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sale   fr   547486. emploi representation |   employment representation 14/06/2022

i have a well-developed network and am looking for assignments as a reseller in all types of markets. 100% commission based. (...) ...
Advertiser from Belgium

Category : employment representation | Belgium |  
Other  fr   543638. contact, trader, representative |  Agent employment representation 30/05/2022

hello dear partner, my name is zinsou i am a 35 year old beninese and i grew up in the north of the country where agriculture represents 90% of the income of the indigenous population. i am very familiar with the production of raw materials such as corn, cotton, mahogany, cereals (soybeans, red and white beans, rice, etc.), tubers and many other essential products. i propose to be your (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : employment representation | Agent Benin |  
Other  fr   510839. management & engineering agribusiness africa |  Wholesaler employment representation 10/11/2021

in management & engineering with international experience in agriculture , agribusiness , food manufacturing and chemical for more than 20 years. i am looking for serious pm job offers. who are interested, please contact me . (...) ...
Advertiser from Turkey

Category : employment representation | Wholesaler Turkey |  
Other  fr   486312. reseller/representative with many years of experi |  Wholesaler employment representation 30/05/2021

if you are looking for local representative for your company in morocco to handle any kind of tasks i will be happy to talk to you. (...) ...
Advertiser from Morocco

Category : employment representation | Wholesaler Morocco |  
Other  fr   432934. search for partners around the world |   employment representation 22/07/2020

hello dear partners, we are a company based in africa (togo), a company representing large foreign firms, industrial, commercial and financial (exploitation of tropical products, ferrous metals and not, transport of goods. (...) ...
Advertiser from Togo

Category : employment representation | Togo |  
Other  fr   431149. cherche a representer des societés en algerie  |  Producer employment representation 11/07/2020

hello sir i worked as a sales representative in two companies a french and a belgian who sell handling lifting products (cranes all capacity of simple and electric hoists ect ... i do the prospecting on their behalf to find buyers and to bring them back specifications for tenders the follow-up of the day of the openings of the folds it interests me to be a representative of your company on all the (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : employment representation | Producer Algeria |  
Other  fr   423095. companies/persons for business in uganda |  Agent employment representation 27/05/2020

if you are a compnay or individual interested in setting up your business or expanding in uganda. please contact us we ready to assist you in setting and penetration. we provide all services from legal, finance, partnering and acquisition of assets. (...) ...
Advertiser from Kenya

Category : employment representation | Agent Kenya |  
purchase   fr   416324. free representation for free sample of product  |  Association employment representation 24/04/2020

our association intersample offer you a free representation for our consumer in tunisia and accepted all free sample of product from all the world if you are interested prepare us your list of all your free sample of product (...) ...
- free all sample
- Limit :all the world
- Packaging :sample product
- Quantity :free all sample
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Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : employment representation | Association Tunisia |  
Other  fr   410543. sales representative |   employment representation 20/03/2020

we are looking for foreign companies who wish to have a sales representative in algeria to distribute its products locally. we have experience in the promotion and distribution of products and we are looking for new markets opportunities to promote and develop sales for any type of products in algeria (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : employment representation | Algeria |  
purchase   fr   407707. whole and sliced olives , orangina products |  Wholesaler employment representation 04/03/2020

looking for a supplier of whole and sliced black and green olives . also orangina products .you can contact me (...) ...
Advertiser from Saudi Arabia

Category : employment representation | Wholesaler Saudi Arabia |  
Other  fr   401776. commercial representation  |   employment representation 04/02/2020

we are looking for foreign companies who wish to have a sales representative in algeria to distribute their products locally. we have experience in the promotion and distribution of products and we are looking for new markets opportunities to promote and develop sales for all types of products in algeria. the objective of the partnership is to represent your company in algeria, promote your pro (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : employment representation | Algeria |  
purchase   fr   400588. representant |   employment representation 29/01/2020

haiti est un pays qui importe tous ce qu'il consomme: les produits de consomations, d'habillememts, de beautés, de transports, de constructions ect. ce dernier releve d'une importance capitale car c'est encore la ruée vers les materiaux de constructions particulierement le ciment qui reste et demeure un element fundamental dans la constructions. etant gestionaire de formation et fin connaisseu (...) ...
Advertiser from Haiti

Category : employment representation | Haiti |  
sale   fr   377928. sourcing agent |   employment representation 19/09/2019

i am freelance sourcing agent based in guangzhou, with extensive experiences of helping clients from various countries for visiting factories, trade shows, sourcing and follow order production. i also help to consolidate container shipping and qc, checking goods condition before loading, loading container supervision to avoid goods damage and loading well. please feel free to contact me if (...) ...
Advertiser from China

Category : employment representation | China |  
Other  fr   366003. alcohol beverages |   employment representation 30/05/2019

we are looking for a suitable partnership in a win win environment to represent and distribute their beverages as a wholesaler in mali (...) ...
Advertiser from Mali

Category : employment representation | Mali |  
Other  fr   354361. recherche un partenaire a representer a madagasca |  Producer employment representation 28/02/2019

je suis une jeune femme qui cherche a entreprendre a madagascar. je souhaite trouver un partenaire a representer a madagascar dans l'import-export tel que la parfumerie, les produits plastiques, ou autres produits innovants (...) ...
Advertiser from Madagascar

Category : employment representation | Producer Madagascar |  
Other  fr   341461. looking to represent an industry or enterprise |  Wholesaler employment representation 12/11/2018

hello  i'm from burkina faso in west africa. i worked as a commercial agent for an international agribusiness industry in the distribution of wheat flour and other products. i have a very good notion of our market here in burkina faso and equally have a consistent costumer portfolio. i'm looking to represent an industry or enterprise who want to conquer west africa market as i have a good exper (...) ...
Advertiser from Burkina

Category : employment representation | Wholesaler Burkina |  
purchase   fr   330958. company representation |   employment representation 22/10/2018

we have established connections in the middle east and north african markets. we have professional experience in representing companies and their interests in the above region. if you have an interest in entering the two above markets, please get in touch with us to discuss your plans. please send us your inquiry. (...) ...
Advertiser from United States

Category : employment representation | United States |  
Other  fr   302400. busness plan |   employment representation 06/01/2018

je suis représentant d’une structure et occupe un espace de travail renferment toute sorte d’activit, comme la vente des toute pièces de véhicules, pneus en occasions et aussi en bio-alimentation (...) ...
Advertiser from Uganda

Category : employment representation | Uganda |  
Other  fr   302398. facilitate in busness |   employment representation 06/01/2018

i have a workshop(garage) open for all 0portinities.we dispose all kind of materials:mechanics of all models of vehicles.we are also in bio alimentation.we can dispose also engine oil, sec hand tyrers, sec.hand rims.and new accessories of all types of vehicles (...) ...
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Advertiser from Uganda

Category : employment representation | Uganda |  
Other  fr   300950. charcoal |  Agent employment representation 23/12/2017

charcoal in packaging i m looking for partners it should be producer i m not interested to work with agencies (...) ...
Advertiser from Netherlands

Category : employment representation | Agent Netherlands |  
Other  fr   271643. trading |   employment representation 25/03/2017

a trade company offering brokerage and consulting services in the field of international trade in the meat industry. the company specializes in trading from cameroon and african national to european producers. please be invited to cooperation! (...) ...
Advertiser from Poland

Category : employment representation | Poland |  
sale   fr   267796. brazilian fruits in powder  |  Producer employment representation 17/02/2017

a large gamma of brazilian fruits spray dried powder ( guava, acerola, acai, graviola, orange, red fruits, strawberry, ananas, etc) exemple guava spray dried guava powder made from best quality guavas, are used to flavor ice cream, confectionaries and fruit juices, or boiled with sugar to make jelly, or utilized as pectin to make jelly of low-pectin fruits, due to high content o (...) ...
- negociable
- Limit :none
- Packaging :bag of 20kg
- Quantity :50 tonnes
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Advertiser from brazil

Category : employment representation | Producer brazil |  
Other  fr   260280. seeks serious company for representation for beni |  Association employment representation 07/12/2016

hello my dear you are a company and you want to increase your turnover. my company is available and seeks to represent any company in benin thank you to contact us by mail if you are interested because a frank collaboration is reserved to you. thanks waiting for your replies. (...) ...
Advertiser from Benin

Category : employment representation | Association Benin |  
sale   fr   259919. sugar rbu incusa 45 |  Retailer employment representation 03/12/2016

sugar rbu incusa 45 origem brazil. chicken frozen halal and cuts, soyabean oil, corn oil, sunflower refined oil. (...) ...
Advertiser from brazil

Category : employment representation | Retailer brazil |  
Other  fr   259598. search partners |  Producer employment representation 30/11/2016

request of partnership in agriculture, aviculture and pisciculture: i seek partners to exploit my field of 2.5 ha. i have already planted fruit trees and started to grow vegetables. i intend to do poultry farming with production of table eggs but also fish farming. i need technical support (hardware, advice, marketing, sale). (...) ...
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Advertiser from Senegal

Category : employment representation | Producer Senegal |  
Other  fr   257518. projets agricoles |   employment representation 12/11/2016

cherche des partnaires pour realisation des projets agricoles en algerie ou la tunisie. projet en toute demains divers des projets ; agricoles - pour l'élevage du bétail et des animaux ... etc. (...) ...
- //
- Limit :projets agricoles
- Packaging :Algerie - Tunisie
- Quantity ://
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Advertiser from Algeria

Category : employment representation | Algeria |  
Other  fr   256275. animale feed |  Wholesaler employment representation 01/11/2016

looking for animal fedd suppliers for export africa me value and nutrient composition of cereal grainsthe typical metabolisable energy (me) and nutrient composition of different cereal grains is shown in table 1. ingredient protein (%) me (kcal/kg) calcium (%) available p (%) lysine (%) wheat 13.0 3153 0.05 0.20 0.5 sorghum 9.0 3263 0.02 0.15 0.3 barley 11.5 2795 0.10 0.20 0.4 rye 1 (...) ...
- Packaging :25kg
Advertiser from Cameroon

Category : employment representation | Wholesaler Cameroon |  
Request advice  fr   242503. distrubutur |   employment representation 21/06/2016

bonjour je cherche un fabriquant dans n'importe domaine pour fait exportée sont marchandise en afrique du nort afrique easte , et que je soit au milieux du marché international motivés .et sainser bon courage à tout . (...) ...
- 0€
- Limit :100 tonnes
- Packaging :Rien
- Quantity :No
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Advertiser from Algeria

Category : employment representation | Algeria |  
sale   fr   241994. looking for distributors in africa (north west) |  Producer employment representation 16/06/2016

we supply:engine oils for pc/cv, 2/4 stroke, industrial oils, compressor oils, gear and transmission oils, turbine oils, hydraulic oils, metalworking oils, rust preventive oils, greases, transformer oils, brake fluids, coolants, special fluids, any many more.. over 500 products. (...) ...
- Limit :North and West Africa
- Packaging :CIF/FOB/EX WORKS
- Quantity :by 20' containers
Advertiser from Bulgaria

Category : employment representation | Producer Bulgaria |  
Other  fr   240376. achat  |  Retailer employment representation 01/06/2016

dear sir , we are a registered company in benin republic west africa we are looking for used tyres to buy , please contact me best regards (...) ...
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Advertiser from Benin

Category : employment representation | Retailer Benin |  
Other  fr   239223. loooking for partnership |  Agent employment representation 21/05/2016

uae based company with exp more than 10 years in gcc market looking for partners from africa to buy goods made in uae, pls dont hesitate to contact me by mail (...) ...
Advertiser from United Arab Emirates

Category : employment representation | Agent United Arab Emirates |  
Other  fr   219360. produits alimentaires bio |   employment representation 01/12/2015

je suis à la recherche d’un partenaire dans le domaine des produits alimentaire bio (les dattes, l’apiculture, l’agriculture naturelle, les plantes médicinales, …). (...) ...
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : employment representation | Algeria |  
sale   fr   214053. tous les produits laitiers |  Producer employment representation 15/10/2015

nous sommes une équipe de professionnels qui assiste les importateurs et exportateurs de réaliser leurs opérations dans un climat serein, notre but et de promouvoir une facilite du accès au marché pour les importateurs de gos dans le secteur des (produisent laitiers à des prix nettement raisonnables) actuellement, nous opérants en finlande avec des grandes entreprises nationales de productions d (...) ...
- Packaging :Finlande
Advertiser from Algeria

Category : employment representation | Producer Algeria |  
sale   fr   212153. we are looking for various goods |  Agent employment representation 28/09/2015

we are a company in central europe and in bahrain where we seek suppliers of we are a company in central europe and in bahrain where we seek suppliers of various goods to these markets offer your goods.30.12. 2021 (...) ...
Advertiser from Slovakia

Category : employment representation | Agent Slovakia |  
Other  fr   210314. distributors for natural and organic cosmetics |  Producer employment representation 09/09/2015

we create and sell cosmetics that we handmade in tunisia under iso and ce 1223/2009 norms. our products are registered at vcrp program from fda for usa. we continue our international expansion so we are looking for agents and distributors worldwide . if you are interested in selling natural cosmetics, organic oils, natural soaps, natural home fragrances, scented candles and much much more you (...) ...
Advertiser from Tunisia

Category : employment representation | Producer Tunisia |  
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