet | Producer Madagascar |  
purchase   fr   534412. looking for icumsa 45 white cristal brazil sugar |  Agent sweet 05/04/2022

hello we are looking for 25000 tons icumsa 45 white cyrstal sugar from brazil. could you please share your price (spot) cif mersin/turkey? could you please also share your payment terms? regards (...) ...
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : sweet | Agent Turkey |  
sale   fr   533023. search for clients of honey  |  Wholesaler sweet 28/03/2022

we sell large quantities of honey. we have a variety of types of honey. - multi flowers origin balti - forest honey linden flowers - honey fields buckwheat and rapeseed flowers (...) ...
Advertiser from Spain

Category : sweet | Wholesaler Spain |  
Client EspaceAgro
purchase   fr   532949. sucre blanc  |   sweet 28/03/2022

we are looking for a supplier of white sugar with a quantity of 3600000 t at a price of $215-219 per t, destination uae. - 215-219$ - quantity :3600000 t (...) ...
- 215-219 $
- Limit :UAE
- Quantity :up to 3600000T
Advertiser from Bulgaria

Category : sweet | Bulgaria |  
purchase   fr   531622. looking for sugar icumsa 45 |   sweet 21/03/2022

we are looking for a sugaricumsa 45 stock in uae or oman mqo 10, 000 mt cargo proof needed (bl), then directly spa and carry&cash (...) ...
- $250-$300/MT
- Quantity :10.000
Advertiser from Italy

Category : sweet | Italy |  
purchase   fr   531608. icumsa 45 sugar |   sweet 21/03/2022

we are looking for icumsa 45 sugar possibly from middle east country such as oman or uae mqo 10000mt cargo proof needed, then directly spa and cash&carry (...) ...
Advertiser from Italy

Category : sweet | Italy |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   529034. sugar : icsuma 45 / 100 / 60-1200 / 45-100 |   sweet 06/03/2022

good morning, are you looking for ic 45/100/60-1200/45-100? i am able to be your supplier. the cif price is 295 $/ mt. price can change according to the country. minimum order quantity: 12 500 metric tons / month. if it is one spot or less than1 year contract the price can change payment terms: t/t ( telegraphic transfer) buyer pays 30% tt advance payment against pro forma invoice for p (...) ...
- 295 $ US / mt
- Packaging :Tt or caution Tt deposit for 1rst deal
- Quantity :Mimimum of 500 Mt
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Advertiser from Canada

Category : sweet | Canada |  
Request advice  fr   528755. advisec and contacts |  Retailer sweet 03/03/2022

would like to be with you for the quick informations about whhat we search for as we also need to buy sl easly by contacting direct the fournisers (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : sweet | Retailer Morocco |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   527901. honey of madagascar - miel madagascar |  Manufacturer sweet 27/02/2022

honey of madagascar is a an approuved factory of honey installed in madagascar. (miel miellerie madagascar) honey 100% pure of madagascar, premium quality of exotic honey at humidity below 15% (highly concentrated). period of production and capacity. • eucalyptus honey : between june and october each year concentrated). 8 tons/year • niaouli honey: between january to mars. 20 tons/year • lit (...) ...
- Depending quantity and negociation
- Packaging :in bulk in 28 kg buckets or in 300 g glass jars.
- Quantity :55 tonnes de miels exportés
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Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : sweet | Manufacturer Madagascar |  
Client EspaceAgro
sale   fr   526548. sugar icum45 sucre etc...  |  Agent sweet 19/02/2022

if you can provided a "banked loi" with target price quantities and all the requirement we can do good and real business. if you are a direct buyer mandate we can discuss it as well. we have sugar, edible oils such as sunflower, rapeseed, corn as well as wheat soybean frozen meat etc... please check the international stock exchange prices before contacting us... we don't have sunflower oil a (...) ...
- Limit :None
- Packaging :Any
- Quantity : 12,000 mt and above
Advertiser from France

Category : sweet | Agent France |  
Other  fr   524605. miel brut  |  Producer sweet 08/02/2022

i am a young raw honey producer in ivory coast (west africa) i am looking for international partners (purchasing) to better sell my raw honey (...) ...
Advertiser from Ivory Coast

Category : sweet | Producer Ivory Coast |  
sale   fr   522625. vente de sucre indien / indian sugar for sale |  Agent sweet 27/01/2022

we are selling indian sugar s30 / s31 directly from india. we are looking for real buyers to make a very long partnership ! so don't hesitate to contact me... (...) ...
- 499 $ FOB
- Quantity :5000 tons, 12,500 tons, etc
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Advertiser from Gabon

Category : sweet | Agent Gabon |  
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